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Ratings: Charm +0 Cool +1 Sharp -1 Tough +3 Weird +2 |Harm 4/7 Unstable? Yes | Luck 6/7 | Experience 1/5

About Kavax'Kaotl


Titles: Dark Dragon, Fell Dragon, World Ravager, Bringer of Cycle's end, etc.

Harm 0/7
Unstable? No.
Luck 6/7
Experience 0/5
Ratings: Charm +0 Cool +1 Sharp -1 Tough +3 Weird +2


Unknown, Reptilian body, Antiques, Huge coat

Signs of the Apocalypse: Natural Disasters


Freakish: You’re weird, and people react badly. You can’t use manipulate someone until you prove yourself to them first (this includes the other hunters: it’s up to them when you have proved yourself). Until then, they’ll just try to get away from you. You can spend 1 Luck to have the person take to you. Skip the manipulate someone roll: they act as if you rolled a 12. Additionally, you can use manipulate someone on monsters that can reason and talk (but they always want something really bad).

 Should I Feel That?: Your body has 2-armor. This does not stack with any other armor.

 Absolute Badass: Increase your Tough by +1 (to a maximum of +3).

 What Are You Looking At?: When you talk to a monster (it has to capable of reason and speech), it will recognise you (and your potential). If you ask it what it knows, pick one for the Keeper to reveal:
• Tell me something about where I’m from.
• Tell me something about my destiny.
• Tell me something about who I really am.
• Tell me something about the Apocalypse.


Huge weapon: Balefire Breath (4-harm hand fire magic)
Heavy weapons: Big Sword (3-harm hand heavy messy), Magnum (3-harm close loud reload)


Kavak'Kaotl is a bit fuzzy on the details, but not particularly happy about his summoning. He certainly knows that its too early for the Apocalypse, and his summoning was clearly done improperly based on how he's only seven feet tall, and actually needs to eat and drink to survive. That and all the missing memories. He remembers enough to know that he is supposed to bring about some kind of Apocalypse, and indeed has done so multiple times before. He also remembers that doing so is his job, it serves some kind of necessary cosmological function, and is not necessarily done out of malice (though he can't remember whether or not he held such malice or murderous intent in the past).
Anyway, now he's going to have to survive in a world often hostile to him (for perfectly good reasons), forestall a premature Apocalypse, and then figure out how to get back to... wherever it is he's supposed to be when not ravaging the world. Maybe prioritize getting back some memories so he can recall what that's all supposed to be about.
At least he still has enough power to make a living hunting monsters, who sometimes even know some things. And he feels an odd need to try to help these humans stay strong, so that maybe when the time for the End really does come along, they'll be better prepared for it.

Was there when you were summoned. Ask them who the summoners were.
Sees your human side. Ask them why.
You could probably take this hunter in a fight, but you’re not certain. Together, decide when the last time you threw down was, and what interrupted your fight.
Romantic obsession on your part. Ask them if they know about it, and if they reciprocate it.
Tied into your destiny somehow. Tell them how they fit into your first sign of the Apocalypse.
Saved your ass when the s+~! went down. Ask them how.
You met while separately hunting a monster. Ask them why you now work together.
Your good friend. Tell them if it's from way back, or recently.
You are suspicious about their motives. Ask them what they did that gave you doubts about them.

Improvements taken:
Take another Summoned move: What are you looking at?
Increase a stat by one (weird to +2)