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Faaz Vodam wrote:

Hey, guys. Sorry for the delay. Been a crazy-hectic week.

Feel free to fill the slot of slicer with another character.

I thought it would work for me, but I'm just not feeling it.

Thank you for letting us know.

DeJoker wrote:

Hey Dreamchaser Plainstalker how did you generate that short list of players?

I mean I went back through and I found

Phineas - Solder/Scout
You ----- Sentinel Jedi
Arden --- Noble (Force Sensitive)
Chalkou - Soldier (aka Ouachitonian)
Sebbik -- Scoundrel-Splicer (needs to add a level)
And lot more other players but no way to tell if they are still active or not. The above four I am pretty sure are still active as they have posted recently and further I know that not everyone the states they are interested ever create a character. As a game I just started not to long ago had 15 interests but only 7 actually made characters and of those 7 two bow out after character creation. So lost more than half those that said they were interested before the game even started a month or so later and this was goes all the back to December of last year.

Hopefully Quen Pah will chime in with what we have so far or be perfectly fine with having a small group of force users.

Still again Quen Pah if there is something an Umbaran (sneaky species) would be good doing that you would like to see in the game just please let me know and I will make a fast adjustment to make it so.

Piston is coming back. he was out for a while

Chalkou is a new character
Sebbick just bowed out.

Hey Quen Pah due to my background story, my character has to have a non-Jedi starting class (chose Technician) and I was wondering -- because it does not say -- can I hold in reserve some Skill Points and spend them on Skills at 2nd level -- or swap a few Trained Skills upon gaining 2nd Level?

You need to use all your skills per level. I do not believe that they can be swapped around since skills work a little bit differently in Saga, more like they do in PF2E.

Thanks for the reply Quen Pah

Still horse biscuits, thought that might be the case but it was worth asking.

Quen Pah considering what you plan to run which might be more practical (or more helpful to the group) for my character to take: Skill Focus in Mechanic or Pilot assuming you can speak to that with putting out a spoiler.

Same question to my fellow players in case our ST cannot answer it -- which do you think would be better for me to take a Skill Focus in Mechanic or Pilot??

Me I am on the fence not sure which would be better but as for role playing they both can be fun.

I think Kol is the primary pilot, correct. though Arden can as well?

Ardan isn't actually trained in piloting. Kol generally handles that.

With Sebbik gone, we probably need Mechanics more, though I don't know how much it will actually come up in adventures. We also have gotten some mileage out of slicing, which involves Use Computer.

I will be moving Phineas in the slicer direction with a rework.

Okay then I will focus on the Mechanics but they can still Pilot as they are Trained in it. Oh and btw the character is taking Security Slicer as their 1st-level Talent as that melds well with the mechanical focus of the character. So that frees Phineas up to focus even more on the computery side of slicing and things in general.

Also my character is not going to be a combat jockey, maybe backup but no combat will be just fine by them as well.

They however, are an excellent Information Gatherer as their race gets that semi-automatic Skill Focus applied to it.

DM, I gave up on that work assignment, no way was I finishing it tonight anyway.

Phineas is now reworked with Scoundrel 1 in place of Scout 2. Not exactly the best optimized but at Level 6 I can take Skill Focus and boost that Use Computer skill and snatch up Precise Shot once more taking Scoundrel Level 2. I'll go Scoundrel 3 at 7th to get the Master Slicer Talent.

After that, not sure where I will go with the build.

Working at finalizing my build -- waiting on feedback from the ST on a PM.

However, regardless of which of the two builds I have to go with the character, while being a Jedi, will not be using a Lightsaber at this time. I in?

No one was rejected, just teying to move to getting uou new gius in.

I have completed most of the character just to let you all know where things stand. Just finishing up the final touches with the GM and I should be ready to go -- once I get introduced to the rest ya'awl that is.

Attribute: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 1, 6) = 15
Attribute: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 1, 5) = 12
Attribute: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 1, 6) = 12
Attribute: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 6) = 18
Attribute: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 3, 6) = 16

NPC/PC Droid Extraodinare -- hopefully

I do not think there have ever really been many Force Points used.

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