Doomsday Dawn (PE2 playtest)

Game Master Maxim Nikolaev

Pathfinder 2 Playtest module Doomsday Dawn

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Actually let's move to a separate discussion thread.

Wow, first time i'm seeing this here. Wonder why it didn't pop up as a new post on the tabs...their website has been acting wonky the past couple days.

Test test

Holy smokes! It works!

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Welcome back! How is everybody? I ran the scenario yesterday for my rea life group. It was fun, but I ran into more problems than I expected.

Thanks! Doing alright. Yourself?

Were you having problems with mechanics or the players in your group?

Grand Lodge

Mechanics. Dying is a pain in the rear and I kept miscounting actions. Also the alchemist player was very unhappy with the resonance system.

Had to do dying checks already? >.<

Did the alchemist run out of resonance points?

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