Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Friday, August 17, 2018

Now that Gen Con is behind us, it's time to once again resume our weekly look at the next wave of Pathfinder Battles pre-painted plastic miniatures from WizKids, October's Kingmaker!

This week we explore a few figures in the set that are more than their initial appearance might suggest, either due to the creatures' special abilities or hidden histories. First among these deceptive creatures is the wild spriggan, a common Small figure. While these goblin-like relatives of gnomes are only a few feet tall in their normal form, they can transform into hulking brutes in an instant. The large spriggan is a Large uncommon figure, meaning most GMs should get enough of spriggans across both sizes to build a sizable (pun fully intended) war band.

While changing size is a pretty neat ability, it doesn't necessarily help spriggans hide from potential prey or lurking threats. For that ability, one need look no farther than the gargoyle, which appears in two different forms in Pathfinder Battles: Kingmaker. The first, an uncommon Medium figure places the creature on a standard round base, and depicts it in an action-packed battle pose, while the second, a similarly sized, unbased piece of dungeon dressing, appears as an intricate but completely benign statue adorning a gothic rooftop. While the pictured images depict the figures painted different colors, we asked WizKids to standardize their coloration across the two figures so a GM could place the latter as "set dressing" and then swap it for the former when the creature reveals its true nature. When we get final production samples, we'll update the images from these digital renders to actual photographs.

Finally, we have the first of our weekly previews of the set's many player character-appropriate miniatures, based off the companions from the forthcoming Pathfinder: Kingmaker computer RPG from Owlcat Games (launching worldwide on September 25)! While I won't reveal the exact nature of this figure's secret, I will say that Tristian, Human Cleric—a Medium uncommon figure—is perhaps the most enigmatic and inscrutable companion in the game, and his storyline is one I'm most excited to see the community uncover when the game comes out. Armed with a Sarenite holy symbol, Tristian makes a great stand-in for clerics of the Dawnflower in any Pathfinder campaign.

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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Well those are some solidly useful minis. Not super exciting, but good for those who are just starting.

Yes, I am, just, SO EXCITED to play a party with Tristian in Kingmaker. A human cleric who speaks so utterly softly I need to turn up the volume to max just so it doesn't bother me. Also he wears no armor and wields no weapons. AT ALL. Yippee!

Shadow Lodge

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Well im quite excited. Ive been pleading for a small and large Spriggan for ages (as well as a small and large Duergar - hint, hint), and these look great.

As for the gargoyle i like it, its very close to the original H&M one but that fine since that sets almost 5 years old. I actually like the colours shown. I can see the gargoyle transforming into a stony statue with a rocky cracking noise as its flesh turns grey and stoney. Then reverting to a fleshy form to surprise adeventurers who come to close.

Perhaps the only thing i feel the setting version needs is a square podium or a sectionof rooftop under it to really bring home the setting feel.

I dont really have any strong feelings toward the character. Haven’t played the game so no connection there, and he looks fairly plain. Will make a good village cleric.

I like that there are more minis that can be used for PCs, you can never get enough. Especially when your kids see an image in the books and want to be that character.

Hopefully with PF2, most of the non-iconic heroic humanoids in the various books will be covered by minis.

The Spriggans looks great, and I would like to echo Cat-thulhu's subtle hint for a small and large Duergar. I also really like Tristian's sculpt/pose.

Speaking of GenCon, if anyone has pictures or information on any promotion pre-painted miniatures which Paizo may have been released at GenCon (usually there are at least 2), could you please post info here, or submit pictures to me through

Thank you.

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Berselius wrote:
Yes, I am, just, SO EXCITED to play a party with Tristian in Kingmaker. A human cleric who speaks so utterly softly I need to turn up the volume to max just so it doesn't bother me. Also he wears no armor and wields no weapons. AT ALL. Yippee!

That holy symbol looks massive enough to stand in as a bludgeoning weapon, for any skeletons left standing after the Channel Energy.

^ not a complaint btw ;-)

Dark Archive

First: Thank you, Mark for starting the Pathfinder Battles Blogs again!

It seems they are now back on fridays instead on mondays.

-Spriggan (small): It looks very similiar to the image on page 257 of Bestiary 2. It's always hard to do a small creature justice.
I like it!

-Spriggan (large): While the mini looks impressive, what happened to the weapons? Why is the Spriggan now hefting a large rock, like it's a Stone Giant? Why not do the exact same mini blown up to large size (which shouldn't be a problem at all)? Where did the Spriggan aquire the "rock throwing" feat? This makes no sense to me and i can't use this mini in conjunction with it's small version. As we are unlikely to get another large Spriggan mini, i can't help but be disappointed.

-Gargoyle: While i have lots of Gargoyles from D&D, we only had one Gargoyle from the very first "Heroes & Monsters" set of Pathfinder Battles (and a red repaint from the Villains box). The new one looks more dynamic and the wings are really big. Well done!

-Gargoyle Statue: Not a bad idea. Either a real statue or a monstrous humanoid with the freeze ability and a 37 in stealth. Useful.

-Human Cleric: So finally we get a male counterpart to Kyra, which would mop the floor with it's unarmored and unarmed colleague.
This miniature only makes sense in urban surroundings as a bystander or in a temple. Three or four in a case will be tolerable.

So far, after seeing 2 of 8 uncommon large minis, i havn't seen enough to decide if to order a case or two bricks. I can hold off my decision until after seeing the blog on friday 31st, if i wait longer, i can't order anymore.

My predictions for the other large minis:
-Rock Troll
-Centaur Druid
-Zombie Cyclops
-Cyclops Lich (rare)
-Bog/Water Strider
-Devourer (rare)
-Ankou (rare)

Maybe next week will bring an undead preview?

Dark Archive

We may not have gotten a Kingmaker preview (yet), but we know what "Pathfinder Battles Set #16" is called and when it will release:

RUINS OF LASTWALL (april 2019)!

There is a considerable probability that this will also be the title of the first PF2 AP - either that or the Whispering Tyrant will crush the nation in the last PF1 AP "The Tyrants Grasp". ;-)

Confirmed minis are:

-Dark Creeper (Caligni) small
-female Lastwall Knight
-Poltergeist (Bestiary 2)
-Morrigna Psychopomp (Bestiary 4)
-Time Dragon (large rare) Bestiary 4
-Floating Throne (with Pharasma on it) large rare

The case incentive is called "Cemetety of the Fallen" & includes:
-Mausoleum (looks to have a removable roof)
-Gravestone A
-Gravestone B
-Stone coffin (with removable lid)

Dark Archive

icv2 article Ruins of Lastwall

Sovereign Court

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Isn’t D&D also doing a cemetery as an incentive next year?

Dark Archive

Mosaic wrote:
Isn’t D&D also doing a cemetery as an incentive next year?

They're doing one next month (september 5th)!

In fact i think the two sets will complement themselves really well!
The D&D set has lots of coffins, statues & gravestones and the Pathfinder set has a very cool Mausoleum.
I'll get both and combine them. ;-)

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