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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There are a lot of great things about our Pathfinder Pawns sets, but one of my absolute favorite aspects of the line is that each new product allows us to go back and order pictures of monsters and NPCs that have never before appeared in illustrated form. In the case of our Bestiary products, this means we get new images of elementals, dragons, and other creatures that have various versions in the book, as well as reimaginings of outsiders and other creatures that either don't fit within the specific shape of a pawn or that we’d like to see depicted differently. Here are a few of the new pieces of art ordered specifically for the Bestiary 2 Box , which will be releasing soon!

Illustrations by Rayph Beisner, Jason Engle, and Taylor Fischer

Mark Moreland

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I'm curious:

Which of the three listed artists did each of these six illustrations?

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The ancient magma dragon was illustrated by Jason Engle; the marut is credited to Taylor Fischer; the other four images were done by Rayph Beisner.

I would guess that Taylor Fischer did the Mud Elemental and the Marut, Rayph Beisner did the Imentesh, Grick, and Clockwork Golem, and Jason A Engle's signature is in the Magma Dragon picture, so he did that one.

Ah well, 5 out of 6 is okay, I guess.

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I really adore the Marut and the Magma Dragon, the others are not really drawn in the style I prefer and I like the old art better for those, are those (mud elemental/grick/clockwork golem) drawn by the same person who drew the Springheel Jack and Grim Reaper from the Carrion Crown AP's bestiaries?

I don't really understand the Grick picture?!? What is going on there? And in the Mud Elemental you can see the drawlines?

Gancanagh wrote:
I don't really understand the Grick picture?!? What is going on there?

It took me a while to recognize the Grick's features on this one, but if you look long enough, you'll start seeing his four mouth-tentacles. This may have worked better if the head had not been in front of his body.

Ok I bought the Bestiary 2 Box and I have to say that I really adore some of the other new artwork MUCH more than I do these pieces of art, the Marut and Magma Dragon are awesome, but the Thrasfyr artwork, now that is artwork in its highest form, that is one really new look for the Thrasfyr.

I didn't like the Thrasfyr at all in bestiary 2 because the artwork and the brief description in there, but this new piece of artwork is really awesome, now I can't wait to find out more about the background of the Thrasfyr!

Good to see a Enlarged Spriggan in there, very good art as well!

The Aranea, Brine Dragon, Blindheim and the Rast didn't do it for me in bestiary 2 because I didn't liked the artwork for the creatures, rast and arenea were really strange, but these new artworks are AWESOME!

Too bad the Blindheim and Aranea artworks are bad quality when you enlarge them, I would have liked those artworks in this blog instead :-p

The new Crystal Dragon Artwork (especially the Ancient Crystal Dragon) really gave me a heart attack, sooooooo awesome! Thanks for that amazing piece of artwork! Really suiting!

Too bad the creature that mostly needed new artwork from bestiary 2 (the Tenebrous Worm) doesn't have any new artwork, the creature really doesn't fit its awesome description in the artwork and its more like a giant centipede there...

Repeating my question from the Bestiary Box (and hoping for a more definitive answer): What are the odds we'll see the new art in the next printing of the Bestiary 2? :)


Not sure how I didn't see this before now, but OMG the new image of the imentesh is amazing. :D

Early Xmas present or something like that. *GRIN*

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