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A continuation of my roll20 Iron Gods game to allow for play with mixed schedule players.

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This is the beginning of the thread more info to come.

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The Story thus far.

In the Norther Region of Numeria the Land of Fallen Stars is a small but special town called Torch disaster stuck. The town was named after a large purple flame that constantly burns atop its highest hill. This torch is heavily tied to the economy of Torch as it is one of the only sources of heat hot enough to forge Skymetals.
For unknown reasons the torch extinguished. Desperate for answers with the towns main source of income disturbed, Kohnir Baine one of the towns Councilors began to explore the town. Baine found a small cave entrance at the base of the hill where the torch came from after following a group of strange footprints. Baine and the other town leaders put out a call for adventurers. First a group of Halflings takes up the call but do not return. A second group made up of town thugs enters the caves and also do not return. Baine decides to take things into his own hands and enters the caves with with some locals. Baine and his party manage to make progress and combat a group of monsters likely responsible for the demise of the previous groups. Moving forward Baine finds some chabers made of Skymetal and a deactivated construct. Baine and his group leave the caves taking the construct with them to study it. The next day another group of explorerers from out of town answer the call, while they initially see success and make it deep into the skymetal ruins they ultimatly are killed and do not return. Baine decides to enter the caves again making it very deep into the ruins but encountering grave peril ultimately not returning.

Val and Ari Baine both adopted daughters of Kohnir as well as Esik a friend and colleague become very worried at Kohnir's disappearance. The town council more desperate and now even more worried at the missing Kohnir offer up a sizeable monitary reward as well as a magical scroll of resurrection that they are hoping won't be needed for use on Kohnir.

With the reward offered Ari and Esik are able to gain the assistance of a group of adventures. They are Bella a mysterious Elf wizard who employs the use of guns. Malakai Flintfist an Oread monk and weaponsmith who came to torch to try to forge skymetal. Grul a dwarf Cleric passing through town and hearing of its plight. Finally Nerium a strange creature made of trees who is a druid in command of the living sappling of a rare tree claiming to be sent by his people to investigate the existence of men made of metal and if they are a threat. Esik not one for combat enlists the aid of a friend of theirs named Sting a local legend of sort who fights crime in the area with their Rapier. Finally Ari rounds out the group as she has been taught Alchemy, technology and her favorite bombs by her adoptive father Kohnir.

Over the next week this group comes across many wonders and perils in the caves and runis beneath Torch. They come to an agreement with a group of creatures called Skulks in exchange for unmolested passage through the early sections of the cave. Here they find the remains of some of the members of previous expositions and deliver them back to their loved ones for thanks and rewards. Past the early caves they enter the skymetal ruins where Kohnir discovered the construct in his first trip. Past these early ruins the group finds themselves in what seems to be an artificially constructed desert in complete darkness where they do battle with alien creatures and four armed skeletons. Navigating the darkness the group found a false wall at the far end leading to more skymetal chambers where they found another of the four armed creatures but this one was of flesh and bone not a mere undead. After a hard fough battle over it Ari was able to use the strange technology in the rooms to bring daylight and weather to the artificial desert. This daylight although artificial turned the skeletal remains of the creatures and their fleshy leader to ash.

Diving deeper into the next section of the ruins it became more clear that these ruins were once some kind of vessel from the stars like the one rumored to be the heart of the Silver mount in Starfall. These rooms were particually grueling as many strange foes were found within including, tiny plant creatures and skymetal constructs.

At this point Grul, Malaki and Bella left the group for different reasons. Luckily 2 new adventures came to town hearing of the call for aide. A large mute healer named Eranand a Tiefling Gunslinger named Bronik. Together with these new allies the group pushed a little further and found Kohnir in some strange technological 'hospital' attended by a skymetal construct preforming experiments upon him. They dispatched the construct and quickly evacuated Kohnir to the surface to the town priest Joram. Unfortunately Joram was unable to cure whatever was done to him because it seemed to be technological in nature. Ari and Esik sought out the aide of a traveling tech salesman named Sanvil for a cure. Sanvil belived he had just such an item in his colection that may help. He traded this item in exchange for knowledge of what the group had encounted in the caves below town and the promise that they would bring him anything they found for him to study.

Luck be it Sanvil's cure worked quickly with just a simple injection and with a few days rest Kohnir was restored. Kohnir was eager to return to the caves and find the source of the still extinguished torch and study more of the ruins. However Ari, Val and Esik all insisted that he not put himself in danger again and that they be left to investigate more.

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Continued from above.

As the group went back into the ruins again they cleared out the level where they found Kohnir and found a central chamber that appeared to be some kind of technological lift called an elevator. However, the lift was damaged. Ari was able to identify the damaged part and deduced that Kohnir could repair the part allowing her to make the lift function again.
While making their way out of the ruins with the part the group was ambushed by the merchant Sanvil, the previous group member Bella who now had dark purple skin and the group of Skulks whom were previously allowing them passage. Sanvil let it be known that he was a member of the Technic league and could not allow such a discovery of a crashed space vessel beneath Torch go to them, and asked for them to surrender and cooperate. Sting however was thrown into a rage at the mention of the Technic League and began to attack. Sanvil with the aid of Bella and the Skulks proved nearly fatal for the group however. Luckily Kohnir saw Sanvil poking around near the cave entrance and thought it odd. He thought of following but was hesitant due to his promise to his daughters and friends. But, he went with his gut and went into the caves after much deliberation. Should he have waited any later things might have been bad however he arrived just in time to see his daughter and friends struggling against Sanvil. Kohnir let loose a mighty fireball outright killing Bella, and the Skulks and knocking out Sanvil. Before anyone could react to the situation Sting charged the unconscious Sanvil and slit his throat. Kohnir was quite angry at this as he was no longer a threat and could be questioned, but he knew some of Sting's secrets and told him that they would talk about this later. A search of Sanvil's possessions revealed a notebook with a list of names. Most interesting of which was "Garmen Ulreth - warehouse?".
The group saw fit to follow up on this list and scouted out the warehouse district of torch. There they found thugs from the Ropefist gang not so secretly known to be serving the Gambling House owner Garmen Ulreth. The group decided to break in and find out what was going on in the warehouse, under the suspicion that it may have something to do with the extinguished torch. Inside the group was beset by a number of ropefist members but also a loud whirring as if heavy machinery were being operated in a mill. After subduing the ropefists and even their Leader Garmen(who managed to flee when things weren't going his way) the group looked for the source of the noise. They came across a crate with a large piece of technology with screens and antennae. Ari though she could disable it but wasn't sure what it did and if that was a good idea. They took the device to Kohnir's shop so he could look at it and the Baine's together discovered the device was siphoning power from someplace below torch and transmitting it roughly 150 miles North West. Thinking that turning it off would fix the torch they did so. Unfortunately it would not be that easy. Knowing that there was something more going on beneath the town the group prepared to make another expedition into the depths and see where the lift led.
The group took their final delve into the depths. They repaired the strange lift and were moved to a new level of the ruins. Here they encountered a gang of some kind of religious Zealots made up of Orcs and ratfolk. After killing the majority and capturing and questioning a ratfolk they learned some very telling information. These Zealots served an Android named Meyanda who is the high priest of a god named Hellion and she was using the reactor of the ruins to gather power for her God. In exchange for it's life the ratfolk divulged information about Meyanda's remaining forces and her morning ritual so they may be able to ambush her. With this information the group attacked a room that Meyanda had made a temporary chapel to her God that was guarded by her minion a terrible mute gargoyle covered in technological scraps. With her guards defeated the group set up an ambush for this android for when she was supposed to come deliver her morning sermon. Upon the next morning Meyanda came out from the locked reactor room accompanied by her drone bodyguards. She called out for her disciple Gruethur the gargoyle which is when Sting jumped out from hiding and attacked her. Meyanda was no slouch in combat and it took a long struggle with her and her robot drones but the party was able to subdue the android.
With all immediate threats dealt with tAri and the group investigated the reactor. Putting two and two together Ari was able to figure out that the reactor was in a state of overload and that normally to stop a catastrophic meltdown the reactor would vent the excess heat which in this case took the form of the purple torch the town had been known for. It seemed Meyanda overrode the reactors safety protocol to be able to siphon the power to her God. Ari worked out a method to re enable the safety vent. When this was done on the surface at the top of the hill where the torch was normally the size of a bonfire, bursted out a purple beam of fire that shot a hundred feet clear into the sky and did not cool down to its normal bonfire size for almost a week as the reactor vented its huge overflow of heat.
With their friends saved and the Torch restored the group took to interrogating Meyanda. Although she was happy to sing the praises of her fierce deity Hellion and that they would be sorry for interfering and they would see his wrath upon the Silver mount she didn't give them any information they though explained the plot to steal the torches power. The town council thinking that this Hellion and his followers whom or whatever they were may be a danger to Torch still since they took his source of power, asked if the new town heroes would be willing to seek out this Hellion and make sure he was not a threat to them. With the offer of further reward the group agreed and set out for scrapwall the junk city as it was the only place of relevance at the distance the power transmitter was sending to. They took some time to prepare and at this time Esik revealed that She and Sting were the same person which is why the two fo them were never seen together. Ari was already aware of this having been friends with Esik for some time now but this cane as a surprise to Nerium, Bronik and Eran.

End of Book 1

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Book 2 Summery So Far:
After a few days of rest and preparation the party set out for Scrapwall. Joram the priest of Brigh requested that while there the group look for an old friend of his by the name of Dinvaya as his information showed that is likely where she was. Upon the advice of Kohnir they headed for a Crusader fort across the Selen river from Scrapwall to seek information before heading right into the hornets nest as it were.

The group made their trip as directly as possible and made it to the fort in a mere 3 days. Upon their approach they were greeted by the sight of black smoke. On top of the nearest rampart some people dressed as guards with their faces covered claimed the fort was hit with a plague and that they should move on. Nerium and Eran both offered their services as healers, however the rest of the group though there may be foul play. This inkling proved to be true when being allowed through the iron portcullis of the fort the guards inside dropped it on top of Eran and Sting. Nerium using his strange druid magic shape-shifted into a strange creature with wings and 4 arms and flew over the wall to confront their assailants. Ari and Bronik threw bombs and fired through the portcullis. Eran did what he could while pinned to fight back and to heal, however on of the enemies hit sting with a fatal pistol shot. After a short desperate struggle the group overcame their foes but at the great cost of the life of Eski/Sting. Nerium with his strange customs tried to immediately cover Sing with dirt to "return him to the earth" before being stopped by Ari and Eran. After a quick search of the fort they found Stripped and bound crusaders of Sarenrae who were being held here in their own fort by the attackers. The crusaders informed them that the attackers were members of a Gang called the Smilers from Scrapwall and that they killed and ate the other crusaders and their mounts. Once freed the Crusdares offered the fort as a refuge to the group and to help them provide a burial for their lost friend. They took the offer of help with the burial but declined to stay in the fort as their mission in scrapwall seemed all the more urgent and personal with the loss of Sting.

After a short rest and a bit or mourning the group crossed the Selen river and headed for Scrapwall. They were stopped at the gate by a Gang called the Steelhawks asking why they had come. The group was honest about their intent. They were here to stop hellion and the Lords of Rust as they were a threat to their home. The Steelhawks as all gangs in Scrapwall were technically loyal or at least beneath the Lords of Rust. However one of the Steelhawks close to their current leader heard this and asked the group to come speak to their leader Slaid. The group made their plans known to Slaid and she agreed to have the Steelhawks leave the group be if they first prefomed a favor for them. The favor was to recapture their main base back from the Smiler named Birdfoot whom had been given control of it and the Steelhawks for good service to the Lords of Rust. The group agreed, however before they set off Slaid's current right hand a Half-Drow by the name of Din asked to accompany the group. with the loss of Sting the group welcomed any help that was willing. They asked Din how she could be of help. Din explained she was a magus one who blended magic and steel. She grabbed her rapier to demonstrate. However upon drawing the blade she was shocked to find that it was dark balck in color and crisscrossed with lines of glowing blue connecting geometric patterns. "What happened to my Sword!?" Din's call was answered by a voice familiar to the rest of the group.
"What happened to your sword? What happened to me? Ari what is going on?" Said a voice that was clearly Sting but was coming from the rapier in Din's hand.
"Sing is that you? You died. Why is your voice coming from a sword?" Ari asked confused.
"A sword? I am not a sword I am an android!" Sting retorted.
Din taking a minute to absorb the situation scratched her head and than replied. " I have heard of this but never in this manner per say. I think your friend Sting now inhabits my Sword as a Black Blade. Black Blades are magical living weapons that form a bond with Magus to achieve a common goal. There have been Black Blades in my family but I have never heard of the Soul of the dead becoming a Black Blade." Din explained.
The group took some time to discuss this revelation. However, they ultimately decided to move forward with their mission.
Over the course of the next few days the group made quick progress of gaining Scrapworth a mark of ones reputation in Scrapwall. Accomplishing such tasks as killing Birdfoot the smiler and returning leadership of the Steelhawks to Slaid. Killing the leader of the Smilers in her own base and rescuing the second in command of Redtooth's Raiders a gang of ratfolk. With knowledge from Redtooth the group pillaged a crashed albeit haunted space vessel for it's supply of explosives and used said explosives to destroy Scrapwalls communication array. The array being what allowed Meyanda so transmitt power from Torch to Scrapwall. Amid these tasks the group also made contact with Jorams missing friend Dinvaya and gained her Chapel to Brigh as a base in scrapwall. She agreed that she would leave with them from Scrapwall and reconnect with Joram but not before the Lords of Rust were dealt with.

With the many exploits of the group they had gained the attention of the Lords of rust!

After leaving the destruction of the receiver array and having a small scuffle with a group of Gremlins the group is in need of rest and on their way back to the Clockwork Chapel.

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We should rest for 8 hours

*Eran places a hand on Din's shoulder, signalling some hidden communication, before Din turns to the rest of the party*
Eran agrees, and I'm sure we would not be overstaying our welcome to rest in the Temple one more night before we finish this sorry affair and wipe these "Lords" away from here.

Sting:I don't know what you guys are complaining about I feel fine!
I am sure everyone gives Sting the side eye

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