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more info forthcoming. In the meantime, please dot in. I'll be reactivating this campaign towards the end of October for check-in's and we will be starting sometime after Gameday Ends (Nov 3).

I'm a "the more the merrier" type: I prefer 4-6. So my vote would be to recruit 1 or 1-2 more.

As mentioned, I'm hoping to play Celeste. But, you know, have to actually buy Pathfinder Tales first.

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Sounds good to me.

I have preemptively selected Core Ezren for me to play as. I believe EmpTyger is looking to play as a Sorcerer this time around, if memory serves me right. If we prefer not to have 2 Full Arcane spell-casters, I'm happy to switch to something else.

Right now I am most excited to play as either Core Ezren, Varian (either PF tales or CotC), Simoun (with PF Tales) or Imrikja (with HV 2).

"The more the merrier" holds for Arcane casters too :)

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Gonna look through what I have. I am partial to Oloch as he is one I played in home games and had fun with. But I have most of the old decks to play with.

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