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Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Silver Crusade

I'd like to be recruited. ;-)

Also, is this first come first serve, GM choice or lottery?

Player: Chris N. aka kaervek78
Character Name: Baldrum "Baba" Battlehand
PFS #: 331079-4
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job: none
Normal Progression

Grand Lodge

Player: Mustaparta
Character Name: Knight Thornrose
PFS #: 192672-7
Faction: Silver crusade
Day Job: none
Normal Progression

I have run this once, but haven't yet had chance to play even once.

Dark Archive

This will be first come first serve.

The Concordance

Player: PensiveOcelot
Character Name: Oliver Temple
PFS #: 2390522-2
Faction: The Concordance
Day Job: none

I've already posted in gameplay since that's where the link took me, but I'm guessing I should be posting in here as well.

Dark Archive

Yes please, I am working on getting the link corrected.

Liberty's Edge

Player Name: klonac
Character Name: Click-Click
PFS#: 232559-7
Faction: GL
Day Job: None
Normal Progression

Silver Crusade

Player: Redelia
Character: Charity Treesinger
PFS#: 838-16
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day job: perform(wind instruments)

Grand Lodge

If there's room!
Player Name: Torilgrey
Character Name: Kalak Sunrunner
PFS#: 2387887-4
Faction: Grand Lodge
Day Job: NA

Dark Archive

I believe we are now full with:

Grand Lodge

can i call dibs on the backup slot?got a lvl 1 cleric that i xan bring in

Sovereign Court

Dear GM Tyranius,

Please also add Maaldrek (inquisitor 1 - sanctified slayer) to the list of backup players should some of the players need to bow out.


Grand Lodge

Isn't it still the rule a PC can only be in one module at a time?

Silver Crusade

Yes, but this game starts on January 10th. Plenty of time to finish the current one...

Dark Archive

Will certainly add the waitlist and correct each character can only be in one scenario at a time. If that game is not completed by January 10th then they will have to choose a new character to play with.


Keechu the tengu swashbuckler eagerly awaits the game's start.

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