DM Brainiac’s Kingmaker 2E: Table 1

Game Master Brainiac

Hex Map
Kingdom Sheet


NPC Influence:
Jubilost: Influence 0/8

Discovery: Academia Lore, Crafting, Perception
Influence Skills: Academia Lore (to keep up with Jubilost in a scholastic debate), Crafting (to talk shop about alchemy), Deception, Diplomacy, any non-Academia Lore skill (to impress Jubilost with your knowledge), Intimidation

Nok-Nok: Influence 0/12

Discovery: Goblin Lore, Religion, Perception
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Religion (to use knowledge about Lamashtu to show Nok-Nok that the Demon Queen is not the best deity to follow if one wants to become a hero), Thievery (to share with Nok-Nok some advice on how to disarm traps or use thieving skills for good rather than evil), Underworld Lore (to “talk shop” with Nok-Nok about underhanded practices)

Octavia 0/6
Discovery: Arcana, Perception, Society
Influence Skills: Arcana (to compare notes and discuss magical theory), Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Performance (to entertain her with
something that distracts her darker thoughts), Society (to discuss methods by which civilization can be built to provide safety for everyone)

Regongar: 0/8
Discovery: Arcana, Intimidation, Perception
Influence Skills: Arcana (to demonstrate understanding
of his magus abilities and not confuse them with other
types of magic), Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation (to appear strong and self-confident), Warfare Lore (to trade battle stories)

I Swear I'm Sober!

A lumberjack named Stas claims to have seen an elusive hodag and to have
stuck it with his magic spear. His friends think that he lost his spear in the river and made up the hodag sighting to cover up his clumsiness. The poor lumberjack’s honor is at stake!

Completion: Track down and kill the hodag and bring its head to Stas so he can show it to his friends. That’ll learn ’em!

Reward: In gratitude, Stas promises his magic spear as a reward. The only problem? The last time he saw it, it was stuck in the hodag’s back.