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Good to know I'm up to date :)

Currently thinking a bit more about the mechanics, now that the concept is there (or thereabouts); I want to keep the whole 'consorting with dark powers' summoning theme, but I was wondering where else Hecate's researches might have led her to, and I wanted to run something past you.


One of the Drawbacks you can get for the Destruction sphere is "Aligned Combatant" where your attacks don't harm a particular alignment but do damage other alignments. It occurs to me that this - combined with the Fire Blast type talent - makes for instant Hellfire: burn your Good foes, but not your Evil allies!


It strikes me that for a WotW campaign, the Aligned Blast isn't much of a Drawback - rather the reverse, actually.

It's thematic enough that I'd like to take it, but I'd like to know your thoughts. Would you rather house-rule that it's a talent?

@Spazmodeus: as it turns out, I don't have the time to learn any new classes at the moment. Sorry. :-(

@Hectate: It's definitely a huge benefit - possibly enough to warrant a level pre-req. Let me think on it.

Some sort of limitation like a level pre-req sounds reasonable; I could work it into her backstory that she never quite managed to complete her studies into it before she was arrested.

Also - and just to follow up on my earlier question - are there any conjuration talents you'd prefer I didn't take (or at least, that you'd perhaps prefer to put a level pre-req on)?

Your Benevolent Dictator wrote:

@Spazmodeus: as it turns out, I don't have the time to learn any new classes at the moment. Sorry. :-(

That's fair.

Battle Scion concept forthcoming! :)

Just realized I will have to re-level Zogg. He is set up at level 3. I will change that later.

@Zogg: I'd noticed. :-) Since I haven't posted creation guidelines yet, I'm not paying any attention to character builds at the moment.

@Hectate: As long as you're not doing the "massively increase my caster level so I can summon an army of Eidolons to solo everything" trick, I have no issue with any of the Conjuration talents. As with anything, if you're not sure if an option's okay, run it by me first. :-)

Here we go, character image!



Tall and slender, Linus is the epitome of grace. Linus lived in Cheliax from birth to age 17 and trained to become a master of the rapier. Linus became quite skilled with the weapon, learning to dodge and parry and riposte. Not shy with those they found attractive, Linus easily schmoozed with the upper class and became a welcomed face in the taverns and pubs around Cheliax.

But Linus has a dark side. Once they learned how much they enjoyed it, killing became a pass time for them. Linus wound up finding a job as a mercenary for hire, relishing in the delight of ending lives.

Linus' first kill on the job was spectacular. They invited the target out for a night on the town, facilitated by Linus, of course. Getting the man drunk and having a gay old time in the pubs. At the end of the night, Linus smiled sadly at the man. "Well, it is about time I killed you now!" The man had barely uttered a response before he was skewered on the end of Linus' rapier. That was how Linus liked to do the job, but not always how he got to do it.

The job that changed their life was one such as those. The 'un-fun' type where there could be no merrymaking before the death occurred. Though it was not the preferred style of dealing death, Linus was quite skilled in making friends with the right people and getting out once the job was done. This time, however, there was a set back.

Linus gained enemies that would rather see them dead than working the streets. Their happy go lucky personality caused the more 'serious' mercs to look down on them. They received a job to do, in a country called Talingarde, where they were to kill a young noblewoman in any fashion necessary. Using their charm, Linus sweet talked the young woman into having a few drinks. She humored Linus, but she knew what Linus was there to do. Linus was captured in the act by the guard and was taken straight to Brandescar and sentenced to death for their crimes against the crown. The noblewoman, you ask? The niece of the high-priest of Mitra.

*waves at the wifey*

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As for images, I'm a bit torn between this
and this, do you have a preference?

and at risk of pushing my luck, I'd like to add this bit to my background matter

Ardra is, in her own mind, anyway, a perfectionist and an artist, and doesn't consider herself to be at all evil. Her one true desire in life is to reach the pinnacle of haut cuisine and share the experience with as many people as possible. She wants to connect and to belong, she's aware of her own talent and believes it to be the best if not only vehicle with which to achieve that. Her cannibalism stems directly from this, it has driven her down the foodie highway well past the last exit to gourmet avant-gardes.
She understands that society frowns upon the consumption of sentient creatures, but she believes that to be ignorant folly and an unreasonable deprivation of the senses, as the great side effect of intelligence is the huge range of emotion humanoids especially are capable of, emotions which, according to her research and experimentation, add a great deal of substance to the flavor of the flesh depending on what the meal was feeling when it was slaughtered.

She'd made tremendous inroads toward enlightening an entire culture before her talent got the better of her and caused the king to send his emissary and discovered her grand secret before she was ready to reveal it.

Her Preservationist archetype offers as much flavor, no pun intended, as it does mechanical diversity since it literally gives her access to fresh meat w/o the recently discovered difficulty of maintaining a a stockyard, although she'd still prefer to have the latter as emotionally preparing a meal before killing it is one of her greatest innovations. On the other hand, with the eventual addition of the planar preservationist feat certain meals which were previously unthinkable are within her reach, dishes like braised leg of glabrezu and angel heart scampi.

Her ultimate goal is to see a world where her accomplishments are honored and where food is not caged by petty, misinformed morality

Late to the party, it seems...

How long have you been playing Pathfinder? Hm...when did it come out again? A few months after...been QUITE a few years, admittedly on and off.
What are your rules knowledge and optimization skills like? My rules knowledge is rather good, except with mounted combat, and I am quite capable of optimizing a build. I do like more versatile builds though, and that often contradicts optimizing too heavily. (Added in edit: for this, I would, for example, like to play a somewhat unoptimized Blaster featuring the most cliche elemental(with plenty of stuff resistant against it), just because thats so much more fun if collateral is not a thing.)
Are you experienced with the PbP format? Yes. Right now, it's the majority of gaming I get to take part in.
If you are, but your game/s ended early, what happened? GM's disappeared, GM's scared players away with repeat TPK's out of the blue, more GM's disappeared.
What kind of combat/social balance do you like? I believe a focus on either can be fun. What's important is to know what one's getting into, so the build is fun to play. If I had to pick, I'd probably go with a 40/60 split(slight emphasis on social).
Do you have previous experience with the WotW AP? Nope, it's one of the 3 I definitely still want to play(and am not currently - the others being Jade Regent and Reign of Winter).
What would I prefer for this game? I would prefer a group of evil characters that can actually WORK together. No "I'm actually not a bad person and it all was an misunderstanding"-Neutrals, and no "I'll murder you in your sleep and drink your blood during my watch"-Chaotic Evils.
In my experience, smaller groups tend to move things faster, keeping people more involved, leading to less standstills/wait times/people leaving. I would have preferred gestalt with a small group, but that's already ruled out I guess.

If the picture didn't give it away, my concept will be a flame-based one, have not settled on a class yet, but Sorcerer/Arcanist for arcane or Oracle/Shaman for divine seem most probable.
(And there, a slight preference towards Flame Oracle, using Spheres of Power)

Omitting names for now...I know that makes it less of a joy to read, but it's only a concept, after all...I feel it's still a "too much circumstance/too little conscious decision"-thing, but the basic idea is there. When she was still a child, her mother had an affair with a noble. Before her father found out, said noble tricked him into a duel, and accidentely killed him. The noble claimed he regretted the death greatly, and would of course take care of the poor widow. The court believed him, and he got away with a slap on the wrist.
It was only a pretext, of course, so that her mother(who always thought she could have done better than the arranged marriage she ended up in) could move in with the noble.
Despite her protests, she also had to move into the mansion, only being a child. Yet she was just baggage, an extra that was there because it was attached to something else...she did try running away, but without luck. When she grew up to be a teenager, she founds that she had an affinity with fire that she had not previously noticed. She would stare at it in the hearth for hours...or look at a candle, and it would flicker in response to her stare, even with all doors and windows closed.
The other thing that got noticed, was she herself, by her stepfather. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, a younger, more beautiful version of her own mother. He did make lewd comments towards her that left little imagination regarding his motives, but her mother, wether out of love for her, or fear for her own position, protected her, prevented her from ever being alone with him. In a short time, the same antagonism that had been in the relationship between her mother and her father was present in this new relationship between her mother and the noble.
His solution was the same, as well. He slowly poisoned her mother...and when the mother was bound to her bed, helpless, the daughter knew she had to do SOMETHING. She attempted to flee right then and there, but her stepfather had anticipated that, and had the guards confine her to her room, and all exits locked and barred.
But he underestimated her resolve. She used a candle to set fire to the window shutters to burn the locked part of, then opened the window and crawled down during the night...she was about to leave, but then broke into the cellar through a delivery entrance. She lived here long enough, and knew where she could find things. She labored for almost an hour in the night, spreading the mansions whole supply of lamp oil throughout the cellar, and outside as far as she dared...then she left, and willed it to catch fire. In a flash, great parts of the mansion lighted up in flames. As it was the middle of the night, most people were sleeping...and as all exits were barred and locked, most people did not manage to escape the fire. 7 people died in the fire, and the whole house burned down.
And she felt happy...oh so happy. She showed no regret whatsoever at court, and when they told her that she had committed a serious crime, she tried to will the courtroom to go up in flames, as well. Oh, she knew they would kill her for arson, but the whole system was wrong, if those with money could get away with killing good people like her father. It was no use pretending...burning down that house was the first time she was truly happy since she had left her old home. Justice was that simple. Burn those guilty. And a great many people were...

@Toodles: the second picture's funnier, but the first one's probably a better fit. Of course, my WotW PC used a picture of Fred Rogers, so I'm not really the best judge of such things. ;-)

@MordredofFairy: that's a badass picture. :-) Your concept strikes me as leaning Lawful Neutral at the moment, but she definitely has strong potential toward shifting Evil.

I might drop out, I worked out my backstory, but I'm just unable to really find a picture that suits the character, which means the submission probably wont end up being complete.

Best of luck.


Katja was different from everyone else. Her parents were loving, caring people. Father, was a local clergyman for Mitra, spreading the views to all who would listen. Mother was local baker, who often gave extra bread to the unfortunate homeless on the streets.

Katja, however, was not sugar; spice; and everything nice that her parents tried their best to make her out to be. She was dark, hollow, and very twisted. Katja, often out of boredom, would catch small animals, and perform experiments on them. She would kill them, then dissect them, and try to attach different parts to different specimens. She started this behavior when she was around 10 years old.

When Katja, turned 17, she started the unthinkable, she would start such "procedures" on once living specimens. She would lure old, sick, or naive men to an abandoned warehouse. She would than drug them, and perform similar experiments on them like what she did to the cats, dogs, birds, and rats from her adolescence.

For the next year, she would kill off the homeless, naive fools from the desolate streets of Talingarde. Everything went smoothly, until one night while on "medical trials", she was caught by the town guard as she was half-way through her process. The town was shocked, and rightly mortified at the fact that someone from such well to due means could turn out to be sick and twisted.

She was treated like every other murderer, depraved, sociopath that was found within the hallowed city walls. She was sentenced to death by hanging, a sentence to be carried out in three days time.

Class choice:

Alchemist (chiurgeon) or Alchemist (preservationist)

Your Benevolent Dictator wrote:
@MordredofFairy: that's a badass picture. :-) Your concept strikes me as leaning Lawful Neutral at the moment, but she definitely has strong potential toward shifting Evil.

Hehe, thanks(she looks even more badass in the anime)...and yeah, could be she actually does start neutral, then shifts to Lawful Evil...courtesy of a FOOR-strategy of burning things that oppose her, then casting speak with dead from a scroll if any questions needed to be asked.(Not going out of her way to cremate things, but not exactly avoiding it either).

I actually like the idea of starting her LN, then, through the treatment by the LG authorities, feeling pushed into an antagonistic role and shifting towards LE as response.

Just so that I can follow the cool crowd :)

How long have you been playing Pathfinder?
Looks back through my posts... since June 2012, but I remember that I lurked for a long time before that. However, I dont have a clean history. At one point I took on way too many campaigns then I could handle and just devoured as much as I could. Then I started to slip and miss posting in campaigns for periods at a time, then it got worse and eventually I just quit pathfinder. Looks back again... That was about a year and a half ago. About 5 months ago I came back, but this time I set up some limits for myself so that I wouldnt repeat what happened before, a big one being a limit of only 2-3 games max. I have since been a stellar poster and done very well in my 2 games for the last 5 months! ^-^

What are your rules knowledge and optimization skills like?
My rules knowledge is very extensive, I would say I have a very strong knowledge base of this game. (Did you know that there is such a thing as Vulnerability to eggs? Or that a water elemental deals half damage with its natural attacks underwater? Or that a fire elemental can die from Heatstroke? (its not actually fire damage) as a few odd examples).
And with that I can also do some pretty serious min-maxing if I wanted to. But I dont want to. Long past are the days that I want to build the most powerful character I can. Now I am significantly more interested in trying to create a personality that I can feel empathy with and attach it to some crunch that has a really fun mechanic or two. I would much rather create a fighter with 16 Str and 7 skill points if it fits the idea I am running with in my head. Chances are that I can make up for any shortcomings in game with smart plans, if it comes to it :)

Are you experienced with the PbP format?
As a natural consequence of the above I have a solid grasp of this sites tricks and tips, and probably know most of them.

If you are, but your game/s ended early, what happened?
Again, I did have a period from before where I just took on too many and then slowly dropped many. Now I severely limit how many I allow myself to play in. I am in 2 games right now, The first is having a slow moment as the GM works out some RL issues. The second has ended as the other players wished to move on and the GM wanted to free up some of his time. (The third is just a recruitment that had us post in the gameplay thread but I never made the cut.)
SO. I am now down to just 1 game and so I am allowing myself to start up another :) No luck yet tho :(

What kind of combat/social balance do you like?
Rather recently I have heard of something new (for me), about someone running a solo game filled with social scenarios and it sounded awesome! for a solo game.
For something like this, I would be pretty fine with anything from one end of the gauntlet to the other, however I generally like martial characters more in general so at least some combat would be good. Im pretty flexible here :)

Do you have previous experience with the WotW AP?
Long time before I managed to get into one of the WotW games, we didnt even make it to Grumblejack :(
Other then that, never made it past the recruitment phase.

Bonus: About me. Im not a cool kid anymore :'(
I would describe me personally as being a very NG person. Due to pain in my past I have gained a very kind and soft heart, and I am one of those people who truly wishes good on everyone I meet. On top of that I also have a VERY creative mind and a ravenous appetite. Its one of my stronger gifts. Pathfinder is my outlet where I can channel my creativity into something (semi)productive and fun. I can run around killing goblins or solving puzzles or doing quests or just exploring (mostly this).
As such I am not looking for a game where I can express my inner demons and indulge in things like rape or graphic murder or torture or other excessive and brutal inner vices. I am all for creating a game where we explore some of the darker side of the alignment axis, I think its neat and unexplored territory for me. However I will probably just leave it at "I killed the guard, stabbed the mayor, poisoned the mailman", heck "I ate the orphan boy and he tasted like chicken" is fine by me but I wont be describing it in a more graphic tense then that (most likely).
Hope that aligns with what you are looking for :)

Phase Two
Now thats out of the way! Character ideas!
Oh ya, I also love designing and building characters. Often even if I dont actually make it into the game I have still had some fun :)
But before I can really create a backstory i need at least an outline of a chassis to build it upon, so at this point I am mostly just going to voice some ideas until I settle on one :)

So a few ideas I have and need to think about.
1: a human Underground Chemist/Poisoner could be neat. I could see him making a big deal about creating and administering poison to the select few "important people on the list."
2: Second idea is a perversion of another character I have. His name is Midioto and he is a human Wizard who is aiming to become a master of magic, and who starts by writing down EVERYTHING into journals, scrolls and whatever else he has at hand. In this game, he has started down the slippery path of faking documents and forging papers. But he has gotten caught for it and found himself in prison. He of course maintains that he has the higher ground and the the world owes him (or something). This will most likely be the idea I flesh out first and go with.
3: This could be a good opportunity to play a Breaker Barbarian :) I could see a human or half-orc barbarian who has committed the sit of Desecration as he attempted to undermine and destroy a cathedral from underneath by taking out its support structures. Actually Barbarian could be a good chassis for a couple of different ideas. Maybe an invulnerable dwarf?
4: Another idea is to create an Orc fighter that is also hard to kill, although more so because no matter how low you take him he just doesnt die.

Spheres of Power:

Ok. These sound incredibly interesting and a first for me. However when I followed your Link to the Wiki I found out that it was an incomplete document. So I have some questions :)
1: Magic Talents. I notice that you gain 2 Talents to start and "The number of magic talents a caster gains differs between classes."
How does this work? How many would a wizard gain, for instance?
2: Drawbacks. I hear some people talking about the drawbacks they are taking to gain extra talents. Is there a list of these somewhere?
3: Same with Advanced Talents, although those wont affect this game (I dont think).

Now some ideas that came to me when I was reading through them were as follows:
1: the Weather Sphere. I though it would be really cool to try and create a Cold focused weather caster :) However the best I can currently see is that it would be quite impractical, and just as dangerous to my teammates :/
If I could figure out a way to make cold weather practical without dumping everything into it and still have it take 5 rounds to ramp up that would be neat. Maybe as a secondary sphere?
2: second idea was to create a Dark Sphere user and combine it with the Nightmare Fist feat. I think it could be pretty cool to be a killer in the darkness, hiding where no light can reach yet reaching out his own hands to strangle you...
Would have to see what classes I could combine the dark sphere with first :/
3: The Incanter looks cool. Maybe I could use that as the chassis to build one of the first 2 ideas, if I can wade my way through it first... >.>

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Alright, I couldn't help myself, so I did a litle browsing for more pictures. I came across a few that entertained me. As a reminder, this one was my first choice. That said, here are a few more which help capture the essence I'm going for.

First, there was this alternate shot of Carey Elwes (who is totally the body cast for Sholano in my head), looking a little more sarcastic. I also love the quote at the bottom - totally something Sholano would say, if (of course) patently untrue.

Next, ran into this little gem. The guy doesn't quite match the picture of Sholano's real appearance in my head, but damn is his expression great. If you can picture Carey Elwes doing that face, that would be perfect.

Finally, I found this epic pose, which I figure is what Sholano would probably shoot for the look of if fully kitted out for high-level battle.

If I have to pick just one, then I think it would probably be the second one, with the smug Wesley snarking into the face of danger. It's too good.

Wife had a list of things from the weekend. Mostly installing floors. I will try and have something up today or tomorrow.

When are you thinking of having this start? And the deadline for characters.

@Keres: I'm sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you.

@Gilthanis: sounds good. Now you just need to find a picture. :-)

@Gobo: I've seen you around the forums, so it's cool that you found one of my games. :-) Your first concept will probably be a bit rough to play, as I'm sure you know the sorry state of the poison rules. I'll answer your SoP questions in a spoiler at the bottom of this post.

@Viscount: Whichever picture you decide on is fine. :-)

@Ashe: Not a problem. I know all about the "honey do" list.
I'm going to wrap up this phase at or around end-of-day Tuesday. A good number of people have completed the initial questionnaire, and I want to make sure they have time to get a concept/picture submitted.

On Wednesday (most likely after work), I'll list everyone who's elegible to move on to the crunchy part of character creation. That phase will last up to a week before I make my final selections. My goal is to start gameplay on the 28th or 29th of this month.

Spheres of Power Answers for Gobo Horde:
From what I can tell, the Wiki is a work-in-progress, so keep checking back. Eventually, everything should be added to d20pfsrd as well, but I don't have a timeframe for that. I can easily get you any information you need, though. It's a very intuitive system.

1. Spherecasting is grouped into three types: high, mid, and low. As the system changes caster level to work like your BAB, this affects when you gain talents and how strongly you can manifest them. A Wizard is a high caster (+1 CL each level, at least 1 talent each level), a Magus is a mid caster (3/4 CL, gain 1 talent whenever your CL increases), and a Ranger is a low caster (1/2 CL, gain 1 talent whenever your CL increases).

2. They're found under the "Player Options" chapter (may not be on the Wiki yet). They're optional drawbacks you can choose to increase your spell points and/or Talents known. Things like somatic components, verbal components, costly material components, mandatory Perform checks, etc. You can have as many or as few as you want; they're not required.

3. Spherecasting locks potentially game-breaking abilities like planar binding, raise dead, and magic jar away as Advanced Talents. These are only allowed with GM permission and have multiple pre-reqs. Without Advanced Talents, spherecasters are solid Tier 3 classes. They're almost 100% allowable for this campaign.

1. The Weather Sphere works best at higher levels, as the really serious stuff just isn't there until Level 7+. Depending on what you mean by "cold focused weather caster," you may want to focus on the Destruction and Nature spheres. With a strong Weather focus, you can turn a sunny day to rain in 2rds at Level 1, but nothing more serious than that.

2. The Dark Sphere is really cool. You could go with the Fey Adept class. It's a really badass illusionist that can create shadow versions of other Spheres starting at Level 4. 3/4 BAB, d8 HD, CHA focus, mid-caster (but considered a high caster for Illusion).

3. The Incanter is basically a build-a-class. You get a TON of bonus feats that you can trade out to gain Wizard school powers, Cleric domains, channel energy, and/or Sorcerer bloodlines.

Dark Archive


I added a link to the name under my backstory spoiler. Let me try again.


Its good to be known! (I think. Otherwise I am in a world of trouble XD)

Yup. Poison is in a pretty sad state :(
I imagine that with enough focus you could bring it up to a decent level as well as most of our enemies being human or angel (I think.) That and it is also a way to buff any other fighter we may have.
However I am realizing that I dont really want to go through all the effort it would take to understand the different poisons, so no on this character.


1: Caster level I understood. But now I understand enough about the talents to be able to make that work :)
If I go with this, just tell me at the beginning of each level up how many I get and I should be set.

2: as for what I mean by Cold Caster, I mostly want to deal cold damage and freeze my "victims." As such I was looking at the weather sphere and realizing that it would take a fair bit of time.
However, thanks for pointing out the nature sphere! The water one there would do exactly what I am looking for :) I imagine that I could make a pretty decent Nature/Weather caster focusing on cold and battlefield control. He would mostly be Nature (water) with weather tacked on, and would probably branch into plantlife, but i think that I could actually make that combo work, even if it isnt the most optimized :)
Question. Could you use feats like spell focus to increase the DC of one Sphere instead of a school? And could you use feats like spell specialization to affect 1 sphere ability (like Freeze)?
Basically I am wondering how spheres/spells interact.

So it looks like my main 2 ideas are either a Human Wizard (Caster Supreme Wannabe) or an Incanter (Nature, Weather) Coldsnap Druidish dude.

Either way, I will have chosen and focused on a character by the end of tomorrow, and at that time have a significant chunk of backstory and a picture :)

Oh, for all of you cannibals out there! You should check out this trait for some fun times :)

@Gilthanis: missed that earlier. Thanks. :-)

@Gobo: Sounds like you want to make Iceman. ;-) That's Nature (water) and Destruction with a little Weather tacked on. There are spherecasting equivalents to many of the normal casting feats, and the rest are generally pretty easy to convert. SoP is designed to be easily moddable in order to match any campaign type.

Would be interesting if we're both choosen in the end, Gobo ^_^

Seeing how I'll be Destruction(Fire)/Nature(Fire)/Creation(Alter(What do you mean, inflammable means flammable?)) as main spheres, we can be polar opposites there if you're Iceman, with you controlling and me blasting - Maybe we could even develop some "Antipode" combined effects - SoP is pretty nifty in that regard AFAIK.

Gobo Horde wrote:

Oh, for all of you cannibals out there! You should check out...

While aging beef under controlled conditions does enhance flavor and texture, your average primate doesn't take well to the process, it just makes for a slimy, bitter meal and encourages parasites. No, if I'm eating peoplez, they need to be fresh, artfully prepared and properly cooked. Anything else would be uncivilized. Thank you, however, for the suggestion

Ok, here's Rikash chiming in with the avatar for Godfrey Leitner. Please excuse the avatar as I couldn't find anything that did the linked image justice. I've put together a concept below that may take some further tweaking, but I'm happy with what I have so far.

Godfrey Leitner:

The first time his god spoke through him, Godfrey was but a boy-a farmer's son: no one of consequence. He had startled a horse whose rearing and whinnying terrified the lad and setting him to flight. When his family found him cowering behind a nearby shed, they couldn't understand the child's babbled words. After calming the boy down, he seemingly regained his faculties and the oddity was put to a child's fear. When it happened again, and again, a priest was sought to make sense of child's affliction. The priest's arrival marked a turning point for young Godfrey.

Shuttled away from his family and forced to perform the menial work of an novice monk of the fool god Mitra, the seeds for Godfrey's rebirth were sown. Resentment for being taken from his family and of the harsh demands of the monks made it all too easy for an impersonator to tempt the boy from the monastery. Sweet words speaking of his gift and of his importance were honey to a child who had grown used to furtive glances and feraful whispers. The man, who gave no name, fled with the boy to a secluded village.

Godfrey Leitner learned only then the truth of his 'affliction' -his gift- and the power that could be his if he would take it. The non-sensical babble was the language of the devils and he had to but devote himself to the study of Asmodeus to unlock his potential. Initially fearful of the god spoken of only as 'the Enemy' before, the truth would eventually set him free. Finally that he had been ill-served by the 'honorable' priesthood, who had treated him with fear and disdain, the path to power opened before him.

Over the next few years, he would learn of the Prince of Darkness, endure harsh training, and master the gifts bestowed upon him. Now skilled at arms and with a crude master of dark magics, he was set to prove himself worthy of a greater service. As a final rite of initiation, he was to murder an important local magistrate, but he was not cautious enough in the kill and he was taken before he could finish the job and escape. Unbeknownst to him, the magistrate was a cousin of the house Bravius-a cousin to the king. Charged with high treason and attempted murder, Godfrey's indiscretion has earned him a place in Branderscar where he awaits his death.


I'm planning to build Godfrey Leitner as a SoP Hedgewitch with the Black Magic and Combat traditions. I'll take the Amateur Charlatan secret to pick up further skills benefits and trapfinding. I'll likely focus on Darkness/Death as my spheres with a few others (Illusion/Protection) for utility. I'll also build Godfrey as a rogue substitute (trapfinding/lockpicking) and backup melee character (dex-based).

For his casting tradition, I was thinking that basing it on the Inquisitor's tradition from the Sphere Conversion Archtype (+Somatic Casting and a few Death sphere specific drawbacks) might be best.

Concept: Battle Scion


Avingen grew up in a privileged family, as was their due. His father was Lord Commander of Matharyn's 2nd Brigade, a position of influence and responsibility. As had his father before him, Avingen's father, Rothet, served faithfully in Talingarde's military for many years , taking the vow of Mitra while holding Asmodeus close to their hearts. Known as stern and unyeilding commanders, Avigen's father and grandfather, while having a reputation of cruelty and exacting enforcement of military law, were also amazing soldiers and commanders of men.
Avingen's grandfather died 25 years ago with full military honors, despite the whispers of his devotion to Asmodeus, his military record had been exemplary.

Rothet marched his way up the ranks through a combination of ruthless politicking and superior military ability. Each achievement added to the family's repuation and standing; but also the envy and suspicion of others. Rewarded for a particularly clever political maneuver that embarrassed a powerful rival , a cousin of the king, Rothet was awarded the coveted position of Lord Commander of Matharyn's 2nd Brigade, a storied regiment responsible for the defense of the capital city.

This was an affront the leaders of the city could not abide. A conspiracy was hatched to discredit Rothet and bring him down. Evidence of embezzlement ( true, all Lord Commanders dipped into the regiment's purse from time to time) and devil worship ( false, Rothet was too circumspect about his worship of Asmodeus to be found out) ; trumped up charges , a willing judge and Avingen's family was in ruin. Imprisonment was not politically possible, so Rothet was cashiered from the military , all honors stripped, all monies and assets seized, Rothet suffering an "accidental" hamstringing.

To Avingen, this was a crime beyond imagining. He had lived a life of priviledge, spending his days training with some of the the best instructors in Taligarde, working to continue his family's legacy. The day the Watch came to arrest his father and evict his family ; he saw clearly through the red haze of his fury, that the proper order had been corrupted, those that were in power, the soft, whispering slugs that had framed his father...no punishment was good enough.

The family moved into the poor-quarter of Matharyn, taking a decrepit old manor over by force. There in the couryard, Rothet continued Avingen's training; using a long cane to brutal effect if Avingen erred in his application of the day's lesson, arcane or martial.

The cruel, calculated application of the natural order forged a burning fire within Avingen. A fire for revenge upon those that brought down his proud family...no not just them , the whole simpering lot of Mitra-lovers.

His father, a broken man, slowly faded, having passed on his legacy to his son; died with Avingen at his side with the words "Skewer that pig, Lortha!" Lortha, of course, being the rival he had beaten to win the Lord Commander post, and who now resided in the Lord Commanders residence.

Filled with grim purpose, Avingen "allowed" himself to be recruited into the Watch. Several years of privation and vigorous training had changed him greatly, he was not worried about being remembered from his earlier incarnation as the Lord Commanders' son.

Slowly, carefully, Avingen worked his way into greater responsiblity within the Watch, careful not to reveal all of his talents. Patience was the key,
for , as defender of the city, the 2nd Brigage liased closely with the Watch. An opportunity to get close to Lortha would present itself eventually.

Some time passed, and Avingen had achieved the rank of 2nd Lieutenant of his squad when word came down that a company inspection had been scheduled; one to be prefromed by the Lord Commander himself...such an honor! The other Watch-men went into a frenzy of preparation, Avingen playing his part as the harried junior officer, shouting orders, while within he crowed It was time! Father! He comes!

The day of the inspection came, the company was arrayed in rows before their barracks...all spit and polish. The Lord Commander Lortha and his retinue arrived with great fanfare. Making small talk with the Company comandant, Lortha slowly made his way up and down the ranks, speaking here and there with the men, making a show at time of inspecting a uniform or weapon. Always, though, he made a point of sharing a word or two with the sergeants or junior officers arrayed infront of each squad.

Avingen tingled in anticipation as Lortha grew near. Lortha stopped to chat with one of Avingen's sergeants, just a few feet to Avingen's right. It was time! Uncoiling like a jungle cat, Avingen drew his sword in the blink of an eye and plunged it towards the Lord Commander's neck, seeing to sever the jugular.

Luck was not with him that day however. His parade boots, rarely worn, were of an inferior quality, not really created with violent action in mind. As Avingen, lunged forward, the heel of the boot under his weight broke off, marring his aim. Instead of the satisfying torrent of blood he was expecting, Avingen's sword went high and sliced off the Lord Commander's right ear.

In mere moments, other Watch-men had tackled Avingen to the ground securing him, the hauling him upright to be confronted by the enraged bloody visage of the Lord Commander, shouting incoherently, spittle flying from his mouth. "You dare! You dare! Who are you to attack my person ? WHO?" Grabbing Avingen's chin, Lortha turned Avingen's face from side to side. Puzzled, Lortha murmured "There's something about your face.... then he shrugs "No matter.... put this filth in chains... you're for Bandescar, boy. I'll have your head! Take him away!"

Now, Avingen lay rotting in a cell in dreaded Bandescar, despairing at his fate, entreating his lord Asmodeus to deliver him from his fate.

Apologies, I've recycled a background from my previous WotW game. RL rose up and I didn't have time to create something new. But , it's one of my favourite backgrounds :)

Forgot a link : The Link

Iceman huh? I didnt think about that :)
I was thinking of something more akin to Hitsugaya from Bleach, except as an older man, for some reason...
Actually you know what? I might just make that his picture. I like it a lot :)

I agree MordredofFairy, I think it would be really neat if the two of us were picked together, even if we are both incanters and there is overlap. Considering mine is more of a passive cold and yours more of an explosive heat they could be a lot of fun and quite competitive XD
Also, you had better be going with the Destructive Specialization!
You gotta get in your rocket jumps somehow!
So, you go ahead with Destruction(fire)/Nature(fire) and Ill go Nature(water)/Weather :)

OK! I have more of my character fleshed out in my mind, time to get writing :)
A few things about him that are driving my backstory and whatnot
He is going to be a Human Incanter with nature and weather domains, specifically focusing on water and cold specifically. I dont think I will go with any of the Specializations except maybe Weather Specialization.
He will have the Heart of Snow racial Trait and probably have either the Endurance feat or the Rugged Northerner feat I just found.
His casting stat will be Charisma, as his sheer personality demands attention from those around him and his heart of ice freezes those his gaze falls upon. (also he will have intimidate as a strong skill)
I am going to have him be a younger kid to mid-teens. Hes young.
Im thinking his crime trait will probably be attempted murder. He will be a stone cold killer (in about every sense of the phrase XD), however it was his final target that managed to get away and for this one he was caught.
He will have accidently killed his mother when he was young as his chilling power slowly sapped away her lifeforce.


XXXX (Dang I dont have a name! Ill call him Hitsugaya for now) was born to a loving and warm family somewhere in the middle class of Talingarde. His family was neither rich nor poor but they were loving and took great care of their only son. Hitsugaya grew up like any other boy had, like a flame burning brilliantly, until the age of 9. While Hitsugaya was still just a lad his father passed away from disease. Hitsugaya had no way of understanding what had happened and came to cope with the loss of his father by slowly shutting off his feelings, a candle sputtering in the wind.
Unfortunately the father was the main breadwinner and with his passing Hitsugayas mom struggled to keep up with maintaining the estate. As hard as she tried she was still slowly loosing the estate when he came. Hitsugaya knew not who he was but he promised his mother that he could help her and she need worry not. Within the week they were out on the street.
Life on the street was hard, especially for a single mother with a child. They slept in back alleys and under boxes, they ate poorly and barely managed to survive in the harsh underbelly of a shining city.
By this point the flame in Hitsugaya had all but gone out and an unearthly chill had started to settle. At first it was barely noticeable, his breath always seemed to have a frosty puff, the evenings always seemed to have a veneer of cold, even in the summer and snow always settled where they slept. As time went on it got worse and more pronounced. Summer days were cold and there was frost every night, his 11th winter was a record low and the two barely survived, however his mother, a frail, sickly woman had by now developed a cough that never left her.
But it got worse.
In the summer of his 12th year, Hitsugaya woke in a snowbank nearly frozen, and beside him lay his dead mother. She had passed from the cold. It was then that Hitsugaya realized he had killed his own mother and the last flicker of warmth from his candle had been snuffed out. Hitsugaya had awoken as a sorcerer and his latent power was as frigid as the harshest of winters.

2 years of scrounging through the streets in a perpetual winter has made Hitsugaya tough and all but immune to the cold, as well as greatly cultivating his sorcerous powers. Yet one day, when he was scrounging in the back of a tavern he overheard a conversation within.
inside some lackeys of one of the nobles were bragging to each other in a drunken stupor when one of them blurted out that he had been there the day their lord had wrest one of the estates from a frail old lady. He recognized the name My Mother! The other bragged about how he had made it all possible by poisoning the estates head.
Understanding flooded through Hitsugaya like a glacier river and the storm inside raged. In his frigid anger he stormed into the tavern and unleashed it upon the two, encasing them in ice and nearly killing them.
However before he could snuff out their lifeforce he was thwarted and thrown out by the barkeep.

No matter. He knew enough now and he resolved his heart to end the one who had killed his father, stole his home and destroyed his mother. But first the two who got away. Silently in the night the two had each perished in their beds, each as cold as death itself while a gentle snow built up outside.
Next Hitsugaya made for the lords manor, heart like cold steel and resolve like chiseled ice. Yet it seems that the lord was forewarned, for while Hitsugaya had crept up on him, and even reached out his hand ready to steal the very heat from his tormentor, that was as far as he got. Guards leapt out of their hiding places, pinned him down and dealt him a blow to the back of the temple. As his consciousness faded, he heard that hated man speak. The Devil! You have your evidence, see to it that this monster meets the chopping block before he can murder any other innocent civilians.
The last thing he saw was his fathers killer and his mothers tormentor smirk as he turned away...

I will change his name when I think of something better :)
That and the backstory was a little long, but it should suffice \^-^/

Edit: Oh ya, with what you can gather from what I have posted so far, is there any drawbacks that comes to your mind that might work for me?

Toodles or summat wrote:
Gobo Horde wrote:

Oh, for all of you cannibals out there! You should check out...

While aging beef under controlled conditions does enhance flavor and texture, your average primate doesn't take well to the process, it just makes for a slimy, bitter meal and encourages parasites. No, if I'm eating peoplez, they need to be fresh, artfully prepared and properly cooked. Anything else would be uncivilized. Thank you, however, for the suggestion

Should fate pair us together, remind me to never let you cook my meals...

Also, YBD, am I missing anything?

The avatar I've selected does me reasonable justice, but if you need a more complete portrait, I can procure one.

Okey, here is the submission of Emissary:

First, the early years and upbringing.

Ambitions and Vengeance:

This city is beyond salvation. The "goody two shoes" leading us turn their back on the people who starve to death in the back alleys. They are accommodated in their seats, lazy and forgetful of those they deem "evil".
But how can be evil the desire to rule your peers and lead them to a new golden age?
Their morals are twisted to maintain their power. And I can't stand here and watch as they condemn us all. I have to fight and I will save this city even if I have to crush it first under an iron gauntlet.

Victor was born to a loving family, even if a low income one. His father was a simple man struggling to feed a wife and only child. her mother was special, tho. A talented witch that has to hide her powers as to not doom his family.
Life was hard, but they strived to survive.
When Victor was 8 years old his father lost his job, falsely accused of stealing. With no income, Victor's family was doomed to die starved.
But his mother wouldn't have none of it, and she started using her powers again, after so much time, to feed their childs.
She was eventualy caught, and the only solution to witchcraft was death by burning at the stake.
Victor's father didn't last long, dying of grief mere weeks after.

And so Victor was alone and angered. How could they let them die starving and judge his mother? THEY HAD NO RIGHTS TO IT!

He got reallocated to a family who took care of him, while the paladin's watched over for signals of "demonic influence" as he was son of a witch.

For 10 years he played the part of a modest and shy child, a good student and obedient foster son. He did so in order to not arouse suspicion. His new family provided him with the best education he could afford and he gladly accepted it. The best to fullfill his private plans.

That's it, until a week ago...

And now the crime:

The misstep:

A week ago Victor walked back to home from his early morning lessons of law and court protocols when he watched a scene that triggered his most inner hatred:
A simple man had been caught by two wards stealing bread, and despite the claims of the poor man that his family needed to eat the guards weren't having none of it.

A black haze covered his mind, his vision blurred... the next thing Victor knows is that the guards were dead by his feet and the thief was almost scared to death, screaming "WITCHCRAFT! GOD PROTECT ME!".

What a bad timing... all these years of playing the docile puppy wasted. The gods sure have some sense of humour.

And that's all. I went for something simple: an angered megalomaniac with "good intentions" but no sense of right and wrong achieving it.

And here's the picture, and the inspiration. By the way, is a merry coincidence that the inspiration, the character and myself are called Victor. Funny detail.

His glorious face

Regarding the build I'm quite at a lost. I'm looking at either a cleric, oracle or a witch based eldritch knight. If I get selected I'll decide based on party composition!

EDIT: Just looked at the Battle Scion. May be what I look for, gotta think about it.

So, I've been thinking a bit more (OK, quite a lot more) about this character and I've decided that the previous picture doesn't work: she looks far too healthy. As currently written, Hecate is addicted to magic, to the point of not eating or sleeping properly; she hides her scrawny frame under layers of clothing.*

So, I'm considering either this portrait, which gives the youthful looks and proper shapeless clothing; or this one, which conveys the gaunt expression and magical power both.

*as an aside, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a picture of a fully-clothed wizardess? Sheesh, guys.

Also posting the rest of the 'fluff' - there may be minor tinkering, but it's basically there. I'm happy to adjust as required to fit with the AP and the concept you're going for.

The Story so Far:
Hecate sits - slumps, rather - in her chair; her manacled hands are fastened securely behind her back, and her head rests on the table in front of her. She hasn't slept since her arrest. She knows why they won't let her sleep - she's not to regain her powers. Stupid. They're so scared of her. She doesn't mean them any harm. She just wants to go back to her dormitory. She has exams to revise for...

Her interrogator, sitting opposite her, looks well-rested and neat; she feels dishevelled by comparison. She is dishevelled. Gently, the inquisitor reaches out, lifting up her face to look him in the eyes. "So, Miss Reeve. We'd just got to the point where you forsook all decency and delved into forbidden studies. We have your notes, by the way; and I should point out that the mere fact they're written in - in that language is a serious crime in itself."

Infernal. It's called Infernal. WHY are you so AFRAID of it?! It's just knowledge! That's all I was after!

Hecate remains silent. No point in saying anything, now.

Her interrogator flips through his notes. "Miss Reeve. My, my, my. What a busy life you've led. Top of your classes, scholarship student to the Academy - you know how generous that was, don't you? Normally only the sons of the nobility get the chance to study the arcane arts."

Yes, and this 'mere commoner' outstripped them all! I even managed to find time for my other studies, too - the ones you're too afraid to even mention.

Hecate feels a brief glow of pride, but still says nothing.

Her interrogator frowns. "But, despite all that, it wasn't enough was it? You wanted more - you wanted the forbidden knowledge, the dangerous texts. Not only that, you delved into ways and means of casting that are not permitted - blood magics. Such things are banned for a reason, Miss Reeve. They are not safe. They can cause great harm to the caster. Magic is to be respected, to be channelled safely."

Ha, yes - wizards need expensive components and verbal incantations and spellbooks - I managed to find ways around that; I should be rewarded for my research!

Still, Hecate remains silent.

The inquisitor gives a deep sigh. "I understand, Miss Reeve; really, I do; some of it, anyway. You were in the Academy: a place that values knowledge; and yet some knowledge was deliberately being ignored. What harm in curiosity, you are doubtless thinking, yes? Well it stopped being curiosity when you made a pact with that devil. Oh yes, we know about that - it's all in your notes. Tell me, Miss Reeve, what did it offer? Eternal life? Riches? Power?"

"Appreciation." The word bursts out from her lips, despite herself. Yes, appreciation - she needed someone who knew what she had done, the lengths she'd gone to: piecing together the Infernal language from mere fragmentary scraps, teaching herself; the letters she had forged to get access to the forbidden archive; the fact that she had put together - from first principles, no less - a new casting tradition that dispensed with the need for components, for spellbooks: you simply channel the raw magic directly through your own body. Yes, there are a few drawbacks, but oh, the ecstasy of it all! So when she'd finally drawn the pentagram in her own blood and something had answered her call - and been so very, very flattering - of course she had been gratified! Who would not have been?!

Her interrogator looks almost infinitely sad. "And so you admit your crimes. The worst of crimes: consorting with the dark powers. Miss Reeve - Hecate - you have a choice to make, now." He puts a piece of paper in front of her. "You can sign this confession, and we will deal with you fairly and in private. Or, you can refuse and we will put you on trial. We have enough evidence to convict. What will that do to your family, Hecate? Or are you so utterly beyond redemption that you no longer care?"

A pause. "I believe in you, Hecate. I refuse to believe that such a promising student could so forsake their humanity as to be beyond the reach of Mitra. Prove to me that you care for others; spare your family this suffering. Sign the confession and return to Mitra's light."

Hecate is silent. She doesn't think that what she did was wrong; the full extent of the trouble that she is in has not fully sunk in, even now. Her family! So proud, so very proud of her; the scholarship student who was clever enough to make it into the Academy! What shame and disgrace will fall on them?

A solitary tear runs down the girl's cheek and she nods. She is sorry to have caused this trouble. She didn't mean to. Maybe if she repents obviously enough, they'll let her back in to the Academy. With a deep, shuddering sigh, she picks up the pen and signs the confession. It lists no more than the truth of what she did, after all.

The inquisitor sighs too, deeply; almost painfully. "Miss Hecate Reeve, you have admitted to your guilt in consorting with the dark powers. There is only one penalty for that: death by burning at the stake." He looks straight into her eyes. "I am sorry. I wish it were otherwise. But the devil you have bound yourself to can come into this realm through you - the only way to sever that link is with your death. I truly, truly, regret this. But may Mitra have mercy on your soul."

Hecate sits, frozen, disbelieving. But - but she said she's sorry! "NO!" It's a howl, a snarl, a cry, all at once - she lunges at her interrogator, but the chains hold her fast and she slumps again, her head falling against the table. "No, no, no, no...."

She barely even feels the guards lifting her up and dragging her away to her fate. But by all the gods - by Asmodeus's black heart - she will be revenged on them. She will be revenged on them ALL...

Of Books & Covers:

Hecate is addicted to magic, and her appearance reflects that. Even her lack of physical development owes less to her premature birth than to to her persistent failure to eat or sleep properly: both of these activities, in Hecate's view, are annoying distractions from the business of reading and studying magic, or casting it. In general, she doesn't so much sleep as pass out (albeit blissfully); usually from having tried to channel more magic than she can cope with.

Thus, although aged 17, Hecate looks considerably younger, a fact which has brought her a degree of mockery (some of it friendly, some of it... less so) from her peers. She has dealt with this the way she has dealt with everything else: by ignoring it and retreating further into her books. Her sole concession to her gaunt face and toast-rack ribs is in wearing concealing, draped cloaks or robes in an attempt to conceal her starveling frame from prying eyes. Besides, who needs other people when the magic is there, just waiting to be enjoyed?

Otherwise, she is of average height, with undistinguished mousy brown hair and dark eyes.

Hecate's middle-class, respectable upbringing is vastly at odds with that of the nobility who study at the Academy, and this has somewhat dented her confidence and her social skills. Her withdrawn nature is a learned reflex, and her natural inclination is to be friendly - if slightly shy. She is deeply aware of her own unworldliness, and outside of her own narrow areas of expertise tends to defer to others; anyone clueless but confident is likely to fool her for quite a while before she catches on.

Her quiet nature masks a determined devotion to the tenets of Diabolism, which she discovered during her research in the forbidden archives; to her, it makes so much more sense than the ridiculous Mitran concepts she has been forced to learn. Take charity for example: why is she required to give her time (precious time that could be spent doing sweet, sweet, magic) and energy to those who are too stupid to work out how to better themselves?

Her evils thus far have been more notional than actually applied (beyond the contract she forged with Bathalazar, her devil companion), but things can - and do - change swiftly...

Faces Past and Present:

Devlin Reeve: Hecate's father, a successful clerk-cum-lawyer in Ammon, a small town a day's ride from Matharyn, the capital of Talingarde. Well-respected by his neighbours and clients, he is a devout Mitran with a secret that even Hecate doesn't know: his own father, Bertrand, was a cultist of Asmodeus who died in the purges when Devlin was very young. Devlin has done his best to forget this past and has brought both his children up (single-handed: his wife Martella died giving birth to Hecate and her brother - Hecate barely survived herself) in the Mitran tradition.

Ajax Reeve: Hecate's twin brother; he was unaffected by their traumatic birth and has grown up strong, tall and handsome. Recently accepted as a squire in the Knights of the Alerion, Ajax put all his considerable energy when they were growing up into learning swordplay and martial things. Hecate adores him, but they have almost nothing in common.

The Hon. Jellicoe Dalcourt: a half-elf noble of House Barca and a scion of perfection - and he knows it. From his slim, perfect face to his elegant dapper boots, he is every inch the gentleman. Except in his behaviour: he sneered at Hecate during her first week at the Academy for passing the port to the right; furious and embarrassed, she has devoted hours of her time to learning everything about noble etiquette so she would never be caught out that way again. Annoyingly, he's also deeply intelligent - almost a match for Hecate's own intellect: where she has won first prize in her classes, Jellicoe is guaranteed to come second. He has not taken this well, being convinced of his noble superiority. If he wasn't so capable of being charming, Hecate would hate him. As it is, they have had a deep rivalry, which has ended only with her arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

Professor Standish Purjoss: Hecate's favourite teacher, without a doubt. A former adventurer, he looks nothing like a 'typical' wizard and will often halt his lessons to talk about practical applications of magic with reference to his past. "Ya gotta get outta the library" is his constant refrain; well, Hecate has. It was Professor Purjoss' signature that she forged to get access to the forbidden archives; she is sufficiently fond of him that she (almost) felt bad about it. Standish will doubtless be appalled and heartbroken that his favourite, most gifted student has fallen so catastrophically; he is a devout Mitran.

Bathalazar: Hecate's devil companion. He is cheerful, genial and apparently easygoing. Hecate suspects he's not terribly bright, but she doesn't need brains; she needs brawn and an appreciative audience, both of which Bathalazar supplies in earnest.

Sorry all I have been busy so I'm not sure what was submitted already. I PM'd Cole's background to make sure it was alright first as i foreshadowed some events in the first book.

Basically Cole committed treason and murder.

Cole is an Inquisitor of Asmodeus. Sanctified Slayer, Infiltrator Archtypes. He is probably human, but possibly an Aasimar or tiefling, but is very human like.

Here is Cole

This AP will almost certainly end in a TPK. That’s kind of the point. You’re playing out the story of a group of nameless Mooks who become BBEGs. As such, you most-likely WILL be killed by adventurers in a final climactic battle. Yes, it will be glorious and well worth it. Plus, if you somehow survive, you’ll have earned some SERIOUS bragging rights.

Just forgot to comment on that earlier: If they make us into the villains, there's no necessity for us to play fair, is there? ^_^

I so hope to get picked just for a chance to try my hand at being part of the BBEG-gang trying to mess the adventurers up in the end...like a reverse of the normal game. (On another note, would be fun if you end up recruiting high-level antagonists on the board, and we get to battle REAL "heroes" rather than NPC's *gg*)
Really looking forward to the next step :)

@Ekkehardt, don't knock it till you try it

@Ekkehardt, As a goblin, take it from me, it tastes like pork!

On a historical note, countries where cannibalism was practiced before the Europeans came human flesh was referred to as long pig.

Zogg Run-catcher wrote:
On a historical note, countries where cannibalism was practiced before the Europeans came human flesh was referred to as long pig.

Ah, hence the "Long pork stew" *groan*

I got the "Warm rocket and soilent green salad" reference, though! Made me laugh.

Zogg Run-catcher wrote:

@Ekkehardt, As a goblin, take it from me, it tastes like pork!

On a historical note, countries where cannibalism was practiced before the Europeans came human flesh was referred to as long pig.

Aye, thing is, Europeans were so salty they tasted awful compared to what they were used to.

It would have been insulting to pigs to compare them afterwards.
Not even joking.

Hecate Reeve wrote:

Ah, hence the "Long pork stew" *groan*

I got the "Warm rocket and soilent green salad" reference, though! Made me laugh.

thank you, that menu took a great deal of planning to create just the right gastronomic journey of complimentary flavors and punishments

Toodles or summat wrote:
Hecate Reeve wrote:

Ah, hence the "Long pork stew" *groan*

I got the "Warm rocket and soilent green salad" reference, though! Made me laugh.

thank you, that menu took a great deal of planning to create just the right gastronomic journey of complimentary flavors and PUNishments

Did someone call?

Oishi was a character(waitlisted guest-char because I didn't make it in time for end of recruitment) in the now-dead "Cooking up trouble" of Lady Firedove, a culinaric campaign with all PC's being cooks in the employ of a lord. His food specialty was sentient creatures. He could teach all of you amateurs something about proper preparation of those ^_^

Also, just wanted to join the fun-

Joeythehobo here. Here's my submission for character background. Let me know of any issues or ways that I could bend the background to more suit the adventure. I will hopefully polish this a bit more, but I want to make sure I make the deadline for consideration.

Race/Class information:
My plan is a neutral evil changeling oracle to evil deities. She has the juju mystery to charm people and to command undead. I haven't fully explored the spheres of power resource, but that looks interesting and could be worked in.

The biggest flavor factor is her curse. I've used a third party resource for it so let me know if that will or won't work. It's the Child curse, from Tripod Machine Publishing. The text version here is taken from d20pfsrd:

Child [3PP]
Source Oracle's Curse, copyright 2014 by RJ Grady, published by Tripod Machine.

You became an oracle early in life, and your body has remained that of a child.


You take a -4 penalty to your Strength modifier for the purpose of Strength checks and your maneuver bonus, and gain a +2 bonus to Escape Artist and Stealth checks. Your age cannot be magically altered. NPCs may become friendly or unfriendly ( GM's choice) depending on your behavior and the situation. Non-magical armor must be tailor-made for your, otherwise it can only be donned hastily, if it can be worn at all.

At 5th level, your Strength penalty is reduced to -2.

At 10th level, you gain a bonus revelation.

At 15 level, add either holy aura or unholy aura (your choice) to your spells known.

Ambriss the Ever-Smiling, or Ambriss Hastings as her Branderscar record lists her, is first and foremost an avid learner. As the only adopted child to Raznella and Sam Hastings, themselves a pair of low-level Talingardean government officials, Ambriss was raised a latchkey kid. Her parents were well-intentioned busybodies that left Ambriss home with more books than one could ever truly hope to read. Even at the young age of 7 she would smile and beg to read even the dustiest, least-read tomes available in her mother's inherited collection of books. To some such a solitary environment would be torture. To Ambriss the feeling of new mental exploration only served to pull her deeper into the stacks.

A few years into her studies, when scouring the oldest collections in her mother's library, she found a battered book with a faintly etched inverted star on its cover. Inside, Ambriss learned of a god unlike the boring, pleasant pantheon she had read about early in her days of study. This god understood what she had always understood: Flattery, politeness, and the hiding of one's true face was the key to obtaining the results one wanted from others. In an attempt to harness this book's knowledge, she would practice how to hold her calm, pleasant demeanour through all matters unpleasant and painful. The first time she accidentally fell and cut her hand while continuing to smile she praised Asmodeus for aiding her facade. She knew then she could just hold onto this demeanour, she could further her deific research; Research she kept elaborate records of in a thickly-bound journal.

In the following months Ambriss found her research expanding rapidly. She felt compelled to study not just Asmodeus, but Mestama, Zon-Kuthon, and a whole host of other deities whose peculiar teaching demanded peculiar practices. These practices, unlike before, raised suspicion in her parents. Crude fetishes are more easily found between bed-stuffing; Animal bones jingle suspiciously in the pockets of jumpers. Fearing the worst of what they knew her heritage to mean, her parents searched for her well-worn book of "research" and in a show of parental force tossed it into the family hearth.

Crushed by the thought of her years of research going to waste, she knew that once she was alone again she could begin to rewrite large portions. If they simply wouldn't understand what she needed, they would have to be removed.

Found among her newest book of research and the knife she had used to slit her parents' throats, Ambriss was captured and kept in a newly fashioned area of juvenile detention in Branderscar Prison to await proper trial as an adult. She has been awaiting death row for over a decade, and yet her smiling face has not aged a day.

concept picture

Everyone who's submitted something since I last posted looks good with a couple tiny modifications.

I won't be using that feature from your previous game, so take out that paragraph from your backstory. Everything else is fine. You can post it in the forum if you want; it's doubtful anyone will notice the foreshadowing.

You're fine. Maybe find the picture from last game if you want. When final selections are made, I'll be using submitted pictures as avatars on the battlemaps.

Ambriss Hastings:
That curse is acceptable. It's one of the better-balanced ones from that PDF (which I own, by the way). Your backstory's fine as well - except for the "stuck in jail for over a decade" bit. Brandescar's justice is swift. Once arrested and convicted, you have three days.

GM-Gathrix / Tryvin the Blood Artist:
All you're missing is a picture. Just making sure you realize that.

Everyone has approximately 5hrs to complete your submissions. After that, the open recruitment portion will be closed, and I'll move on to the final step.

Toodles or summat wrote:
@Ekkehardt, don't knock it till you try it

Thank you, no.

I will slaughter my enemies, their families, salt the earth of their graves, and return on the anniversary of their death to dance upon their graves and gloat.

But, I will not eat them.

However, as a possible minion to be, please, feel free to describe the taste, texture and best way to cook people to the people we are going to kill.

I will not eat them, but I can certainly enjoy the look in their eyes as you do!

Zogg Run-catcher wrote:

@Ekkehardt, As a goblin, take it from me, it tastes like pork!

On a historical note, countries where cannibalism was practiced before the Europeans came human flesh was referred to as long pig.

I personally prefer chicken, cake or beef.

Death will be in plentiful suply.

me when i'm all growed up!

possible me right now, but more fierce!

best me I can find, nothing meets my high standards I'm afraid I'm just too pretty...

I think the basic art works nice.
Something with a bit more flair

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