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7th ed. 'Call of Cthulhu'.

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Nils is looking a bit haggard from the previous nights drinking, "Circus? Oh, right. The circus. I Don't know much about them I am afraid, I do not usually have for such frivolities and nor did my father" he winces, takes a few breaths with closed eyes, "I would imagine that would have to be on the outskirts of town though, yes? They are still viewed with more than a small amount of distain by proper city folk?"

I am unable to find the year the game is taking place, is this in the 20's sometime, yes?


So, I imagine you meeting over coffee and pie at a local diner, to plan the day's itinerary. Pritchard rushes in, looking excited, clutching a newspaper.

Male Human Professor

"Mr. Pritchard, what is it, my good fellow?! Edward asks excitedly, clumsily spilling his coffee.

"Keep it down you two, I...we...I am a little out of sorts currently" then seeing his excited behavior and the newspaper, "Well, what is it?"

Pritchard spreads out the newspaper.

"Pair of Hobo's murdered in country-side!"

A grainy photograph shows investigators at the campsite, the two dead men at their feet.

Male Human Professor

Oh, my Lord. What if someone saw *us* there?

The image of the electric chair flashes through Edward's mind.

Voice shaky, Edward asks Pritchard or Nils or Blakesmith to read the article out loud.

Nils holds up his hand, "What? Our plan worked I guess. Give me a minute, the coffee is still working. You know what? Maybe someone else better read it, hopefully we aren't mentioned"

Pritchard begins: "A pair of vagabonds, were found murdered this morning, in the country-side just outside our city's precincts. The two men, Scott Browning, a.k.a 'Brown Scott', and Joseph Washington, a.k.a, 'Memphis Joe', ages 28 and 37 respectively, were most cruelly slain, apparently by a knife, or other edged weapon, in a manner that those who have seen the condition of the dead men's remains, can only call 'barbaric and brutal.' The pair were camping on pasture-land belonging to one Wilbur Poole, who has told authorities that the indigent often bivouac among the fields and meadows along Frenchman's Creek, despite the best efforts of the agriculturists of the area to discourage the practice. The police say that they are seeking, as a person of interest,
one 'Zeke Carter', another indigent, who has often been seen in the company of the two slain men. This man has been described as tall, with a long, unruly russet beard. Their initial searches are to be carried out among the old milking barns that now adjoin the property surrounding the 'Morning Rise' sanitarium, as it known that those disused buildings have often been used by the area's numerous vagabonds. Authorities want to assure a concerned and anxious public that the fiends responsible for this horrendous crime will soon be caught up in the inexorable net of justice."

So the circus? The stones out on Aylesbury Pike that are supposedly the inspiration for the drawing that Nils purchased at the sanitarium? Or is there somewhere else you'll like to visit.

You'll be using Nil's battered but dependable Model T.

The newspaper account's description of Zeke Carter matches the hobo that you struck with Blakesmith's car.

The circus works for me

Starting to look a bit better, especially after hearing that they are not currently wanted, Nils stands, "Well, shall we be off to the circus? Hope that Zeke guy does ok on the lam"

Ok. You know that the circus' first matinee is at 3 o'clock. What are you going to do till then? Do you want to sneak in prior to the show?

Kinda waiting on Dr. Mayfield's player, who's fighting a serious case of the flu.

So Dr. Mayfield's player is still very much under the weather.

Do you want to: put the good Dr. Mayfield on auto-pilot until that time he feels up to posting. Take a 'solo' trip out to the standing stones. Put the game on hold.

lets put the game on hold for now, anticipating a ton of irl stuff coming up this week

K. I'll check in a couple of times over the next week CYA

Checking in.

I am still here :)

K. Still waiting on Dr. Mayfield.

So Dr. Mayfield is back with us.

So do want go directly to the circus? Or is there's something else you would rather do first?

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