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Chosen | Harm 7/7 | Luck 7/7 | Exp 1/5

About Dot Brenner

Dorothy Rachel Brenner, CPA, CFP


Charm +1
Cool +2
Sharp +1
Tough +1
Weird -1

Woman, hopeful face, neat clothes

How you found out: Some weirdo told me (actually lots of weirdos, repeatedly)

Heroic tags:
You Are The Champion
Hidden Allies

Doom tags:
No Normal Life
Hosts of Monsters

Playbook Moves

Destiny’s Plaything: At the beginning of each mystery, roll +Weird (-1) to see what is revealed about your immediate future. On a 10+, the Keeper will reveal a useful detail about the coming mystery. On a 7-9 you get a vague hint about it. On a miss, something bad is going to happen to you.

I’m Here For A Reason: There’s something you are destined to do. Work out the details with the Keeper, based on your fate. You cannot die until it comes to pass. If you die in play, then you must spend a Luck point. You will then, somehow, recover or be returned to life. Once your task is done (or you use up all your Luck), all bets are off.

Dutiful: When your fate rears its ugly head, and you act in accordance with any of your fate tags (either heroic or doom) then mark experience. If it’s a heroic tag, take +1 forward.

Dot wears a heavy leather jacket (1-armour)

She also carries her Runestaff. It's a long straight piece of dark wood, carved with intricate sigils along its length. It is magically attuned, and can supposedly (from what Dot has been told) be used in magical rituals. It is ancient and was given to her by a strange old woman after an encounter with a demon that Dot is still not quite sure how she get into. But most importantly, the Runestaff is four feet of solid hardwood: a great comfort in trying situations. (2-harm balanced, close, magic)

Connections (potential)

• You are close blood relations. Ask them exactly how close.
• They are destined to be your mentor. Tell them how this was revealed.
• Your best friend in the world, who you trust totally.
• A rival at first, but you came to a working arrangement.
• Romantic entanglement, or fated to be romantically entangled.
• Just friends, from school or work or something. Ask them what.
• They could have been the Chosen One instead of you, but they failed some trial. Tell them how they failed.
• You saved their life, back when they didn’t know monsters were real. Tell them what you saved them from.

Dot Brenner has a small office in a building on Oak Street, and an apartment in the subdivision called Stoneridge. She has a reasonable customer base, and is entirely happy living the tidy life of a CPA in a moderate-sized town.

Destiny, however, has something to say about this.

Dot Brenner first heard about magic from her aunt--the one her mother said was crazy. Aunt Celia had some weird things always happening around her. Dot didn't think she was crazy, but was not interested in getting involved in weird stuff.

Neither was she in high school when Julie Pine started talking about making pacts with the faeries. The same Julie Pine that later vanished for two weeks and then claimed not to remember what happened. Dot wanted nothing to do with it.

The supernatural kept intruding in her life, and Dot was having none of it. "Get away from it. It's not good for you," she told herself.

Dot got her degree in accounting, partially due to the fact that it seemed relentlessly normal. She went to work for a large accounting firm, but wherever she was sent, the supernatural kept intruding in her life.

In San Francisco, an audit of a small biotech firm led to the discovery of a cult that practiced human sacrifice to appease their dark god.

In Chicago, Dot ended up fighting a werewolf who was trying to destroy evidence of his embezzling millions of dollars from the chemical company he worked for.

In Washington DC, she ended up wandering around Arlington National Cemetary in the middle of the night, where a self-proclaimed necromancer was, for reasons that still are not clear, trying to re-animate the corpse of William Howard Taft.

And through this all there were the people telling here it was destiny. Aunt Celia, Dr. Saxby, that skeevy looking guy at the train station. Destiny. Destiny.

Dot just wanted a normal life. She quit her job with the big accounting firm, and decided to more some place quiet, and live as normal a life as she could. She picked a town at random, and moved to Boisville, Mutton County, which seemed the perfect place to get away from the occult threats constantly intruding on her life.

Destiny Sucks.