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Darkness surrounds the land where the peoples of Volcano, River, and Forest live under a Fallen Sky.

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I see one change I will need to make already. I just read that Root monks have an entirely oral tradition… no books (don’t know how I missed this). With that information it is more appropriate for him to be a Branch monk.

Alright, here the updated version of my (g-unit) submission. Some changes are his name. Change to “Amatshe” meaning large rock in oread. Changed monastery affiliation from root to branch. I really enjoyed reading about your setting and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

This is the Alias and avatar I hope to use.

10 Minute Background:

10-minute Background

Step 1: Background and Concept elements (at least 5) (history, description, personality) 

1. (Description) Amatshe is a tall and well-muscled oread standing a full head over six feet, broad shouldered with long with ropey limbs of corded muscle and sinew. His onyx colored skin is smooth and glossy which accentuates the hard, dangerous lines of his body. He has smoldering black eyes which are as dark as ash. His gloomy, emotionless, almost sinister face is that of a warrior. Like many monks he wears his head shaven and has no facial hair. Amatshe has a loud booming voice like stone breaking.

2. (Personality) Amatshe is a serious and ardent practitioner of the martial way. As such he tries to exercise temperance and patience on his journey towards self-perfection. He is stoic but is stern when necessary, often standing up for the down trodden and oppressed. While Amatshe is dour those who are close to him appreciate his wry sense of humor. The hulking monk is a lover of debate, learning, and physical challenges, embracing these as experiences on his path of enlightenment and a way of honoring his ancestors. His deep voice often gives advice in riddles, aphorisms, and metaphors with a knowing grin.

3. (Background) Amatshe is the imbewu of Oshi a reverend master of the branch and trained at the monastery ideep in the forest. He was abandoned on the steps of monastery a a toddler and apprenticed at an early age. As a result he does not remember his tribe or family, although most guess he is probably from the Nightshade tribe. Amatshe believes he was abandoned by his family because of the color of his bark but does not let this prevent him from honoring his ancestors.

4. (Background) Amatshe is an onyx, a rare, bark color (skin color to other elens) among oreads with more earth than forest running through his veins. Some believe he is a corrupted blackblood marked as a practitioner of the dark. Unfortunately, he has faced some discrimination and persecution at the hands of other oreads. As a result he found solace in the library of the monastery and developed a love of exploring the old tomes.

5. (Background) Amatshe excelled physically, spiritually, and mentally as a Monk of the Branch. As a result of his hard work and master’s guidance he was often selected for delicate missions. Distinguishing himself as a diplomat, investigator, and spy.

Step 2: Goals (one character, one player) 

1. (Player) To still be playing in this setting several years from now.

2 (Character) Amatshe desires to be a master one day and have his own imbewu. Honoring his ancestors by passing The Way of the Branch from one generation to the next.

Step 3: Secrets (one known, one unknown) 

1. (Known) Most believe his friend Leshki was expelled from the monastery for failing too many exams but she was really expelled for inappropriate research into the dark.

2. (Unknown) What are Leshki’s motives, what is her role in the unfolding events, and what happened to her?

Step 4: People (at least two allies/friends and one adversary)

1. (Ally) Jabanto - an elderly oread monk who was the principal cook at the monastery. He taught Amatshe how to dumol, orean mouth drumming. Amatshe is now well respected for the deep bass and vibration of his dumol.

2. (Ally) Leshki - a female, fellow oread monk, friend, and occasional lover of Amatshe. She was expelled from the temple. Leshki is a Siphithiphithi champion in addition to being a powerful martial artist. 

1. (Adversary) Rutgo - an oread and chieftain from a minor tribe. Amatshe bested and embarrassed the elan in a orean wrestling match at a Summer Meet several years ago. Since then the bitter oread has gone out of his way to make trouble for the monk.

Step 5: Three Memories, Mannerisms, or Quirks
1. (Memory) A bead of sweat runs down Amatshe’s back as he stood, firmly rooted, in his stance while he tried to focus the day’s precept. Repeating over and over in his mind, Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves. But the monk can find no peace as his thoughts turn to the most recent critique of his master Oshi. She admonished him in her usual cryptic style, ”I don’t see the roots, I see the tree that still needs to grow.” He brushed the thought aside redoubling his efforts and began repeating the days precept in his mind.

2. (Memory) Upon his return to his quarters Amatshe is surprised to find his master, Oshi, waiting at the doorway for him. ”Come,” Oshi said as she motioned him into the training hall. As he entered the training hall he is met by the pungent smell of incense. ”Kneel,” his master directed and together they knelt, slowing their breathing, beginning their meditation, watching the stick of incense burn, smoke wafting toward the ceiling. After, a few moments Amatshe found his center, his cares hopes and fears fading into the emotionless void. A piece of ash falls off the end of the incense stick and Oshi announced, ”A lake fills drop by drop. There is little more that I can teach you. You must now go into the world to learn.” Amatshe bowed in gratitude, ”Ngiyabonga master.”

3. (Memory) Amatshe stood before his master and the Branch Monastery abbot their long faces revealing the dire nature of their request. As a new Quiet Elder recently blossomed within Hearth and Amatshe was asked to investigate. His master’s final admonition rings in his ears, ”There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to perfection; not going all the way, and not starting.

Build Ideas:

My goal is to create a more well rounded PC with the ability to help outside of combat. These changes will net me a decent diplomacy (+13), most knowledge skills at (+9) others at +5 and can make checks untrained, and disable device +16. The archetype/feats/traits fits my idea of a scholar/diplomat/spy.

Looking at using the alternate racial traits:
1. granite skin (trades energy resistance for +1 natural armor)
2. crystalline form (trades away earth affinity) gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against rays and, once per day, they can deflect a single ray attack targeted at them as if they were using the Deflect Arrows feat.

I would like to use the following 2 unchained monk archetypes they stack.
1. Perfect Scholar (link).
2. Monk of the Mantis (link)

For the following reasons :The perfect scholar gets a bonus to knowledge skills. Helping my monk to have a role outside of combat. The mantis monk gets riders to stunning fist and a damage increase.

Also, I would like to take the following non core feats
1. Accomplished Sneak Attack (link) - flavor, role playing, crunch reasons.
And the following style feats
1. Dragon style (link)
2. Dragon Ferocity (link)

Finally I’m looking at these traits
1. Emphatic diplomat (link)
2. Wisdom in the flesh (link) - these requires fluff changes to fit your setting.

Here is a quick breakdown of the feats, strikes, and Ki powers I’m playing around with:
1. Improved unarmed strike, dodge, stunning fist, weapon focus
2. SA 1d6
3. Dragon style
4. X
5. Dragon ferocity, flying kick
6. SA 2d6
7. Accomplished sneak attacker SA 3d6
8. Barkskin Ki power
9. Elemental fist 2d6, spinning kick

He will be able to put out some damage but he will also be able to debuff with stunning fist giving the stunned, entangled, and shaken conditions. Out of combat he will have knowledge similar to a bard, disable device, sense motive, and diplomacy.

Looking good! I will give a deeper analysis later today (busy weekend).

Any other takers? I won't keep this recruitment open for terribly long, so please submit your ideas now if you'd like to be considered.

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If I get time, I'd like to try out the stats for either a paladin of sarenrae solar soul ifrit or a bolt ace (or maybe zen archer undecided still) undine

To everyone who has posted an idea: I'd like to have a followup and a rough draft of a character by Saturday or Sunday. (it doesn't have to be perfect, but I need to know you've got time to dedicate to the campaign)

Crunch below and in alias.


Male Human Unchained Monk (Perfect Scholar/Mantis)- 9
Init +2; Senses Darkvision ; Perception +16,
AC 21, touch 18, flat-footed 19
(10 base, +2 dex, +2 armor, +0 shield, +1 deflection, +1 natural, +1 dodge, +4 wis)
Hp 76 (9d10 + 18 con)
Fort +9
Ref +9
Will +8
Special defense: +2 saves against sleep, paralysis, and stunning
Speed 60 ft.
Unarmed +16/+11 (1d10+11/1d10+8[x2])
Flurry +16/+16/+11 (1d10+11/1d10+8/1d10+8[x2])
Dagger + 11 (1d4+5/19-20x2)
Special attacks: Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity, Stunning Fist, Style Strikes, Sneak Attack, Elemental Strike
Str 20, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 6
Base Atk +9;
CMB +14
CMD 29 (10 base + 9 BaB + 5 str + 2 dex + 4 wis)
Feats Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike, Dodge, Dragon Style, Dragon’s Ferocity, Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Elemental Fist
Acrobatics [+10] (5 rank +2 dex +3 class)
Diplomacy [+13] (9 rank +4 wis)
Disable Device [+16] (9 rank +4 wis +3 class)
Knowledge (Arcana) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Geography) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (History) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Local) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Nature) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Planes) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Religion) [+9] (1 rank +1 int +3 class +4 level)
Knowledge (Other, Untrained) [+5] (+1 int +4 level)
Linguistics [+5] (1 rank +1 int +3 class)
Perception [+16] (9 rank +4 wis +3 class )
Sense Motive [+16] (9 rank +4 wis +3 class)
Stealth [+9] (4 rank +2 dex +3 class)
GM Background Skill
Perform (dumol) [+7] (9 rank - 2 cha)
Languages Common, Oread, undine, efrit
Favored Class Monk
Traits Emphatic Diplomat (region), Wisdom in the Flesh (religion),
Combat Gear Staff, Dagger
Other Gear Belt of giant strength +2 (4,000gp); Headband of Wisdom +2 (4,000gp); Bracers of armor +2 (4,000gp); Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000gp); Amulet of mighty fists +1 (4,000gp); Ring of protection +1 (2,000gp);
Encumbrance 0 – 100 lbs; 101 – 200; 201 – 300; [Current Weight: 25 lbs/ Light Load]

Special Abilities
AC Bonus +6: Gain wisdom bonus as a bonus to all ACs and CMD.
Accomplished Sneak Attacker +1d6 to sneak attacks.
Dragon Style: While using this style, you gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against sleep effects, paralysis effects, and stunning effects. You ignore difficult terrain when you charge, run, or withdraw. Ability to charge through squares that contain allies.
Dragon Ferocity While using Dragon Style, increase your Strength bonus on unarmed strike damage rolls by an additional one-half your Strength bonus, to a total of double your Strength bonus on the first attack and 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus on the other attacks. When you score a critical hit or a successful Stunning Fist attempt against an opponent while using this style, that opponent is also shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1d4+5. Also, qualify for elemental fist feat without meeting its prerequisites increasing damage at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter.
Dodge: +1 dodge bonus to AC.
Elemental Fist 2d6 chose elemental damage once per round 9/day.
Empathic Diplomat use wisdom for diplomacy checks.
Evasion: Take no damage instead of half when succeeding on reflex saves.
Fast Movement: +30 to land movement.
Favored Class Bonus (monk): +9 skill points
Flurry of Blows: When full attacking gain extra attack at highest attack bonus with unarmed strikes and monk weapons.
Improved Evasion Take only half damage on failed reflex saves.
Improved Unarmed Strike: Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Ki Pool (8 points): Gain Ki pool equal to 1/2 level + wis mod
Ki powers
* Barkskin (1 Ki point) +4 natural armor class.
Ki Strike: Unarmed Strikes count as magic, cold iron, and silver for the purposes of DR as long as there 1 ki point in ki pool.
Learn from Failure +3 when you miss with an attack roll or fail a Research check gain an insight bonus on the next attack roll or Research check against the same target attempted in the next 24 hours. An individual target cannot be affected by this ability more than once in a 24-hour period. At 6th level, and every 2 monk levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.
Lore +4: +1/2 of level to all knowledge checks and can make all knowledge checks untrained.
Pressuring Strikes Gain the sneak attack ability. This ability functions as the rogue ability of the same name, except it can be used only during a flurry of blows. The initial sneak attack damage is +1d6, and the damage increases by 1d6 every 4 levels beyond 2nd.
Purity of Body immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.
Style Strike
* Flying Kick As part of a flurry of blows move a distance equal to his fast movement bonus. At the end of this movement, the monk must make a kick attack against an adjacent foe. This movement may be between attacks and provokes an attack of opportunity as normal.
* Spin Kick Make a kick attack against the foe’s flat-footed AC. Creatures with the uncanny dodge class feature or a similar effect cannot be caught flat-footed by this style strike.
Stunning Fist: DC 18 to stun with unarmed strike 9/day.
Unarmed Strike: 1d10 damage with unarmed strikes.
Weapon Focus +1 to hit with unarmed strikes.
Wisdom in the Flesh use wisdom for disable device and it becomes a class skill.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier - I'm glad you went ahead with the build. I think this is super interesting take on an orean monk. It will take me another day to process the build and the background so we can polish it together, but initial thoughts are it is looking great!

No worries. I had the time to do the build but I knew it would be a process and could change. Take your time and let me know your thoughts.

Last call for builds - this will be officially closed end of day on June 16th.

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I am going to pull myself from the running, I haven't had the time recently to build this character. Happy gaming to you all

I appreciate the update - see you around the boards!

****Recruitment closed. I would like to have 1 more PC, so please PM me with any final ideas.

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