Golarion Day: The Shoanti Shaman

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So sometimes, we're so eager to get new player options into print we kind of get ahead of ourselves and stumble over our own feet in our haste. This happened, alas, with the just-released Pathfinder Companion: Humans of Golarion, in which we present something called "totem domains" for the Shoanti but then forgot to quantify exactly how anyone can get access to these domains! Oops!

There are seven totem domains in all—one each for the seven Shoanti quahs (clans). Each quah's totem actually consists of several different related animals or objects. For example, the Lyrune-Quah (the Moon Clan) venerates the following totems: bats, cave bears, field mice, the moon, mountain lions, owls, rainstorms, stars, and wolves. Although clerics and druids who become Shoanti shamans venerate their totem, they do not abandon their actual religion. Instead, these totems are simply assimilated into the traditions of whatever deity (for clerics) or perhaps philosophy (for druids) the character follows. A full list of Shoanti totems, including the domains these totems grant, appears on page 16 of Humans of Golarion.

Shoanti Shaman (Cleric and Druid Archetype)

The Shoanti shaman is a very simple archetype that either clerics or druids can take (with GM permission, you can certainly adjust the archetype a bit so that other classes with access to domains can be a Shoanti shaman, but keep in mind that the Shoanti have a very specific flavor, and something like a Shoanti inquisitor is kind of weird...)—doing so allows the character to gain access to his clan's totem domain. A Shoanti shaman has the following class feature.

Totem Domain: At 1st level (for clerics) or upon gaining a domain as part of Nature Bond at 1st level (for druids—a druid who instead opts to take an animal companion cannot use the Shoanti shaman archetype), pick one of your Shoanti quah's totems. You can use an image of this totem you carry or wield as your divine focus in addition to using the normal divine focus you might utilize (such as a holy symbol). In addition, you add that totem's domain choices to the list of domains you may choose from when picking a domain. If you are a cleric, you must still choose one of your domains from those normally granted by your deity. If you are a druid, your totem domain options replace the standard domain options granted by nature bond.

Illustration by Florian Stitz

James Jacobs
Creative Director

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How you read my mind is a mystery I'll ignore (for now) in exchange for the useful mechanics. Nice.

Scarab Sages

Is this PFS approved?

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

Tarrintino wrote:
Is this PFS approved?

No. In general blog posts will not be made PFS legal, but if they are, they will appear on the Additional Resources list.

Are these new domains similar to the animal domains in UM? I hope so!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Bardess wrote:
Are these new domains similar to the animal domains in UM? I hope so!

They're not brand new domains. They're all domains from the Core Rulebook. It's just a way to adjust slightly your choices of domains in order to play a divine spellcaster whose domains, regardless of your deity, can be a bit more close to Shoanti themes.

Will the archetype be included in future printings?

I'll probably use this archetype in the future.

Shadow Lodge

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This should really be made PFS legal.

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