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Harm ●●○|○○○○ Unstable ○


Charm 0 Cool +1 Sharp 0 Tough +2 Weird +1

About Jessica Andrews-Androleteira

The Divine

I am the Light, the Sword.
I am sent to defend the meek from Darkness.
All Evil fears me, for I am its end.

I am Vengeance, the Sword.
I am sent to bring retribution to those fallen from Grace.
All the Unrighteous fear me, for I am their punishment.

Wait. What??

Jessica Andrews -- Now known in the realms as Androleteira

Woman; terrifying eyes; Casual clothes

Charm -1 ●Manipulate someone
Cool +1 ●Act under pressure ●Help out
Sharp 0 ●Investigate a mystery ●Read a bad situation
Tough +2 ●Kick some ass ●Protect someone
Weird +1 ●Use magic

Mark luck to change a roll to 12 or avoid all harm from an injury.
Okay ○○○○○○○ Doomed
When you reach 4 or more, mark unstable.
Okay ●●○|○○○○ Dying
Unstable: ○
Experience ●○○○○

Angel Wings: You can go instantly to anywhere
you’ve visited before, or to a person you know well.
When you carry one or two people with you, roll
+Weird. On a 10+ you all go where you wanted. On
a 7-9, you don’t quite manage it. Either you are all
separated, or you all appear in the wrong place

What I Need, When I Need It: You may store any
small object you own, putting it into a magical space
nobody can get to. You may retrieve anything you
stored at any time; it appears in your hand.

Smite: Your body and divine weapon always count
as a weakness against the monsters you fight. Your
unarmed attacks are 2-harm intimate hand messy.

Flight: you can fly. (1st advancement)

+1 Charm (2nd advancement)

Flaming sword (3-harm hand fire holy)
You also get divine armour (1-armour holy). It has a look
suited to your divine origin. -- Stylized, pseudo-ancient Greek armor, consisting of a breastplate, battle skirt and greaves.

You have been exiled. You must work for the cause of
Good without drawing attention from your brothers
and sisters, as they are bound to execute you for your