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Failed my wisdom save to not write more of these out. I'm not expecting all or even most of these ideas to make it, though I'll be tickled pink if they do. :)

The Bard's Tome:

A strange book bound in leather with gold, silver, and iron embellishments. The language always appears foreign to anyone trying to read it but the person who has claimed it. Inside are instructions for dances, vocal techniques, and playing musical instruments alongside plays, stories, songs, and music. Those that have owned the Bard's Tome have gone on to be famed and revered performers and musicians before mysteriously disappearing without a trace. Curiously, there is a section of the book that has paintings, drawings, and photographs of the previous owners doing their greatest performance of their career.

I got a feeling this one's going to clash with the above.
Shane's Wood:

The efforts of the Gévaudan society had Shane's Wood be declared a national park during Theodore Roosevelt's presidency as part of his conservation effort. The large forest covers most of the western half of Mutton County and stretches into two others. Despite the obvious beauty and numerous picturesque locales, people rarely visit Shane's Wood National Park. Strange things happen in Shane's Wood, after all, several centered around the wood's namesake, Shane Duvally.

Shrel, the Tiny:

A strange creature lurks in a small hut under the Merrywine Creek train trestle. Normally it is secretive and shy, but if given some food or a trinket, it will come out and may even tell you something interesting. The creature, only two feet tall and hidden by layers of rags with only its glowing, yellow eyes and stubby-fingered hands showing, is named Shrel and seems to see and know far more than a creature living under a bridge should. If one wants to know where to learn something, they can do worse than talking to Shrel first.

Reginald Bausbach-Damalier:

Unlike Andy "Sandy" Sanderson, Reginald Bausbach-Damalier is a polished, velvet-voiced investigative journalist that has an entirely uncanny knack for finding supernatural incidents. He doesn't believe in the supernatural, however, and his stated purpose in seeing several hunters behind bars for murder and abduction has made him no fans among the rest. While he lives in New York City, he is currently doing research on a special expose on the crime he is certain must exist in Mutton County, from murder to human trafficking to dangerously delusion cultists sacrificing people after kidnapping them. Whatever it is, he's determined to get to the bottom and see justice done.

What he's likely to succeed in is getting himself eaten by a grue.

I figured since we have the Paranormal reporter that always gets it wrong, he needed a foil in an overly aggressive investigative journalist that has no idea what he's getting himself into. Besides, we need at least one NPC that has the team going "Do we have to save him?" :P

The Devil Truck:

Young McGee bought an almost brand new 1958 Ford F-100 pickup from a gentleman in a black suit and fedora with a big grin on his face. Almost as soon as he got it home, he began to work on it. At first, it was some simple things, a tuneup, a slight bump in how it handled, but it soon grew more and more involved. After a few months and a brand new coat of shiny crimson and black paint, Young McGee took it out for a drive. Some say that the truck belched fire and left twin scorch marks on the road as Young McGee howled like a maniac with laughter. He was found dead off County Road 13, the truck totaled by having smashed into a tree.

Ever since then, a grinning gentleman in black shows up and sells some aficionado or mechanic a deep crimson 1958 F-100 with black trim in perfect condition. They work on it, obsessed. Then they tear down the roads like a bat out of hell and wind up dead after wrecking the truck on its first time out.

Hey, honestly if we're good on collaboration and adding things together, I think both forests could work. There's the good one, the safe one where people can meet and live in relative harmony... And then there's the bad one.

Also, if I might say, I could very well see the ranger-mages of Deepwood having members or at least liaisons with the Gévaudans, if they both make it into the world. The goals seem very intertwined between the two.

Two forests are certainly viable.

And, yeah, creating relationships between all these is gonna be interesting.

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Jerry Harris - Wronged/Professional/Hard Case
Zachary Zanes - Chosen, Initiate, Spell-slinger

Dot Brenner - Spooky, Chosen
Sarah Alice "Sunny" Clare / Aktorazithal the Dark - Spooky, Changeling
Vic Bell - Expert, Initiate

Kalisuel the Meek - Divine
Charlotte "Charly" Davidson - Monstrous, Changeling
Big Benny K - Crooked, Hard Case, Professional
Ahmed Entezam - Initiate, Spell Slinger, Spooky
Samuel Wise - Mundane, Sidekick
Vivian Crow - Monstrous, Spooky, Summoned

Cheshire - Monstrous

(fallen angel) - Changeling
(dryad) - Changeling

Sarah O'Callaghan - Flake, Expert, Chosen, Initiate, Divine, Spooky

Captain Rose - Crooked, Professional

Helix Missionary
Zeke Bjarnessen - Hard Case, Expert, Wronged, Crooked, Professional

Kavax'Koatl - Summoned, Divine

Luis García - Expert, Spell-slinger, Spooky

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Actually, the fallen angel character could also be monstrous (or the Divine with serious reskinning).

But yeah, the dryad is pretty much exclusively the Changeling playbook.

Here's some fleshed out versions of some of my characters now that I know a bit more about the setting. Since the Spooky/Changeling/Monstrous types seem to be pretty well covered, I've left out the second one, leaving us with:

Dot Brenner, Chosen

Dot Brenner first heard about magic from her aunt--the one her mother said was crazy. Aunt Celia had some weird things always happening around her. Dot didn't think she was crazy, but was not interested in getting involved in weird stuff.

Neither was she in high school when Julie Pine started talking about making pacts with the faeries. The same Julie Pine that later vanished for two weeks and then claimed not to remember what happened. Dot wanted nothing to do with it.

The supernatural kept intruding in her life, and Dot was having none of it. "Get away from it. It's not good for you," she told herself.

Dot got her degree in accounting, partially due to the fact that it seemed relentlessly normal. She went to work for a large accounting firm, but wherever she was sent, the supernatural kept intruding in her life.

In San Francisco, an audit of a small biotech firm led to the discovery of a cult that practiced human sacrifice to appease their dark god.

In Chicago, Dot ended up fighting a werewolf who was trying to destroy evidence of his embezzling millions of dollars from the chemical company he worked for.

In Washington DC, she ended up wandering around Arlington National Cemetery in the middle of the night, where a self-proclaimed necromancer was, for reasons that still are not clear, trying to re-animate the corpse of William Howard Taft.

And through this all there were the people telling here it was destiny. Aunt Celia, Dr. Saxby, that skeevy looking guy at the train station. Destiny. Destiny.

Dot just wanted a normal life. She quit her job with the big accounting firm, and decided to more some place quiet, and live as normal a life as she could. She picked a town at random, and moved to Boisville, Mutton County, which seemed the perfect place to get away from the occult threats constantly intruding on her life.

Destiny Sucks.

and Rev. Thomas "Vic" Bell, Expert (or possibly Initiate)

Thomas Bell was born and spent much of his early life in England. He came, with his family, to the United States as a teenager, and finished school and went on to university here. TWo things happened late in his time at college. First, he decided that a religious calling was right for him. This intention to join the clergy, combined with his English accent, led to his friends calling him "the vicar" which eventually was shortened to "vic".

During the last part of his senior year, something terrible happened: a group of students had stolen a mysterious book from the university library and used to to bring something into the world that should not exist. Vic only got a glimpse of the beast. He heard the screams and ran to help, arriving too late to do more than comfort the poor, dying fools who had summoned it.

One of them, a girl he vaguely knew, told him what they had done. Vic found he could do little more than offer prayers for the souls of the dying, and take the book they had used before it fell into the hands of others who might foolishly use it.

After pondering whether to try to destroy it or to return it to the library, he decided to ask his own priest, Dr. Stanford. Dr. Stanford, to his surprise, knew of the book's existence, and recruited Vic in hunting down and banishing the demon.

After this, Vic was still determined to go on to the seminary, but he now had a purpose beyond the guidance of souls. There were special classes, taught to only a handful of students from across the various denominations at union seminary, in which some of the secrets of the occult were revealed.

Vic graduated, was ordained, and now his nickname of "Vicar" was one step closer to being reality. The bishop took him aside after the ordination, and told him where he was being sent: All Saints Parish, Boisville, Mutton County.

All Saints Parish is old enough and high-church enough that the priest in charge is called the Rector. That leaves Vic Bell as the Curate (technically assistant curate). He assists in the services, substituting for the rector, Mr. Andrew Whitley, when necessary and runs some youth outreach programs. And then there are his other duties, the real reason he was sent to Mutton County.

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Since I notice there's been a lot of creative examples that apply to the submissions, I thought I'd try that.

The Furies:

In the eternal war between the forces of good and evil, there have been a lot of twists and turns throughout the ages. Several millennia ago, a contingent of angelic beings, frustrated by the innumerable failures and lapses of mankind, took it upon themselves to correct those deficiencies through the use of fear. If they could not appeal to humanity's better natures, they would keep them in line with the fear of retribution.

Taking inspiration from the atrocities humans would inflict on each other in the name of justice, these angelic beings began a crusade of their own. Rather than hunting down evil doers and the monsters that prey upon the innocent, they fell upon the fallen and the disgraced. If they set an example of those who professed goodness and faltered, the later generations would be more inclined to remain true, they reasoned.

This did not come to pass, however. Their actions tainted their own angelic nature. Worse, humanity did not become any better at resisting temptation. And in their frustration, these beings ultimately gave over themselves to the very evil that they had been trying to steer humans away from.

Now known as the Furies, these tainted beings -- a mix of angelic and demonic -- still continue their crusade by sowing fear and dealing retribution against those they believe have failed in some way to adhere to the path of good.

The more creative stuff we have, the more we can flesh out the world.

Sorry I've been a little quiet, I've had a flare up of a horrifying chest infection. It's been less fun than you might think, with the choking and swelling.

Just a reminder - recruitment concludes tomorrow at 23.59 GMT. Which Google tells me 19.59 EDT.

A few more for fun

Simmons Hardware

For those who are aware of the supernatural weirdness in Mutton County, it sometimes seems all-pervasive. But for some reason, it's never touched this nondescript hardware store on Main Street in Parkertown. Nobody can remember anything weird at all happening in the place. Monsters avoid the place, and magic doesn't work very well there--at least not to do anything flashy. Nobody knows why this is, and the Simmons brothers react to questions about magic the way any unaware person would.


Twenty years ago, the local amusement park shut down after years of financial struggle. It still sits there, rusting and crumbling. Local kids say it's haunted, but really, what abandoned amusement park doesn't have a reputation for being haunted.

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The Furies, Cont.:

As time wore on, the Furies' number dwindled. The beings that flocked to the original idea grew tainted by their misguided actions, and humanity ultimately showed no sign of being cowed into behaving better. Therefore, as they waged war with not only humanity, but also certain demonic forces that defended their corrupted targets, and the original angelic hosts of which they had once been a part, they grew fewer and fewer.

The original three beings that conceived the idea and still adhered to their mission decided to employ the demonic means of perpetuating themselves. Forbidden rituals brought vengeance-obsessed humans into their fold, empowering them with the same nature as the original three.

The use of the demonic rituals forever tainted the Furies with evil, and connected them more with such power so that they could be held at bay with the same sort of rituals and talismans that worked on demons. But they saw that as a necessary sacrifice to continue their work to enforce obedience upon humanity by the point of the sword or the threat of retribution.

The three original Furies each had a particular crime they despised the most.
Alecto – Punisher of moral crimes
Megaera – Punisher of infidelity, oath breakers, and theft
Tisiphone – Punisher of murderers

Their children follow the same obsessions. The Furies have thus divided into three subgroups, each named after their originator, and defined by the type of crime that incenses them the most.

(I've got some ideas for some faerie courts and factions if the dryad is selected, but I just don't think I'll be able to get anything up before the selection date.)

Oh, sorry to hear about the chest infection. I hope you get well soon GM.

OK, recruitment is closed.

So...here's the thing. I did not expect this many applications. I certainly didn't expect this many juicy applications with good ideas.

You monsters.

So, I've learned it's a bad idea to take everyone just because I hate doing applications and saying no to people I really like. Instead of me running two tables, therefore, I've recruited a second GM to run the second table and take everyone anyway.

Just as a side note, in our discussions we've dubbed these tables 'Sword and Shield'.

The second GM will be my wife, D_Var_Stars. She'll still be playing at my table...and I'll be joining you guys at her table. The two games will share the same universe, switching characters or the non-GM switching tables is entirely possible.

In the event that we lose enough players to drop down to a single table D and I will condense things into one game and swap out each story.

I know this will be a little bit of a change to things, and totally understand if anyone feels uncomfortable with the situation and wants to drop out. I will say that D and I have played together for a long time, and she will not hesitate to murder my characters, and a few folks have seen her in my games on Paizo and know being my beloved, my one true love, my heart and soul doesn't stop me being mean.

OK, for those of you still here (and not ill) the fun begins. You guys are the ones who are making your characters, so step one is simple - choose your playbooks. Ideally, I don't want to step in here. Monster of the Week is very much the player's story, and your choices make the plot.

Here's the list of characters kindly done by Andostre;

Jerry Harris - Wronged/Professional/Hard Case
Zachary Zanes - Chosen, Initiate, Spell-slinger

Dot Brenner - Spooky, Chosen
Sarah Alice "Sunny" Clare / Aktorazithal the Dark - Spooky, Changeling
Vic Bell - Expert, Initiate

Kalisuel the Meek - Divine
Charlotte "Charly" Davidson - Monstrous, Changeling
Big Benny K - Crooked, Hard Case, Professional
Ahmed Entezam - Initiate, Spell Slinger, Spooky
Samuel Wise - Mundane, Sidekick
Vivian Crow - Monstrous, Spooky, Summoned

Cheshire - Monstrous

(fallen angel) - Changeling, Divine, Summoned
(dryad) - Changeling

Sarah O'Callaghan - Flake, Expert, Chosen, Initiate, Divine, Spooky

Captain Rose - Crooked, Professional

Helix Missionary
Zeke Bjarnessen - Hard Case, Expert, Wronged, Crooked, Professional

Kavax'Koatl - Summoned, Divine

Luis García - Expert, Spell-slinger, Spooky

My suggestion would be to simply make your preference known, and if another player has there heart set on that playbook, talk about it.

Welcome to Darkened Thresholds.

Hmm, I have to actually get the Summoned playbook so I can look at it and decide which fits better...

Thanks for having us! This is bound to be entertaining. I wish you both luck and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of a ringer you put us all through.

My preferences:
1 - Charlotte "Charly" Davidson - Monstrous, Changeling (Cop Turned Vampire)
2 - Vivian Crow - Monstrous, Spooky, Summoned (Timid Fallen Angel Looking for Redemption)
3 - Ahmed Entezam - Initiate, Spell Slinger, Spooky (Spell-Slinging Lady's Man and Florist)
4 - Kaliseul, the Meek - Divine (Angelic Ditz)
5 - Samuel Wise - Mundane, Sidekick (He prunes the roses and pulls the weeds)
6 - Big Benny K - Crooked, Hard Case, Professional (Monster Hunting Hitman with three Michelin stars.)

Note that while these are my preferences in order, I would be happy to play any of them.

Given I've only one playbook possibility for my character, I'd like Monstrous.

My preference order:

1) Dot Brenner, CPA and destined/reluctant monster hunter (Chosen)
2) The Rev. Thomas “Vic” Bell, in-the-know Episcopalian curate (Expert)

As I said, I’m going to leave off Sunny Clare, since there’s more than enough people wanting to play Spooky/Changeling/Monstrous.

I think either of these two will work, but those are the playbooks I’m interested in.

Any opinions? Questions about the characters?

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Given that my preference between the two concepts are so neck-and-neck that only things like time of day, ambient humidity or phase of the moon would tip one more than the other...

I'll have to go with the Fury/Fallen angel only because I've actually done the write-ups on their "species". Also, looking at the Playbook, I think I can make the Divine work with not a whole lot of tweaking. Mainly, the 'holy' tags on the weapons might need to be removed or made to be evil or unholy.

That being said, the dryad is still a very, very close second.

Okay. Anyone mind if I take Changeling then?

I can mix it up if I have to but I'd really like to play The Expert. I've always loved playing that backline knowledgy type and I'm very thirsty for it (seeing as I'm playing 4 beefy frontliners in most of my games right now); plus I just love those kinds of characters in stories. That and I want to fiddle around with the idea of Immortality in the story and the Expert can allow for that with one of its options (by stealing Immortality from The Monstrous Playbook).

I'm always down to make someone else but I'd love to play Luis, the vaguely Latino shaman in the woods with a love for earthly things and a minor rebellious nature for destiny and duty.

Also welcome to the second GM!
Thanks for taking us in!

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AdamWarnock wrote:
Okay. Anyone mind if I take Changeling then?

Not really, except that if the GM(s) has some issues with the Divine playbook being reskinned to a fallen angel (albeit a reluctant one), then my main fallback will be the Changeling.

I have no objection to refluffing.

Cool. then here's Charly. I'll go ahead and get Vivian Ready as a standby if I need her.

Charolette Davidson aka Charly:

Playbook: The Changeling
Harm: 7/7
Luck: 7/7
Experience: 0/5

Charm: 0
Cool: +1
Sharp: +1
Tough: -1
Weird: +2

Your appearance is noticeably inhuman, making it difficult for you to interact with bystanders and other normal people. However, if you stay calm, you can maintain an illusion of humanity. You can also use your glamour to automatically succeed on a manipulate someone as if you had rolled a 10, but if you do then, later on, you reveal an inhuman feature at a bad time.

Inhuman Talent:
You have a particular theme of magic that you are exceptionally skilled with. Perhaps its plant magic, controlling cloth or illusions. When you Use Magic, you gain a +1 to rolls if you remain within that theme.
Theme: Storms

Force of Nature:
You have a supernatural means of attack. This is related to your particular heritage and could be lightning, maddening illusions, summoned insect swarms, magically created blades or anything else. Choose two of the following features including at least one base attack.
• Base – Psychic Assault – 1 harm close ignores armor, magic
• Base – Energy Assault – 2 harm close (appropriate energy tag)
• Base – Summon Assault – 2 harm close messy
• Swarm – Add “Area”
• Intense - +1 Harm
• Flexible – add either Hand or Far range

Attack: Flexible Energy Assault - 2 harm, hand or close, lightning, loud

They are my people:
Once per session, when you move to protect a bystander or a human hunter from harm, you can act as if you rolled a 12.

Unknown Heritage
Your human family reacted poorly when your supernatural heritage started to develop. Almost no one you knew from the old days will have anything to do with you. If you're a minor, you haven't been reported as missing. The feeling of abandonment creates a behavior that makes strangers have difficulty trusting you above and beyond just your inhuman appearance, enhancing your feeling of alienation. You can still have a companion while suffering from feelings of alienation.

Details: Charly's father was also a police officer and making him proud was a driving motivation for her joining in the first place. Their relationship was already strained before that fateful night she was attacked and her powers awoke. Since that night, her father considers her dead and has nothing more to do with her. The rest of her family lives out of state and barely had any contact with her even before she started changing.

Sensory Bombardment:
You have senses you haven't been trained to deal with, whether physical or mental and sometimes the clash of information is too much for you to deal with.

You have a weakness. Something that would normally be harmless to humans causes you great pain from mere contact.

Substance: Silver

- Old 1950's Pickup truck (This is NOT the one that makes people obsessed as funny as that might be.)
- Small handgun (Glock G45)
- Laptop
- Grandfather's leather bomber jacket

Case File
Subject shows unusual signs considering contamination vector. Claims of lightning powers are currently being investigated. Other than pain on touching silver and red eyes subject does not exhibit other traits of classical vampirism, such as overwhelming hunger or summoning swarms of creatures damned for eternity.

RECOMMENDATION: Close observation an study.

The rain was miserable that night. It was the cold, drizzling rain that slowly soaked through and sapped the warmth from you before you had realized it. It was the perfect rain to keep spirits dampened and people indoors. It was the kind of rain that Charly hated after that first night on the job.

A call had come in about a body lying on the steps leading up to the pulpit of an old church. The victim, a pastor who'd been rumored to have not been as good as an example as he ought, had been dead long before the police had arrived. The cause of death seemed obvious, a slit on his throat that went from ear to ear, but there was curiously little blood to be found either in him or on the ground. The evidence from the sanctuary had been gathered by the time the warrant to search the man's office had been granted.

That was where it all went wrong.

Henderson was first. His gun wasn't even a quarter way out of its holster when something fast and impossibly strong latched onto his neck and drained him of blood as Charly and the other investigator, Sanchez, looked on in stunned horror. Red eyes looked up at them even as Henderson went limp.

Sanchez was quicker on the draw. He'd been on the force for over a decade, and his training and experience allowed him to get off two shots before a blur of shadow shattered his arms and broke his neck.

Charly was not far behind. She was already making for the door to put distance between her and this monster and to possibly limit its angles of approach to just one. It was a good plan, a sound plan even, but her shot was nowhere quick enough to catch the monster before it had pulled the gun from her hand. Red eyes locked onto blue and held Charly in place while the monster verbally toyed with her and pulled her collar low to get at her neck.

As it took its first sip of her blood, something flared to terrible, ferocious life inside of Charly. There was an explosion and a flash that burned out the cameras before the arcing lightning could get to them. The monster was gone, and Charly was left alone and shaken by what had happened. As she got to her feet, she saw herself in a cracked mirror. Her eyes were now blood-red and her skin deathly-pale.

Whatever she had become, she was no longer human.

Pyschology Report
Subject is having trouble adjusting to changes. Symptoms include bouts of melancholy and/or depression. Subject has also displayed a continuing obsession with games, movies, and other entertainment media. See attached expense reports for one "Rec Room Renovation" for further details. Previous records indicate that this as well as a "bubbly" disposition are normal for subject.

Glad to be here! Obviously I'll be going with Zeke, and would prefer to use the Hard Case since that was my main pick for him and I'm not seeing a lot of people interested in that one. If I'm mistaken, I'd easily see him as a Wronged.

Hey, good solution! I keep waffling back and forth between both of my submitted characters, so, if everyone is ok with it, I'll just see which table I end up at, see which playbooks are available, and choose my character based on that.

It looks like I will almost certainly be playing the Summoned. Starting to work on character basics now.

Any idea who will be in which group? Though I suppose playbooks have something to do with that due to the no-repeats rule.

No, the whole cast is on no repeat. It's a bit of a challenge with 12 folks, but we have enough Playbooks no one wanted that D and I can go last (or part last, with Andostre if they like).

And currently, I'm not 100% sure about how the tables will be. If anyone has a preference feel free to say, but I make no guarantees.

Dark Archive

With all the competition I was going to give up on this, but if you're taking all-comers...

Currently checked off (subject to any challengers):

Monstrous (Almonihah)
Chosen (or Expert) (BenBrown)
Changeling (AdamWarnock)
Divine (Stalwart)
Expert (Hubaris)
Hard Case (Helix Missionary)
Summoned (Razzocnor)

This being the case I'll start statting up Sarah as a Spooky, though I can still rejig to an Initiate or Chosen (or in a pinch a flake or mundane). I'm really pretty easy as to how she flexes out stat wise

Dark Archive

And stat version:
Sarah O'Callaghan (despite putting this together, I'm still happy to change playbook) if anyone wants Spooky.

Thank you, that's very helpful.

Other than myself, D and Andostre I think that's everyone.

Once we have the last choices, everyone can assemble their playbook. Then we'll do the History questions (how you relate to everyone else). Everyone should pick three of the cast to know already. Obviously, if you pick something like 'spouse' then you'll wanna talk to the other person.

Got my bi-weekly D&D game tonight, but will stat up Dot by tomorrow evening. No idea how we’re going to do connections with this passel of weirdos. Should be entertaining.

BenBrown wrote:
Got my bi-weekly D&D game tonight, but will stat up Dot by tomorrow evening. No idea how we’re going to do connections with this passel of weirdos. Should be entertaining.

This is what I was going to lurk in for to be quite honest (if I wasn't selected).

Question for the connections/history questions: should we stick to three, or should we try and answer as many prompts as we've got in our playbooks? Just so I know how much to be thinking about and planning for.

I'd like at least three, but more is acceptable.

Okay, here's the alias for Jessica Andrews, now "Androleteira" the newest Fury.

As far as connections and history, I've eliminated the ones that flat out don't work for the flipped Divine. So here's the ones that still apply:

• They are, at heart, a good and righteous person. You must help them stay that way.
Although a former mortal and resisting what she's become, Jessica has a 'sixth sense' about a mortal's downfall -- i.e., who deserves retribution and punishment. So when she sees someone that she doesn't have to war with her own nature to judge them, she wants to keep that up.

• They are an abomination, and should be destroyed. Except you can’t–work out with them why not.
This, obviously, doesn't have to be the Monstrous or Changeling. It can be anyone who's made a misstep along the way. So definitely the Crooked, but really anyone, as long as they've got a skeleton in their closet that Jessica can somehow sense.

• Their prayer (perhaps an informal or even unconscious prayer) summoned you.
Here's where it gets fun. Have you been wronged by someone, and at least in passing desired unholy, wrathful vengeance? Well, if you did, then you probably summoned me either deliberately or by accident.

• They saved your life, and you understand (intellectually at least) that you owe them for it.
Maybe you somehow stopped me from returning to whatever hellish nightmare realm in which the Furies roost after being summoned (see above). Or maybe it's a more literal saving. Food for thought.

• They should not be involved in this situation: the prophecies didn’t mention them at all. This gets your attention but you don’t know what it means yet.
This is the most tenuous, since it refers to prophecies that may not be a part of the game, and even if there were, what are the Furies doing in them? But maybe she's a potential figure in one, kind of like the Shanshu Prophecy in the Angel spinoff.

Got an alias for Carlos Luis Garcia here. Not your typical expert type from the shows and movies, but he still takes his studies very seriously. Changed up his original design, just kind of grew into something a little different overnight. Oops.

Possible History Connections


• They are your student, apprentice, ward, or child. Between you, decide which.
He’s probably too young for any of these personally; maybe a ward at most.

•They came to you for advice, and your advice got them out of trouble. Ask them what the trouble was.
Easy enough to do. He’s a fairly helpful guy with a safe place for monsters and a fairly large breadth of knowledge despite his tough-guy attitude.

• They know about some of your dark secrets, but they’ve agreed to keep quiet about them. Tell them what they know.
Easy enough to do. The Garcian family does have a spooky mystery in their past regarding their spiritual powers, though many of the recent generations have no idea about it... yet. Not to mention years of self-training may have awoken some dark things.

• A distant relation. Tell them exactly what.
We can work on this together if you pick it. I don’t mind it even being a relation a couple of generations back that happen to bring us together.

• You were previously both members of an eldritch group, now disbanded. Ask them why they left, then tell them why you did.
They asked for too much secrecy and didn’t want him to use his powers and learnt knowledge on the non-initiated, which Carlos politely responded with a burglary.

• They once helped you get a singular item that is now part of your haven. Tell them what it was.
The veil of a llorona ghost. Actually pretty great to find children... though the consequences of using it aren't, um, good.

• You were taught by the same master. Ask them how it ended.
Easy enough to collaborate on. While he gets (some of) his magical training from his Garcian heritage, he knows that physical threats exist as well. Could have had a master in either way. Ended on a sour note with him being too... not great at magic.

• You saved their life in a tight spot. Tell them what happened.
The woods are dangerous places, heck the whole county is; I’m sure a little expertise and a safe haven can help in tight spots right?

Okay, Spinningdice/Sarah O'Callaghan here.
Profile's a bit of a mess, 'cause I suck at formatting but, here I am.

Possible Link's

From others writeups:
Jessica Andrews Sarah is a good person, she spends most of her time on the edge of the Abyss but she still does what's right, a moralistic Fury trying to keep her on the path is probably about right for her screwed up life.

Carlos Luis Garcia We're a similar brand of slightly supernatural screw-ups. Could see a few ways to be linked,
Dark Secrets could be something Sarah's uncovered from her grandfather's journals
Help with an item, Sarah's family specialises in dealing with the dead, a ghosts' veil doesn't sound implausible.
Life saving/getting me out of trouble: Sarah does have a dive-in attitude that lands her in trouble a lot. While she rarely asks she won't turn down help that's offered.

My own Connections:
Blood-Kin: Sara's a mix of Irish and African-American primarily, though as outsiders and pretty dysfunctional they've never been too fussy about the people that tolerate them. While as far as she's aware the gift hasn't manifested on any of her many cousins, it's not unfeasible she's related to some other hunters.

Married/Relationship: If someone can put up with Sarah's issues and mess of a life, then she'd be quite happy to keep them around. She does tend to drive away most of her lovers after a while though. Maybe a recent ex would be more interesting?

Friends before powers - now distant: It's not set in stone, but I envisage Sarah with powers since early teens at the latest. If someone wants to be a childhood friend I've since mostly cut contact with them sounds good.

Someone can help me control my powers?: Sarah wouldn't give up her powers, even if she doesn't think of them as such. She can do too much good in the world to give up the tools to do it. But if someone do something about the nightmares ('specially the waking ones) she'd be in their debt. Or if they could give her an edge, so she might live another day, save another life.

I'm not clear, are we supposed to be coming up with connections before we have tables assigned?

I think that's how it's working. We're all going to be in the same 'world', just split into two teams at different tables, so we could know each other even if we aren't necessarily working together. Though I'm not sure if my phrasing there is very helpful.

Wrapping up a road trip with the family. Will post tonight. Apologies for holding things up.

I have no idea. I just posted The Expert connections in spoilers just to save time and lend some ideas.

History prompts:

Was there when you were summoned. Ask them who the summoners were.

Sees your human side. Ask them why.

You could probably take this hunter in a fight, but you’re not certain. Together, decide when the last time you threw down was, and what interrupted your fight.

Romantic obsession on your part. Ask them if they know about it, and if they reciprocate it.

Tied into your destiny somehow. Tell them how they fit into your first sign of the Apocalypse.

Saved your ass when the s&%% went down. Ask them how.

You met while separately hunting a monster. Ask them why you now work together.

Your good friend. Tell them if it's from way back, or recently.

You are suspicious about their motives. Ask them what they did that gave you doubts about them.

I thought I'd at least put these out so that people can comment on them. I'm still considering where to direct various ones of these and which ones to use. (as well as the minor confusion about whether we're to this point yet.)

Yeah, you're going to have links across the tables. Partially because it's more realistic...and partially so we have an easy way to swap characters and merge tables if things ever need it.

Should we start collaborating then or is it best to wait? I'm inexperienced with the generation in this game so any advice and direction would be appreciated.

Alright, with that in mind, and assuming some collaboration right now is fine, here are my personal history prompts.

Getting to Know Zeke:

They're blood kin--a sibling or parent. Ask them how you fit into the family.
If anybody wants to be a proud Bjarnessen (or a cousin, I guess), let me know.

You beat the tar out of them one time. Ask them why. Then tell them why you work together now.
Zeke's a rough and tumble kind of dude, so there's any number of possibilities for why he'd get in a ruckus with somebody--and he's damn good in a fight, so the chances of coming out on top are solid. But he's also a good guy at the end of the day, willing to forgive and put the past behind him, especially if it was a friendly tussle or misunderstanding. And if you showed yourself to be a capable, tough dude in your own right? So much the better.

They saw you lose control one time and go on a rampage. Tell them what triggered it, then ask them what you did.
Despite his general readiness for a fight, Zeke actually keeps a cool head most of the time, and it's not easy to get him really riled up. For him to really fly off the deep end, there were probably a number of little things that added up until a final catalyst brought it to a boil. Someone getting hurt because he messed up would do the trick, or getting backstabbed (literally or metaphorically, both are likely where Zeke's concerned).

You respect each other as comrades-in-arms: the two toughest bastards in this outfit.
Anyone else playing a tough-enough hombre?

You respect their brains--someone with that many ideas, you want them on your side.
This clearly goes to someone playing a more intelligence/skill-focused character, probably an Expert or something like that? I could easily see Zeke liking Carlos for this.

Friends from your time as a soldier/cop/mob enforcer/fight club/etc. Decide between you exactly where you became friends.
My vague backstory for Zeke at this point has him as a kind of done-it-all seen-it-all type, not so much of a jack-of-all-trades as just somebody who's floated through a lot of jobs for a short bit at a time. Anybody who has any of this in their character concept could easily fit the bill.

Romantically involved or you have an unrequited crush on them. Ask them which it is.
Zeke's not exactly a charmer, but somebody might put up with him. Personally, I don't see him as the unrequited lover type, so unless somebody wants to be in a relationship with a lovable thug with a heart of gold, this will probably go unused.

You would have gone to Jesus this one time, but they patched you up in time to kep you alive.
Is there a doctor in the house?

As far as other people's questions and offers go...

Jessica Andrews:
Zeke is, at heart, a good and righteous person. He's also certainly the type a Fury would be interested in, since he's far from the classical knight in shining armor, and much more willing to do some dirty work to get things done. Helping him stay good would be a very different journey than the usual straight-and-narrow path.

Zeke ain't the praying type, generally speaking, but swearing holy vengeance is the sort of thing he might do while getting sufficiently beat on. Accidentally summoning a fallen angel of wrath could be an interesting twist, given how otherwise mundane Zeke's skillset is.

Probably the most interesting to me, though, would be the idea that Zeke isn't supposed to be involved in things as according to the prophecies or what-have-you. Assuming we're fine with putting that sort of thing in the game, it would certainly help play up the concept that Zeke is just a regular guy with enough grit and spit to hold his own, while everyone else has a supernatural part to play.

Carlos Luis Garcia:
Going along with my above comment on Zeke respecting someone with the right smarts, I could easily see him coming to you for help, probably asking about a specific supernatural topic with a few too many details to be just hypothetical. One successful hunt later, and we've got a pair of steadfast buddies.

Zeke's also definitely the sort to bite off more than even he can chew from time to time, so you saving him would potentially work too. Also pairs nicely with one of my own options, and Zeke would certainly feel like he owes you a big solid.

Sarah O'Callaghan:
Zeke's probably not a relation (his family's mostly Scandinavian/East European), but he could be an old childhood friend or some such. He's also got a load of his own baggage, so a former relationship could be neat to have, probably something ended mutually because they've both got too much going on? Just a thought.

A fair number of these are potentially solid, but the one that sticks out to me is the uncertainty over who'd win in a fight. Taking on an apocalyptic herald is right up Zeke's alley--not necessarily in a "you have to be stopped" way, and more probably in a "hold my beer" sort of moment. He'd be very good-natured about the whole thing... and raring for the rematch to settle it once and for all.

This is all just some thoughts off the cuff looking at other people's prompts. And I know that ultimately we're all supposed to just tag other people, so ignore if you don't like what I'm spitballing over here--but also feel free to pitch back.

Ideally, everyone should have a playbook and their basic character info up before we get too deep into creating links. If two folks wanna talk about stuff because they do have them up, that's fine.

For the curious, D is playing a Professional in my game and I'll be playing an Exile in hers. We're just working on them now...but might not finish before our weekly Pathfinder game.

Captain's player profile mostly up, still deciding between medic or mobility for my last move and, of course, the history stuff.

Here are the history options I'm open to bringing in if others are interested. Feel free to either message me or post here if there is something here that's of interest for your characters. The Agency - the Adalets - is a corporation with its nose in everyone's business so shouldn't be too hard to make some fun.
• They’re on the Agency’s watch list, and you’ve been keeping an eye on them.
• You met on a mission and worked together unofficially. And successfully.
• They've worked with the Agency before, and they’re well regarded.
• You were friends back in training before the Agency recruited you. This could be military, law enforcement, or some weirder school: decide the details between you.
• You got sent to “deal with them” as a hazard to the Agency’s policies one time. Tell them how you resolved this.

Having had a quick skim through the history prompts, what I've spotted so far of interest:
Jessica: "They are, at heart, a good and righteous person..." I think could be a good fit with Captain. Keeping Captain from completely giving her moral compass to the Agency could be quite a challenge and would fit with the whole Captain having more humanity than she shows concept. This could be linked or not to having saved Jessica's life or how the Captain should not be involved in this situation.

Razzocnor: Captain could possibly have been there when summoned, with the Adalets having summoned you for reasons.
Another possibility, which go alongside the above, is being suspicious of Captain's motives. Also happy to have saved butts and could be funny to get destiny involves as Captain probably wouldn't believe that without a lot of obviousness that Jon could have fun with.

Hubaris: Captain could have helped get the singular item, if ordered to do so by the Adalets for reasons. This could also link to some dark secrets.

O'Callaghan The Adalets might have the capability to help control powers, it's that kind of place. Captain could be part of that. The friends route could also work.

Profile mostly complete (excepting History stuff).

May still make some changes.

Thing is, links like this can take minutes to forge in an IRL game, but need a bit of back and forth in this format.

I'll hold off on developing bonds until we have a full spread of characters read though.

Okay, here's Dorothy Brenner, Chosen (and not real happy about that)

Potential Connections:
• You are close blood relations. Ask them exactly how close.
• They are destined to be your mentor. Tell them how this was revealed.
• Your best friend in the world, who you trust totally.
• A rival at first, but you came to a working arrangement.
• Romantic entanglement, or fated to be romantically entangled.
• Just friends, from school or work or something. Ask them what.
• They could have been the Chosen One instead of you, but they failed some trial. Tell them how they failed.
• You saved their life, back when they didn’t know monsters were real. Tell them what you saved them from.

Let's see...


Ratings: Charm -1, Cool +1, Sharp +1, Tough =0, Weird +3


Character secret:
Pure Drive-Greed, specifically greed for power. So maybe call it Ambition.

Natural Attacks: Claws + ignore-armor

Shapeshifter (cat form, human form, were-cat form)
Something Borrowed: Practitioner frome Spell-Slinger (I don't believe anyone has picked Spell-Slinger, and given his true background it fits. If I'm right, the two effects he specializes in are Inflict Harm and Do one thing beyond normal human limits)

Gear: Big knife

Look: Man, unnerving aura, street clothes. (He's a lithe, athletic man with raven-black hair and brown eyes, but there's something just a little... off about him)

Background: Cheshire is a canny, cunning were-cat with considerable knowledge about the secret world. He's rather conceited, with a wide sarcastic streak that tends to rub people the wrong way in spite of his self-image insisting he's suave and charming.

He has a knack for showing up just as trouble strikes an area and sniffing out the Hunters going after it. He's good at making himself just useful enough to said Hunters for them to put up with his sharp tongue and dismissive attitude. He's not the strongest in combat compared to other 'monsters', but his speed and cunning are enough that he's thus far avoided getting killed.

Cheshire claims he was an ordinary man who was unlucky enough to run afoul of an angry warlock who cursed him with the form of a cat. Luckily he figured out a way to switch between forms sometime later, turning the curse into something of an asset.

Character secrets:

Cheshire was actually originally a cat. A warlock with more power than sense used him for an experiment, turning him into a therianthrope. Cheshire took advantage of the warlock's overconfidence and killed him in the middle of the night, taking his books and other belongings for himself, learning and gaining what he could from them before venturing into the world. Since then he's been using the Hunters to try to seek out other ways to learn more magic or other ways to increase his own power.

History: Of the list for the Monstrous, the ones that make most sense for Cheshire are:
*They tried to slay you, but you proved you're on the side of good.
*They are tied to your curse or origin
*You fought together against the odds and prevailed
*They saved you from another hunter who was prepared to kill you

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