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Full Name

Godfrey Leitner


Human Magus 4 (AC 16/12 Tch/14 FF, HP 13/44, Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +5, Init +4, Per +8/10)


Appraise + 5, Bluff +9, Climb +6, C(Weapons) +8, Dip +8, Fly +5, Intimidate +7, K(Arcana) +11, K(Dun) +9, K(Geo) +6, K(Hist) +6, K(Nobles) +5, K(Religion) +10, Linguistics +5, Per +10, S. Motive +9, Spellcraft +11, Swim +10








Lawful Evil


The Serpent Geryon, Source of Lies and Lord of the Fifth

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 15
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Godfrey Leitner

Godfrey Leitner
Male human Bladebound Hexcrafter Magus 4/Serpentine Sorcerer VMC
Favored Class Magus (+4/4 Arcane Pool)
Initiative +4; Senses Perception +8 [+2 when wielding/touching Black Blade]

Armor Class 16 (+2 Dex + 4 armor) touch 12 flat-footed 14
Combat Maneuver Defense 19, flat-footed 17 [10 base + 3 BAB + 4 STR + 2 DEX]
Hit Points 13/44 [8*4 L1-L4 + 2*4 CON + 1*4 Toughness]
Fort +6 [4 class + 2 CON]
Ref +3 [1 class + 2 DEX]
Will +5 [4 class + 1 WIS]

Speed 30 feet (30 feet base)
Base Attack Bonus +3
Combat Maneuver Bonus +7 (+3 BAB + 4 STR)
Melee Touch Attack +7
Ranged Touch Attack +5

Melee - 2H black blade +9 (1d6 + 7) 18-20/x2 S; warhammer +7 (1d8 + 6) x3 B

Melee - 1H black blade +9 (1d6 + 5) 18-20/x2 S; warhammer +7 (1d8 + 4) x3 B; dagger +7 (1d4 + 4) 19-20/x2 P/S

Ranged sling +5 (1d4 + 4) x2 B 50'; dagger +5 (1d4 + 4) 19-20/x2 P/S 10';

Strength 18 [16 base + 2 racial]
Dexterity 14 [14 base]
Constitution 15 [15 base]
Intelligence 18 [15 base + 2 racial + 1 L4]
Wisdom 12 [12 base]
Charisma 14 [14 base]

Combat-Relevant Gear
Pearl of power L1 [1/1 use per day] (n/a, 1000 gp)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 (n/a, 100 gp) [in iron vials on bandolier]
Potion of Enlarge Person (n/a, 50 gp) [in iron vials on bandolier]
Potion of Protection from Good (n/a, 50 gp) [in iron vial in spring-loaded wrist sheath]
Scroll of obscuring mist (n/a, 25 gp) [in scroll box]
Scroll of read magic x2 (n/a, 25 gp) [in scroll box]
Scroll of shield (n/a, 25 gp) [in scroll box]

Scrolls from warden's book (available for others)
Scroll of alarm (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of invisibility (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of bull's strength (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of charm person (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of expeditious retreat (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of feather fall (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of flaming sphere (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of hideous laughter (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of mage armor (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of mount (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of shield (n/a, n/a)
Scroll of sleep (n/a, n/a)

acid flask x2 (2 lbs, 20 gp)
chain shirt (25 lbs, 100 gp)
dagger x 2 (2 lb, 4 gp) [1 carried in spring-loaded wrist sheath]
longsword (4 lbs, 15 gp)
sling (0.5 lbs, n/a)
sling bullets x 20 (10 lbs, 2 sp)
warhammer (5 lbs, 12 gp)

Active Effects on me

Magus Casting stats
Caster level: 4
Caster check vs SR: +4
Concentration: +8 [+4 to cast defensively]

Magus Arcana/Hex
Flight (L4 Hex)

Prepared Spells
Spell Level: Spell (DC Save, other info)
Level 0 (Infinite): Brand, Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation
Level 1 (4/4): Grease (DC 15 Reflex), Magic Missile, Shield, Shocking Grasp
Level 2 (2/2): Bladed Dash, Glitterdust (DC 16 Will)

Special Combat Abilities -
Arcane Pool +1 (6/6 per day)(Su)(Magus) - 1/3 * magus level + INT mod (4) points to power arcana or give held weapon a +1 magic enhancement bonus as a swift action.
Black Blade (Ex) - Godfrey gains an intelligent bonded weapon whose power grows with his own.
Black Blade: Arcane Pool (1/1 per day) - The Blade has an arcane pool of its own that it can use for its own abilities.
Black Blade: Strike +1 (Sp) - As a free action, Magus can give itself +1 to damage for 1 min.
Black Blade: Telepathy - While the blade is worn or held, it can communicate with Godfrey telepathically.
Black Blade: Unbreakable - While it has at least one point in its arcane pool, the blade is immune from the broken condition.
Bloodline [Serpentine] - VMC Sorcerer Bloodline granting abilities for free (GM fiat).
Combat Casting (feat) - Gain +4 on Concentration checks to cast defensively.
Dual Talent (racial) - Gain bonuses to two different stats instead of one, giving up bonus feat and skill points per level.
Hex Arcana (Magus) - You can substitute Hexes for Magus Arcana.
Hex Magus (Su)(Magus) - You gain access to Witch hexes.
Serpent's Fang (5/5 per day)(Ex) - As a free action, grow fangs that grant a bite attack causing 1d4 damage and which poison (Bite—injury; save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1 Con damage; cure 1 save).
Spell Combat (Ex)(Magus) - Take a -2 penalty on attack rolls to wield a weapon in one hand while casting spells in unoccupied other hand.
Spellstrike (Su)(Magus) - Deliver touch spells as part of a melee attack.
Strike first, strike ruthlessly, and thus be victorious (trait) - +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.

Special Non-combat Abilities -
Sleeves of Many Garments (item) - Transform current clothes into any non-magical new form by taking the sleeves off/putting them back on.

Extremely Fashionable - Godfrey is a noble's noble. Except, of course, for his blasphemous fraternization with the depraved and immoral mages who seek to knowledge deemed evil by the slavering masses. Despite this, he maintains a noble's love of fine clothes, food, and wine. In his case, he's particularly fond of the finest clothes and he knows how to impress all with whom he interacts. While wearing more then 150 gp of quality clothing and/or jewelry (and not covered in gore/muck/etc), he gains a +1 bonus to Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate. Diplomacy is also a class skill for him.
Suspicious - Disillusioned by a life lived among those whose sycophantic worship of Mitra sickens him, Godfrey found his people in the secret cults devoted to Geryon. The natural secretiveness of the cult, along with its healthy obsession with hoarding of knowledge, have honed Godfrey's skills at detecting deception. He gains a +1 bonus on Sense Motive and Sense Motive is a class skill for him.

Blasphemy - Godfrey's foray into the cults of Geryon and Asmodeus were among the most rewarding times before his capture. Seeing the truth of the realm he'd felt a stranger in for his whole life led him to proselytize in the hope of growing the momentum of his favored Lords. Sadly, he trusted the wrong men and was captured and sentence to death for his blasphemous nonsense. He gains a +2 trait bonus to K(Religion) and it's always a class skill.

Languages (s) are starting languages:

Common (s)
Dwarven (s)
Elven (s)
Infernal (s)
Draconic (feat)
Celestial (feat)
Abyssal (linguistics)


Armor Proficiency (Light) (Magus starter)
Martial/Simple Weapon Proficiency (Magus starter)
Cosmopolitan [Perception/Bluff;Celestial/Draconic] (L1 non-combat bonus)
Toughness (L1 combat bonus)
Combat Casting (L1)
Weapon Focus (L3)

Adventuring Skills:

Bluff +9 (3 ranks + 2 CHA + 3 class + 1 trait)
Climb +6 (1 rank + 4 STR + 3 class - 2 ACP)
Diplomacy +8 (2 ranks + 2 CHA + 3 class + 1 trait)
Fly +5 (2 ranks + 2 DEX + 3 class - 2 ACP)
Intimidate +7 (1 rank + 2 CHA + 3 class + 1 trait)
Knowledge(Arcana) +11 (4 ranks + 4 INT + 3 class)
Knowledge(Dungeon) +9 (2 ranks + 4 INT + 3 class)
Knowledge(Local) n/a (0 ranks + 4 INT)
Knowledge(Nature) n/a (0 ranks + 4 INT)
Knowledge(Planes) 8 (1 rank + 4 INT + 3 class)
Knowledge(Religion) +10 (1 rank + 4 INT + 3 class + 2 trait)
Perception +8 (4 ranks + 1 WIS + 3 class) [+2 when holding black blade]
Sense Motive +7 (2 ranks + 1 WIS + 3 class + 1 trait) [ +2 when holding black blade]
Spellcraft +11 (4 ranks + 4 INT + 3 class)
Swim +10 (1 rank + 4 STR + 3 class - 2 ACP + 4 racial) [flight hex]

Background Skills:

Appraise +5 (1 rank + 4 INT)
Craft(weapons) +8 (1 rank + 4 INT + 3 class)
Knowledge(Engineering) n/a (0 ranks + 4 INT)
Knowledge(Geography) +6 (2 ranks + 4 INT)
Knowledge(History) +6 (2 ranks + 4 INT)
Knowledge(Nobles) +5 (1 rank + 4 INT)
Linguistics +5 (1 rank + 4 INT)


Magus Starting Spellbook (33/100 pages)
Level 0
acid splash
arcane mark
dancing lights
detect magic
disrupt undead
ghost sound
mage hand
ray of frost
read magic
brand (bought as a scroll and written to book, 17.5 gp)

Level 1 (11 free: 3 base + 4 INT mod + 4 L2-L3; 4 copied)
blade lash
burning hands
color spray
corrosive touch
expeditious retreat (copied from Warden's spellbook)
feather fall (copied from Warden's spellbook)
magic missile (copied from Warden's spellbook)
mount (copied from Warden's spellbook)
secluded grimoire
shocking grasp
silent image
true strike

Level 2 (2 free: 2 L4; 3 copied)
Bladed Dash
Bull's Strength (copied from Warden's spellbook)
Flaming Sphere (copied from Warden's spellbook)
Invisibility (copied from Warden's spellbook)

Detailed Gear:

Cash: 45 pp 10 gp 4 sp 0 cp

Carried with Godfrey
Serpentine Iron Circlet (n/a, n/a)
Sleeves of Many Garments (1 lb, 200 gp)

Mundane(carried) -
backpack (2, from magus' kit)
bandolier (n/a, 5 gp)
bedroll (5 lbs, from magus' kit)
belt pouch (0.5 lbs, from magus' kit)
explorer's outfit (n/a, free) [starting outfit]
flint and steel (n/a, from magus' kit)
ink, black (n/a, from magus' kit)
inkpen (n/a, from magus' kit)
iron vials x 4 (4 lbs, 4 sp) [carrying potions on bandolier]
Magus Starting Spellbook (3 lbs, free)
Warden's Spellbook (3 lbs, free)
masterwork backpack (4 lbs, 50 gp)
mess kit (1 lb, from magus' kit)
pot (4 lbs, from magus' kit)
rope (10 lbs, from magus' kit)
scroll box (1 lb, 5 gp)
soap (1 lb, from magus' kit)
spell component pouch x 2 (4 lbs, from magus' kit/10 gp) [one on belt; one in backpack]
sprint-loaded wrist sheath x 2 (2 lbs, 10 gp) [each holds a dagger]
torch x 10 (10 lbs, from magus' kit)
trail rations x 5 (5 lbs, from magus' kit)
waterskin (4 lbs, from magus' kit)

Godfrey Encumbrance: Light (114.3 lbs) (light to 116 lbs; medium to 233 lbs and heavy to 350 lbs)

Mundane (Left in a 'safe' location)



Captured and sentenced, this is merely the latest in a series of injustices visited upon Godfrey Leitner by his homeland and its feckless people. That the Mitran fools have managed to lay their hands on him stings. Still, the young nobleman tries to take the setback in stride. The strong prevail and rule the weak, and he is nothing if not strong. Yes, if the occasion should arise, vengeance will be his.

Second son of Lord Theodoric and Lady Meredith of House Leitner, Godfrey has wanted for nothing since his birth. His family fought loyally alongside the Victor, Markadian the 1st, and in doing so cemented their already formidable power in the realm. They are fiercely proud of their ties to the Mitran church and each generation has had one of its men join the Clergy. That Godfrey has failed to live up to this family tradition is a source of terrible shame for his father and mother both.

If asked (and were he willing to answer), Godfrey would say that from his very birth his path has been pre-ordained. He was taught, from his first memories, that he should be a good boy who listens to what the good priests tell him. Study hard and study well, and one day you will be a priest just like your uncle! Born with a rebellious streak, Godfrey could not be so simply forced to listen to the prattle of his elders. Tutor after tutor failed to get the boy to attend to his studies. Given any opportunity, he would run away, guaranteed to be spending his time carousing in the family stables with the peasant children or else slipping away into the streets of the city to run wild. Only in his lessons with sword and bow, at which he excelled, could he be forced to attend to his teachers.

Desperate, his parents tried to force him to attend to his duties with increasingly draconian measures. And in equal turn, Godfrey increased his rebellious efforts until the three were at odds any time they saw one other. It was then that groundwork for Godfrey’s true greatness would be laid. His parents, in desperation, sought out the services of an eccentric, and suspect, arcanist to try his hand at tutoring the boy. Raeburn Snyder was a mage who found himself increasingly down on his luck as the suspicion of mages settled over Talingarde’s people. Though he did not relish the idea of overseeing ‘that spoiled aristocratic brat’ and his ‘fop’s fool of an excuse for an education’, his economic hardships eventually forced him to take the offered work.

For the first weeks of their acquaintance, Godfrey and Raeburn were at loggerheads. Godfrey’s intractable refusal to even sit still long enough to begin a cursory lesson led to more then one shouting match. Furious and fearful that he might lose his job, Raeburn eventually hoisted the boy into the air with a spell in a fit of rage. Far from being intimidated, Godfrey was fascinated by the display of arcane power. He demanded his tutor show him another trick. Feeling his salvation close at hand, Raeburn cut a deal with the boy. He would show him more magic, if he would simply learn his lessons. It was a fateful deal, one who’s ramifications are still being shaken out.

In the space of days, Godfrey’s parents observed a tremendous change in their rambunctious son. He was studious. He was attending to his ‘betters’. He was acting less then a wild thing and more like the son of a great house that he was. Thrilled to have cracked the secret, they put Raeburn permanently on the payroll. Little did they know of what their son was truly learning.

Godfrey’s education began from that day like a lightning bolt. His insatiable lust for more and more knowledge on the intricate workings of spells astounded his tutor. He still, grudgingly, learned the necessary lessons of a noble (comportment, history, geography, mathematics, etc) but it was magic which was his true love. In time, he began to learn the actual casting of spells from his tutor. His thirst for knowledge, at first appreciated by his tutor, grew to be a source of alarm. Godfrey was still reckless and headstrong, and he resented any restrictions that his master’s ‘good judgement’ put in place. For the young man, there was no such thing as too much knowledge. To rein in his headstrong young ward, Raeburn preached of the Shining Lord’s commandments against witchcraft and consorting with dark powers. This backfired, spectacularly.

In truth, Raeburn’s caution was warranted. In secret, Godfrey had practiced weaving together his swordmanship and his increasing command of the arcane. As he reached adulthood, he’d mastered the ins and outs of this unique fighting style. But he did so with an increasing disdain for the bounds imposed on him by his master and by the Mitran church. Power, as the young Godfrey saw it, was a matter of will and knowledge. And power was the avenue by which his own interest and goals could be furthered. His assumed future, as a mindless lackey of the church of Mitra was growing less and less appealing by the day.

With this in mind, he sought to carve his own path. He studied, in secret, whatever arcane lore he could get his hands on. From shady black market dealers and furtive arcanists down on their luck, he scraped together all he could learn of magic outside the bounds of legality. After all, it is not the spell itself that is evil, but the purpose to which it is put. To suppress knowledge simply for the benefit of a few puling weaklings was madness. And increasingly, Godfrey looked around and saw himself in a land dominated by the mad.

Growing increasingly radicalized, Godfrey began to seek out others who shared his view of the world. With careful words, he would try his luck in seedy taverns and moldering libraries. In time, his patience was reward. A small cell of arcanists who sought to study all that the church of Mitra forbade was opened to him. Gleeful at having found others who shared his passion, Godfrey spent as much time as he could studying all they’d accumulated. This was the first of his steps into a gaol’s foul cell.

In this small cell of likeminded individuals, Godfrey found one final piece of the puzzle that was missing. Asmodeus, and his servant Geryon. The Prince of Darkness and the Source of Lies and their words made clear to him the corruption and sickness that gripped his homeland. Choked by the muzzle of Mitran mediocrity, Talingarde was dying. If he was to have a place in whatever came after, he would need to be strong. And so, he studied, and began to recruit. Only a fool tries to stand along against a stampede of mindless sheep as they panic in a storm. When Talingarde eventually collapsed under the weight of its sickness, he would need friends. This, as it turns out, was the final straw. A few wrong words glorifying the obvious righteousness of Geryon’s teachings was enough to see him captured and sentenced to death.

Now from the stinking, clattering cell atop a wagon, Godfrey plans his revenge. He sees now that the distant collapse of Talingarde will not be enough. No, if knowledge and learning is to be preserved, Talingarde’s vaunted church of Mitra must be cast down to burn. No nation worthy of the title can be bound as Talingarde is. The strangling vines of Righteousness and Restraint must be cast off. And he will be one to do it. He must simply escape, first.


Knowledge, and the lust for more of it, is what drives Godfrey onward. The greedy hoarding of any and all arcane knowledge and power that comes into his grasp is his primary motivator. All else will fall in line, so long as he grows stronger with the magic that now courses through his veins. He is not wantonly cruel. He does not twirl his mustache as he cackles at another's misfortune. Godfrey does not enjoy doing what must be done if the forces of nature are to be tamed and brought to heel. But at the same time, he will brook no interference in his holy work. He may feel a twinge of regret, as he cuts down the screaming throngs of Mitran fools as they try to oppose him, but he will know he does what is right.


Godfrey is born to the nobility, and his six foot one inch tall frame shows it. His is a body that has never been touched by malnutrition. But he is no soft courtier, limply offering a hand in sycophantic subservience to his king. He is strong and full of the vitality of youth. His coal brown hair is cut frames a handsome angular face. His eyes, piercingly intelligent, are a dark brown threaded with hazel. He has a love for the fine cloths of his station. He eagerly awaits the day that he can free himself from his shackles, but not much behind that is his desire to be free of the lice-ridden rags that hide his true nobility.

Black Blade ideas:

For my black blade, the current plan is that it a gift from Geryon. The Source of Lies and Lord of the Fifth level of Hell, Geryon is an archdevil and servant of Asmodeus whose domains include Forbidden Lore, Heresy, and Snakes (queue Godfrey singing 'these are a few of my favorite things' now). Geryon values the gathering of dangerous, distasteful secrets and the hoarding of lore. He demands that his followers seek the truth and question anything presented to them.

With that background in mind, Godfrey's blade should be the soul/essence of a devil or similar outsider (an asura seems most appropriate) who serves Geryon bound into a blade. The blade itself will be able to change form from sword to familiar (per my Serpentine sorcerer VMC). This blade would be the source of all the VMC bloodline abilities that I gain, as well as granting all the normal benefits of a black blade. From my talks with GM Jing, I'd probably gain the familiar earlier in a limited form and even at 7th level it will not be mechanically the same as a 'normal' familiar. As it is a free-willed and intelligent creature, there's the potential for conflicts of interest. That might lead to a scene wherein the blade turns to its snake form (against my will) and bites my throat in order to speak with my voice (as opposed to its normal method of simply coiling around it).

Free Stuff/Character decisions:

HP: Half plus one
Feats: Cosmopolitan, Combat Casting
Traits: Extremely Fashionable, Blasphemy, Suspicious
VMC: Sorcerer (Serpentine)
Skill: Sense Motive x 2