Rules are hard!

Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 05:12 PM Pacific

Sebastian is having a hard time figuring out the area of effect for his Super Sparkle Aura.

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With that shiny dome (speaking of hard, what is that made out of, some kind of chromium-titanium-unobtainium-adamantium alloy?) capable of widening it, I would say 30x2=60' radius ftw!

Hey, he promised to put me on his enemies list after the whole Spacejammer comment in the chatroom, but I still don't see my name there. I have to ramp up my game, it appears.

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Hey! Is that the corner of a See's Candy box in the bottom right corner of the photo? What gives? Not gonna share?!?

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Where's a rules lawyer when you need one.

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Is that water, or the tears of 1,000 pixies?

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I am guessing vodka!

Sadly, that box is not filled with See's candy. It is filled with Sebastian's obsession...any guesses?

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Pony hearts?

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Sebastian's obsession: DICE? What do I win ?!? See's Candy? Please?

Hi obsession is actually Dominion. If you want to hurt his cold, frozen heart, tell him how awful it is. (Or, if you want to have a forever friend, tell him you want to play it with him tonight.)

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1. My heart is not frozen. It is pickeled in a jar.

2. Dominion!!!!!! Anyone who does not love dominion is unfit to call themselves a gamer.

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wtf who shopped out Sebastian's hooves and beautiful flowing mane?

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