Illustration by Kieran Yanner. Wallpaper design by Crystal Frasier. Widescreen version here.

A-Hunting We Will Go...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think we can all agree that Kieran Yanner is an amazing artist. And with this image, used as the cover for the latest Planet Stories volume, Hunt the Space-Witch! by Robert Silverberg, he's hit one out of the park. This cover screams pulp sci-fi and it proudly sits on my desktop as my wallpaper for this week. And now you too can adorn your sci-fi device of choice with Kieran's latest masterpiece.

Hyrum Savage
Marketing and Organized Play Manager

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Thanks again gang!

Grand Lodge


Awesome artwork!

*Whistles A-Hunting We Will Go as he makes his way through the forum to distant calls of "Bens comin' yo, ben comin'." *

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