SFS1 #3-17 Clone Batch Catastrophe

Game Master cmlobue

Sheet
Tier TBD

Welcome to my run of SFS1 #3-17, Clone Batch Catastrophe, an adventure for Starfinders of tier 1-4.

Please fill out your information on the >Sign-In Sheet< and add your token, initiative and perception to the >Slides<.


signed up


Irres checking in.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)


Horizon Hunters

I'd like to join. Options:

Low: Soldier 1, Biohacker 2 (toxicology)
High: Vanguard 3, Mystic 4, Evolutionist (Vital) 4

I will try to decide in next 24 hours.
Edit: Alright, looking at who is already signed up, mystic might be wisest, maybe followed by evolutionist.


All signed up and ready to go. Anock is a level 1 nanocyte (regeneration). Looks like this is leaning high tier, but I couldn't pass it up.

She has quite the inflated ego and will consider herself the leader of this group, despite the difference in experience. ("Nice! The Society has finally recognized my superior leadership qualities and assigned me a better team. It's about time!") Feel free to react IC however you please. If she annoys you IRL, let me know and I'll tone her down.


Soldier 3 here

We're full. I still need Ω-CloudChatI.Q.Prime to fill out the sign in sheet and for Half the Sky to verify a character. I'll have the briefing up tomorrow. Feel free to start introducing yourselves; you begin in the lodge on Salvation's End.

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