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Full Name

Sarah O'Callaghan







About O'Callaghan

Sarah O’Callaghan
Gravediggers granddaughter

CHARM: -1; COOL +1; SHARP: 0; TOUGH: +1; WEIRD: +2
LUCK [0/7] (Dark Side gets nastier as luck runs out)
HARM [0/7]: Unstable: No
XP: [0/5] (gained on 6 or less, or when told to)

Hunches: When something bad is happening (about to happen?) somewhere I’m not, roll +Sharp. On 10+ I get there just in time, on 7-9 I get there late, but in time to help. On a miss I get there in time to get in trouble.
Tune In: Roll +Weird, on 10+ hold 3, 7-9 hold 1. On miss, monster becomes aware of me spend hold to ask questions:

  • Where is the creature now?
  • What is it planning to do right now?
  • Who is it going to attack next?
  • Who does it regard as the biggest threat?
  • How can I attract its attention?

Jinx: Can encourage coincidences to occur as I want, When Jinx a target roll +Weird On 10+ hold 2 and on 7-9 hold 1. On miss Keeper holds 2 over me (to be used in same way)

  • Interfere with a hunter: Giving them -1 forward
  • Help a hunter: Giving them +1 forward
  • Interfere with what a monster, minion or bystander is trying to do
  • Inflict an accident: Inflict 1 harm on target
  • Target finds something I left for them
  • Target loses something that I will find

Shotgun: 3-harm close, messy
Big Knife: 1 harm hand

Depression, Addiction, Hallucinations

Young Woman, Piercing Eyes, Casual (baggy) Clothes, Dishevelled.

Sarah O’Callaghan is the daughter of Morris O’Callaghan the caretaker of the old cemetery. It did no good to complain to anyone, but Morris had a bit of a gift, like his mother before him, and her mother before that. It was nothing so reliable as premonitions or psychic powers, just knowing where he needed to be to make sure things were alright.
‘Course this ability came at a price, the nightmares sometimes plagued him even after he awoke, booze kept the edge off, but not enough. When he was too slow in arriving to save his son and daughter in law, Morris couldn’t take it anymore. His grand-daughter had the same gifts, he could see it on her face and in the way she survived when her parents didn’t. He taught her what she needed to know and disappeared.

Sarah’s an unlikely hero, she drinks too much, sleeps too little and doesn’t play well with others (though she’s no objection to co-operation, just most folks look at her like she’s mad). That said, she’d never walk away when someone needed help, or back down from a fight if it stopped others getting hurt.