Age of Ashes (PF2)

Game Master Blaydsong

Part 1: Hellknight Hill
Chapter 2: The Ruined Citadel
Starting Date: Wealday, 31st of Erastus, 4719 AR
Current Game Date: Sunday, 4th of Arodus, 4719 AR

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Breachill’s local government has a long history of hiring adventurers to tackle challenges its residents face that fall outside the scope of the town guard’s duties. The merchant whose expected shipment of goods hasn’t yet arrived, the shepherd whose herd of goats mysteriously died in the night, the farmer whose entire season’s harvest was ruined or stolen—investigating and resolving any of these matters are considered good jobs for adventurers, and so Breachill’s town council uses its resources to hire heroes as needed. These monthly meetings, known as the Call for Heroes, are distinct from the council’s normal regular governance meetings, a tactic that separates such matters from regular municipal business and shows the townspeople that the council takes seriously the issues that are often most important to them personally.