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Full Name

Carlo Luis Garcia




Level 3 Expert - Harm 5/7 - Luck 7/7 - Exp 3/5 - Charm: -1 - Cool: +1 - Sharp: +2 - Tough: 0 - Weird: +2 - Holds: None



About Carlos Luis Garcia

Carlos Luis Garcia – The Expert
Harm 7/7
Luck 7/7
Experience 0/5
Charm: -1
Cool: +1
Sharp: +2
Tough: 0
Weird: +2



I am a hunter from the Garcia clan. No, not that Garcia. Not that one either. Look it's a popular last name. I may not have been the best at being magically adept, but I still have some power in me, enough to know what monsters do what and how best to stop them.

What? You expected me to be some kind of brute? It was the glasses, wasn't it? Look I just think they're styli--- Oh it was the shotgun? Look I take my duty as a curandero very seriously, but let's be serious we can't just wave our arms around and expect every single problem to be solved that way. Sometimes... a little force is necessary.

Look, I was born into this world from the beginning, though I never paid much heed to my family when they spoke of it. You try to rationalize spirits, you try to make excuses for what was right in front of your eyes, I was a kid! You see when we moved up here, this kind of supernatural talk was well, uncool. I regret it now, sure would have done better training with my old man than with the military but we live and learn right?

He always told me any knowledge is good knowledge and once my unit had a run-in with some creature, something I now recognize as an efreet, I decided that as the only survivor this wasn't going to happen again. I finished my tour and went back home to learn what I could about my heritage and who I was made to be.

Time isn't always on our side though and for my old man, time started ticking. To say I learned everything I could when he was still capable of showing me would be a lie, so I had to take it into my own hands... do a little self-tutelage, seeking of experts and searching for old tomes. I had some at home but honestly I needed more. Nothing bad happens to inexperienced people seeking magic way above their level right?

Haha... Don't worry, everything is under control here.

So yeah, laugh at the fetishes, laugh at the charms, laugh at the skids of of salt I got from Bulk-Mart and laugh at the boiling pot that's constantly going; but when the creatures come and we need to hold out, this place isn't going down without a fight... and we will always have some kind of soup to go back to when this all blows over.

Expert Moves:


Often Right: When a hunter comes to you for advice about a problem, give them your honest opinion and advice. If they take your advice, they get +1 ongoing while following your advice, and you mark experience

Dark Past: If you trawl through your memories for something relevant to the case at hand, roll +Weird. On a 10+ ask the Keeper two questions from the list below. On a 7-9 ask one. On a miss, you can ask a question anyway but that will mean you were personally complicit in creating the situation you are now dealing with. The questions are:

When I dealt with this creature (or one of its kind),
• What did I learn?
• What black magic do I know that could help here?
• Do I know anyone who might be behind this?
• Who do I know who can help us right now?

Level Ups


2: +1 Weird (Max +2)
3: It All Comes Together



Protection Spells: Your haven is safe from monsters—they cannot enter. Monsters might be able to do something special to evade the wards, but not easily.

Infirmary: You can heal people, and have the space for one or two to recuperate. The Keeper will tell you how long any patient’s recovery is likely to take, and if you need extra supplies or help.

Oubliette: This room is isolated from every kind of monster, spirit and magic that you know about. Anything you stash in there can’t be found, can’t do any magic, and can’t get out.



Blessed Knife (2 Harm Hand Holy): A knife passed down through generations of Garcian curanderos, it seems to be blessed by some unknown spirit that guides their hands. I tell people that but it's just a combat knife that I've thrown every blessing I could on it. Got to hedge our bets y'know?

Juju Bag (1 Harm Far Magic): Never leave home without it. A bag full of various spells and charms that can cause harm to many magical creatures. It's also great for cleaning out the sinuses on winter days.

Shotgun (3 Harm Close Reload Messy): The story for this? I just bought it at the local Value-Buy for a low cost. Reliable and very effective at wiping out those that get too close.

Possible History Connections


• They are your student, apprentice, ward, or child. Between you, decide which.
He’s probably too young for any of these personally; maybe a ward at most.

•They came to you for advice, and your advice got them out of trouble. Ask them what the trouble was.
Easy enough to do. He’s a fairly helpful guy with a safe place for monsters and a fairly large breadth of knowledge despite his tough-guy attitude.

• They know about some of your dark secrets, but they’ve agreed to keep quiet about them. Tell them what they know.
Easy enough to do. The Garcian family does have a spooky mystery in their past regarding their spiritual powers, though many of the recent generations have no idea about it... yet. Not to mention years of self-training may have awoken some dark things.

• A distant relation. Tell them exactly what.
We can work on this together if you pick it. I don’t mind it even being a relation a couple of generations back that happen to bring us together.

• You were previously both members of an eldritch group, now disbanded. Ask them why they left, then tell them why you did.
They asked for too much secrecy and didn’t want him to use his powers and learnt knowledge on the non-initiated, which Carlos politely responded with a burglary.

• They once helped you get a singular item that is now part of your haven. Tell them what it was.
The veil of a llorona ghost. Actually pretty great to find children... though the consequences of using it aren't, um, good.

• You were taught by the same master. Ask them how it ended.
Easy enough to collaborate on. While he gets (some of) his magical training from his Garcian heritage, he knows that physical threats exist as well. Could have had a master in either way. Ended on a sour note with him being too... not great at magic.

• You saved their life in a tight spot. Tell them what happened.
The woods are dangerous places, heck the whole county is; I’m sure a little expertise and a safe haven can help in tight spots right?