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The great captain Korius Merit, of the Paladine of Izmir, summons a group of warriors of the air to retrieve twelve evil artifacts; the legendary Abominations of the long-dead archmage Marianasu.

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Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin watched everything from her higher vantage point, growling low at the golden scaled one as he eyed her rider who had been unaware of him until the last moment. At Min's command she focused between the two on the rooftop and those on the ground, hoping that Min hadn't made a mistake in trusting them...

She holds her ground, wings ready to spread out and contain an area attack if needed. No one needed to be dragged into this conflict. Especially children. Her scales shined despite the coming mist and loss of light.

The Bond:

:Are you sure Min?:

:It's her honor at stake if he turns...:

She couldn't help but remained guarded as she waited for what happened next.

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Sense motive: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (10) + 16 = 26

Remaining in front of him in the path of the arrow, Azami turns enough to look Kyras in the eye, locking her grey with his blue. A moment passes silently, gauging the awareness and self-control in his gaze, trying to pre-empt another loss of control to the abomination in case he should suddenly rocket away towards it.

"Let's go down, as agreed," she states quietly, willing him to trust her, and not the glass.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Ah, looks like my post of Aylaeth responding to Prof. Yeo got ate. Ah well, rolling with it...

Aylaeth K (arcana) on Nagas: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (1) + 22 = 23

At first she is taken aback by the sheer natural splendor of the cavern, and the stunning vista it presents to her. Then, upon discovering that the Professor is not merely a Naga, but an Ancient Guardian Naga, she is, quite simply, at a loss for words.

Little Ad'an, no less excited and awed, has no trouble though finding his voice "A Naga! An Ancient Guardian Nada! By Abadar's Vault never had I thought to lay my eyes on such a being! Why, in all my Eons of memory, I have only ever Heard of but two such..."

"Shush Ada!" Aylaeth whispers sternly, but not without affection "Now is not the time my friend."

First glancing to Damian, she, not for the first time, marvels with appreciation at his eloquence of speech. While her knowledge and reputation here may have been the key to opening the door, it is the Captain's charm, and force of will that turn the key. Clearing her throat quietly, knowing she has a duty to perform, she adds "Professor Yeo, I cannot adequately describe what an honour it is for me to meet you. I have heard many reports of your wisdom, intelligence and scholarly knowledge, yet never did I suspect that.." almost to late to catch her faux pax, she clears her throat again and continues "Ah...forgive me Professor, always have I been better with books than with words. To come to the point and answer your questions, Professor Sundine is...well, or at least he was last I saw him. There have been...several attempts on his life, I am very sorry to report. He has no idea who seeks his life, nor why they do so. I have...helped him as best I could and now must trust in Abadar, the Professor's own skills and the blades of those I have hired to protect him. I would have done more if I could, but duty compelled my elsewhere. As to that duty, Captian Lamorak has outlined the heart of it. Should you seek to know anything else of our mission, you need but ask. Oh, and here is the letter Professor Sundine scripted for me, should you wish to see it." and, bowing her head in a polite nod, she unfurls the letter and holds it up for the great Naga to see.

Aid Another Diplomacy: 1d20 ⇒ 15

@Damian and @Aylaeth: The professor's enormous eyes widen. "Ssssssoooo..." she hisses, "it hassss already begunnnn." She sighs heavily and flicks her gigantic tail, dislodging a small boulder from its resting spot on the cavern floor. "I ssssspoke with Kyrassss recently. He...had much on hisssss mind. He isssss ssssseeking hisss sisssster, Bethany, who hassss been misssing for sssssome time. I am afraid I do nnnnnot know where they wennnnt. However...I could..." she pauses and looks thoughtful. "If it issss the wissssh of Izmir...I could locate him through mmmmmmagic. If...if you wissssh it."

As far as either of you can tell, the Guardian is being completely honest, though she seems conflicted about the idea of scrying Kyras, possibly even sad or regretful. She looks over Professor Sundine's letter of introduction as she awaits your answer. A wistful smile comes over her alien features as she reads.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

At the Professor's answer, Aylaeth glances once again to Damian. Deciding to leave the question of scrying or not to him, she rushes ahead with this perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to gain as much information on their mission as she can. Taking a deep breath, and calling upon her excellent memory, aided by Ada'an where necessary, she speaks and seeks answers to the many mysteries still confounding her " What has begun Professor Yeo? Are you speaking of the Alpha Confluence?? Professor, time grows short and our need is urgent. There is much that we do not yet know, but desperately need to. While we have the blessing of your time and great knowledge, I have many more questions for you."

Not waiting for an answer, she pours on, asking question after question, filling in facts and figures as she knows them. She asks about the Abominations they still have yet to find and destroy:
The Lantern of Glorious Madness,

The Hairbrush of Lethal Beauty:

- Location unknown, ownership unknown, precise effect unknown, though it is obviously related to beauty in some way. The best lead you have is a snippet from an ancient history text mentioning that 600 years ago a Pathfinder Chronicler came across a hitherto unknown tiny merchant kingdom in the borderlands between Goreme and Hallas that was run by a clan of Medusas. For the thousand years their rule had lasted, it is said they kept power through their sheer beauty, which was so great that all who laid eyes upon them were immediately cast into thrall. It is not stated whether their kingdom ever ended or is still there, but it IS noted that the Pathfinder in question got out, she feels, because she was blind.

The Inkwell of Vicious Intent

The Magnifying Glass of Total Reversal ("Which we believe is in possession of this Kyras Errodel")

The Goblet of Liquification:

Ownership unknown, effect unknown. This abomination is said to be in the possession of Felltouch, greatest and most evil of the Three Great Red Dragons, who currently resides atop the huge treasure heap known as The Gembasket a few days north of Katapesh.

The Diary of The Mariansu Himself ("About which we know nothing whatsoever.")

She continues on, asking if the Professor knows anything of a 7-Handed Clock or of another copy of Fen's Omnibus. She asks about the Arch Mages Starspurn and Kreb. She goes into some detail of the Massive Magical Machine of the Red Dragon Army that they had found. She inquries as to what, if any, helpful information the Professor might give on the Snow Bud, and it's relation to all this madness. Finally, winding down, she ends with "And this last I know is most obscure, but would a 'Storage Unit 1163' and a being named 'Liu, Lou or Lu' mean anything to you? I am so sorry for pouring this all onto you, Professor, and I would not, were it not of the greatest importance."

@Aylaeth and @Damian: The great guardian naga's expression turns to one of mild astonishment at the tremendous amount of information and questions alike tumbling forth from the Lesothan sylph. As Aylaeth speaks, she listens. Then, when she is done. Professor Yeo blinks once, slowly, and begins to glide away.

"Would either of you like sssssome tea?" she asks mildly. "I greatly dessssire a cup, and would love to offer you ssssssome if you are interesssssted." Aided by magic, she fills a pot with fresh, cold water from a small rapids in the far back of her "office", and sets it to heating up over a rock-enclosed fire.

"I will answer your easiest questions first, my colleague." she says. "I am afraid I know little more about the Abominations of Marianasu than you yourself do, except to say that the Goblet of Liquifaction is a necromancer's greatest dream come true; it liquefies not solid material, but souls and astral selves -- it pulls the spirit essence out from a living thing and drains it into the goblet. Whoever drinks the essences gains eternal control over the now-undead physical forms of whoever's souls were consumed. It is not known to have a limit on its effects, only its range. The last I had heard -- and this is very old information -- it was seen in possession of a Horned Devil who sought to overthrow Asmodeus, and had become a Deathleech, and was going to march to hell with an army of undead, and take Hell in Urgathoa's name and rule there as her proxy. The Pallid Princess could have no more devoted a champion than him. This devil was last spotted deep in the heart of the Dead City, that ruined expanse between Stormfare and Warbane."

"I know of no seven-handed clock, nor Land-spanning magical engine (though I of course am most certainly aware of the theoretical possibility of such a thing), nor alternate copies of Fen's Omnibus. As for the archmages, I certainly know they exist, and have met and conversed with them from time to time; is there anything specific you wish to know? Are they in some sort of trouble?"

"As for the storage unit, well, like most cities, Lanzhu has many cartage companies and storage buildings for rent. Perhaps one of them is 'number 1163'? And the name 'Liu' -- in any of its dozen spellings -- is rather common in this part of the Land. Do you know the spelling, and any context in which he or she might exist? That would help tremendously. Otherwise I won't be able to help much, I don't think. For example, there are three students in my 8:30 lecture alone with the name 'Lu', or some variant thereof."

"And, lastly, as to the 'Alpha Confluence', there is no such thing. Don't tell me you've been hoodwinked into believing that nonsense? It is a tale wizards tell to give each other hope, and to sing each other to sleep; a tale of Wild Magic returning and granting them power that is otherwise unavailable to them."

Professor Yeo's final statement is not meant to be unkind; indeed, she sounds honestly concerned that you might believe the Great Confluence is actually going to happen. You know that the academic community is divided about whether or not the Alpha Confluence, or Great Confluence, will actually happen, and if it does, what it will mean or be.

Around the Magnifying Glass: Belsarious continues his tense standoff, though his nerves are rattled and his resolve shaken by the Warbanian's mighty presence and mightier roar. Time seems to tick by at the pace of honey dripping off a spoon. Captain Citanu looks troubled, then gestures toward Kyras. "This is ridiculous! He's just one person! C'mon, let's grab him, count of three!" She pauses. "One!..."

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Azami's hand returns to her katana, glaring at the Captain, her tone hard. "Illuminada Vittoria assented to my authority in this matter; do you dare undermine her decision, as well as the charge of the Son of Heaven, Emperor of the Empire of the Mists, to whom you are here as guests in supplication for assistance to your cause? Do you dare to negate the honor of those with you who have agreed to parlay?" Her free hand gestures to Min, Lin, and Belsarious.

"Finally, He is not just one person." Azami pulls an inch of her blade once again, indicating her intentions. "You are in the wrong, Captain. Stand down and step away and preserve your honor and that of your General."

Her fury is as cold and sharp as a mountain peak, unwilling to let the Captain interfere in what little she's managed to accomplish in the way of keeping Kyras alive and not leaping upon the magnifying glass.

Shadow Lodge

Chu looks to Captain Citanu his gaze was both piercing and demanding as he spoke. His gaze was appraising as well and came up disappointed. He raised his hand as she began to talk halting her before she could say two.

"None of you are in command here. He is the only one that can remove that thing from the streets and I wish it gone. Do not force me to arrest you for interference. I trust in Azami's ability and you will damaged her honor now if yout interfere further. And you..." He looks pointedly at Min. "Put away your weapons or I will crush you where you stand, dragon or not. There will be no fighting here by anyone." He looks to Lins then, his threat was not a bluff.

He would answer to the Emperor for his failure today, had he been more forceful he could have prevented this. He had failed completely, he'd lost face and damaged the honor of countless others for allowing the events of today to transpire.

To reinforce his point several police offers arrived, summoned by his telepathic call and stood ready to follow his orders as Adviser to the Emperor...

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Lin growled at the threat to her rider despite the possibility of it being dangerously real. She stopped however when Min sighed and slacked off on his bow. "Stand down everyone we are under word to the General not to cause further trouble..." His eyes were defiant but he had Jo idea how real the threats ll this snake posed. Lin, seeing the streets were empty retracted her wings and casted a spell. Shrinking herself Down to the siza of an elf and moving to stand behind her rider, towering over him even in her new form.

Sophitia looked conflicted but Mins order was absolute to her and she trusted him. With a flourish she sheathed her sword in one smooth move and turned her back on the strangely angry woman and her barbaric companion. Moving ti stand next to Min and Lin surprised by her sudden change...

@Damian and @Aylaeth: After concluding her litany of replies to Aylaeth's questions, Professor Yeo magics the teapot over, along with an elegantly simple tea set. She pours 'round three cups and levitates one to her lips. "And now, most honored guests from Lesotho and Izmir, I present to you the finest tea in existence, made from the leaves of the Snow Bud, which only grows in our region, in the high mountains that serve as a border between our great Empire and the bitter steppes of Enhathlad. Please enjoy, with my compliments." She takes a delicate sip and smiles joyously as a light flush comes over her features.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Ayleath, face the image of concentration, listens intently to all the the Guardian Naga says, committing all to memory. She shudders involuntarily at the description of the Goblet, wondering to herself what madness, what evil, could have possessed Marianasu to even think of, let alone create such Abominations.

At the offer of tea, she nods absently in assent while she prepares her questions. "I myself have not formed a solid opinion as to whether or not I believe in the Aplha Confluence, Professor, as I feel I still need more information regarding it. But if not that, what were you referring to when you said '...It has already begun'?"

Considering for a few seconds more, she continues "As for the Archmages, I am not sure how, if at all, they are germane to our quest. I merely mentioned them due to references to them I found in a series of dusty, ancient volumes regarding various council minutes and their talk, or argument, to 'the responsibility of the book', or 'that damned dark book of the archmage'. I had assumed they were arguing about Fen's Omnibus, but perhaps I was wrong. Unless you can think of any way either or both of them pertain to our quest, I have no further idea, at present."

"In regards to the storage unit, I wish I could tell you more. It results from the the notes of one Pike De'Phaz, son of Martin De'Phazz, the traitorous Professor who stole the Omnibus from Stormfare." she says with some heat. Then, reaching once more into her haversack, she holds forth the notes "You see here? He seemed to have been cut off, but he wrote 'NOTE TO SELF - INVESTIGATE STORAGE UNIT 1163(?) IN LANZHU, TALK TO LIU? LOU? LU? HEARD FROM BETHANY THAT CAVERN WAS' and that is all the information I have on it."

When Professor Yeo returns with the tea, Aylaeth accepts it graciously with a smile and brings it to her mouth. Before she can take a sip though, she learns what it is and she stops, mouth widening, eyebrows raising, and hair dancing in surprise. "What?? You mean this really is...Professor Yeo, I am...without words. How you honour us!" And without further adieu, eyes never leaving the great saucer plates the naga gazes out of, the Lesothan Sylph, Scholar and Magus, takes her first ever sip of Snow Bud Tea...

AC: 28 (T:28/FF:24) - Hp: 58/114 - Ki: 4/9 - F:11/R:11/W:12

Wei nods at Chu and drops to the street.

@Damian and @Aylaeth: Neither of you can help but notice that when speaking for a long time, Professor Yeo Xiay begins using a distinctive "lecture voice" that drops the elongated hissing "s" sounds, and which must make her students' lives much easier.

The tea, should you choose to drink it, is like a magic healing potion for the mind and spirit. You feel simultaneously relaxed and supremely focused as the warm, wild, liquid runs down your throat. It is somewhat nutty in flavor -- like toasted sesames, perhaps -- with a humic grassiness and a bare, wild energy like standing on a cliff edge in a high mountain. It is a balm for a troubled mind, and a bolster for a keen mind. It is bracing and energizing. It is, quite possibly, the most perfect tea in all the Land, just as the professor says.

Both of you can take a +2 Tea bonus on any skill check or saving throw that is based off INT, WIS, or CHA for the rest of this day, in game time. So basically until you rest, or the next sunrise, whichever comes first.

"As to what I meant, friends, when I said "it has begun", well, I'm referring to the changes in Kyras' life now he has learned certain things about himself. Whether he chooses to share those things with you are his choice, I'm afraid, and not mine." She takes another sip of tea. "The "dark book" could also refer to the Abomination known as the Book of the Archmage Himself, yes? And as for Bethany, I'm assuming you mean Bethany Erodal, a visiting scholar who disappeared some time ago. She was very interested in the Reliquary Caverns and Peaks of Cenotaph in the mountains to the north -- same ones this tea comes from, as it turns out. It is likely Bethany had a storage unit of some sort in which to keep her belongings whilst she went journeying. Perhaps you could investigate there? A man named Xun Rui Bao runs the biggest cartage company in the city, and his shop is not far from the palace. Perhaps you could start by asking him?"

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Kyras descends with Azami, advancing to a few feet short of the abomination; his eyes are drawn to the magnifying glass again and again despite his best efforts to keep his gaze elsewhere. At least, though, his vision seems to have sharpened past whatever magics held him before.

Up close, this samurai of some rank is clearly gaijin just like her companion, and both seem to have gone through significant battle since they were last in this place. Their clothing is torn nearly to shreds, bloodspattered and sodden. The woman's hair is a mess of disheveled hanks of red hair that have escaped from the braid tucked into her O-Yoroi armor. A kabuto helmet is fastened at her back with a difficult to discern ho-ate mask attached. An equally soaked banner of a sunrise drips in ruddy-hued droplets that trace a path down the lamellar plates. What flesh is visible has numerous scars, old and fresh.

"Do you still have Professor Yeo's cloth? We might need it," she asks Kyras under her breath before turning to engage the others, taking note of Chu and Wei nearby.

"I am Azami Ito and this is Kyras Erodal, as you well know." She inclines slightly in a cut off bow of greeting to no one in general; tension is obvious in her countenance and form, dividing her attention between the organized force of the Skyknights before her and the chaotic force at her side embodied in Kyras. Her grey eyes turn to Belsarious, her tone matter-of-fact - a rare thing in this city of labyrinthine social customs. "You said something about being rid of the curse, yes? Explain."

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Glorying in the mystical tea, Aylaeth allows several minutes of silence to go by, her tastebuds dancing and her eyes closed in rapture. Her wild Sylph's hair does a sinuous dance, echoing the body bliss and mental ecstasy the Snow Bud has transported her to. After some time, finally descending from heaven, she opens her eyes, an enhanced awareness and calmness shining out of them. Knowing no words are necessary, nor even equal to describing the experience, she merely smiles knowingly and with great gratitude at their ancient hostess.

Giving some more time to give proper respect to the moment, she finally speaks. "Ah yes, of course! I had been so focused on the Omnibus, I had forgotten about the Book of the Archmage himself. That must be the 'dark book' they were referring to! Thank you Professor!" getting excited she continues "Do you think that the great mages Kelb or Starspurn might know of it's whereabouts? Or might either of them actually have it??"

Calming herself, she continues "And yes, Professor, it is Miss Erodal that we speak of and seek. Your confirmation that she is indeed the sister of Kyras Erodal is helpful. More, in my studies I have yet to come across anyone who seemed to uncover more clues and information about the Abominations than has she. Disappeared though you say? Hmph, she seems to have a talent for that. Do you have any information about her disappearance, or where she might be? I was told that there is a 'San-Pen' she was known to associate with? Regardless, your assistance in locating the storage locker should hopefully prove very fruitful. You have my great thanks."

Finally, winding down, she again looks towards her Captain, looking for any signal that he does not want her to continue. With no indication from him, she says with some hesitation "Professor Yeo, you have helped us immensely, and my gratitude knows no bounds. However, I feel I must warn you that..well, this Kyras Erodal is no hero. You speak fondly of him, yet, we have it on very good authority that he is a murderer of the worst kind! It is he who, using one of the Abominations themselves, the Magnifying Glass of Total Reversal, caused the absolute destruction of the great Na-Calonal! Kyras Erodal is a criminal of the highest order, and he must be brought to justice! Anything further you can tell us which might help lead to his just incarceration, or death, would be most helpful." Blushing slightly as her passion and deep pain over the death of the Great Gold cause her to perhaps overstep her place, the Slyph Scholar nevertheless stands her ground, awaiting her answer, or fate, such as the case may be.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Belsarious returns the bow.....

"Aye it is true, for a brief time I was bound to an abomination, tha abomination is gone destoyed an is no more, tha skyknights has vowed tha destruction o all tha impliments o Marianasu. We err tha only ones suited to tha task."

"Let us talk plainly as distant relations, let us be glad to see each other."

Raises an eyebrow at the dragon follower......

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Dragon follower?

Azami finds the suggestion that they should behave as relations odd. A bit gruffly, she replies, "We are speaking plainly. Continue to do so. How is the curse destroyed? Can you do it now, here, and free him?"

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

I think he means Kyras... Dragon Disciple, Dragon Follower. If that is the case then disregard my post below lol! I think Bel is still nervous from getting yelled at. ;)

Min arcs an eyebrow as he gave Belsarious an even look. "I'll be glad when that..." Indicating the Abomination on the ground with a nod as he continued speaking. " gone, til then mind yourself Belsarious." He had slacked ff his bow and the arrow now lay length wise along Avenaada's belly. He wasn't going to do more than that, not for any of them.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Nay we have carried tha horrors to another place an tha destruction took place. As it was mine part was tha carryin o tha burden I nearly died in tha process o being freed. It takes more tha we has here tah destroy tha abomination."

"Was tha hand o fate tha put tha abomination in mah hand an my faith tha lead me to tha place o being freed."

"If tha ting has taken part o him, ths bonding must be undone as swift as we can effect."

Belsariouses eyes glaze over as he stops and looks at the abomination once more.....

"What is it you were going to ask?"

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Her patience is at its edge, her bones aching with the demands of this day and the myriad times her flesh has been gashed and resealed. This elf and his colloquial rambling was worse than the half-elf dragonrider's bombardment of impassioned half-oaths. It is youth she tries to remind herself through gritted teeth, that causes them to speak with such dramatics, thinking it highlights the importance of the matters at hand.

Azami reiterates her question in the simplest terms, growing wary at the odd look in the elf's eyes. "How. Is the Curse. or Bond. or Whatever holds him to that thing. Destroyed."

But a thing of unmaking-- Her own gaze falls to the abomination, wondering that perhaps that this was yet another curse that would prove itself to be redemption. Perhaps it could be used to destroy whatever it was they needed to find on Isla des las Mil Voces.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min looks surprised for a moment before focusing in, ignoring Belsarious prattling on. "In Izmir, that's where these items are disposed of and where I believe they can break the hold it has on your companion." He spoke simply, his hand on his bow was more relaxed then he had intended and he was far more distracted. His brow furrowed in thought.

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

"We have no time for Izmir. The world nears an end. Is it not controllable?"

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

As bead's of sweat started to form on Min's face Lin moved around his side and stared at his glazed expression. When he twitched unexpectedly she nearly jumped back in shock. The bond was overwhelmed by thought, by pure concentration. Yet her calls came with no reply. What was wrong with him?


Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min cursed openly. "Frame en... Dammit! Not..." Snapping out of his focused moment before his face screwed up and he turned away from everyone as he tried to not sick up in the streets. He leaned heavily on Lin as he dry heaved, his hand over his mouth.

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin turned to look at the woman, while keeping Min on his feet. "We have means to get there quickly, through magic. I don;t know if it is controllable, did it not just have him under its power? Has he done this before?" Her questions are genuine and friendly as she can be as her rider jerks from his short lived dry heaving.

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

"I am no Mage," she replies as that, combined with a shrug, answers those questions. Her gaze narrows in uncertainty before she asks, "What's wrong with him?"

Male Half-elf Dragon Disciple 11

"Nothing is wrong with me," Kyras snaps. "I'm right here, you know, and I'm not an invalid. I'm not marching off to Izmir, either to stand trial in some kangaroo court or to sever whatever link I've got to this thing. I didn't kill Na-Calanon, and I'm getting a little tired of all of this."

Captain Citanu scoffs at his words. "You lie! I saw what you did, what you became!"

He looks at the captain, somewhat sheepish. "I know what you saw... I was here as well, but I was looking on in as much horror and shock as you were. I actually got an even better glimpse at the endless void between worlds that it conjured. The Abyss took the Dragon away, gave me back control of my own body. I am in control, but I know that I've got my own part in this whole mess to pay for. I'm not going to give up the magnifying glass, or do whatever this guy," he gestures to Belsarious as he speaks, "is babbling about. What I am going to do is that I am going to use it to destroy Kalaroth, one way or another."

Initiative 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

He takes a shimmering, surprisingly heavy-looking cloth out of his pocket. "I've got this to keep it under control. It seems that I'm the only one who can pick it up and use it now, so you're going to have to trust that I'm in control of my faculties. If you're going to try and stop me, now's the time." He reaches down to pick up the Abomination in the cloth.

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin narrows her eyes at the woman, keeping her voice civil. "Unless something stops us we could be there to...." She stops as Kyras starts speaking. Watching him with uncertain eyes as she digested his words.

Sophia was looking at Min as he started to regain his composure.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

In the few moments he had he calmed down, enough to respond with a wave of his hand. "Fine, just...."

Perception DC15:

"I hate magic..."

As Kyras speaks up Min stood in stock still for a moment before turning to look back at the man. Took the Dragon away? Destroy Kalaroth...

He couldn't hide the disbelief in his as what the man was saying was close to what Belsarious mumbled about. "What dragon... You mean Na-Calanon?" He hoped that there wasn't some other force now trying to take the land as well.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5


Belsarious brings forth the void from his ttattoo reseivior into the air around himself and blocking the abomination within it.

An aura of blackness takes the very air from the area.......

"I keep politely requesting yer time and patience an yet yah try an go round me, an cannot."

Looks at the cloth in the man's hand.....
"What o tha cloth?"

The void

........This spell surrounds you with an aura of nothingness that channels the mysterious energies of the Dark Tapestry.

Creatures adjacent to you when this spell is cast and at the start of your turn take 2d6 points of damage. In addition, creatures affected by your aura are fatigued, cannot breathe, and cannot speak or cast spells with somatic components. Creatures adjacent to you are allowed a Reflex save to halve the damage and negate the fatigue effect, but cannot breathe or speak regardless of whether their save is successful as long as they are adjacent to you....

Intention is to have the void for one round and put it back into the tattoo......

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Initiative 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Shadow Lodge

The moment Belsarious casted Chu gave have him a dead eyed glare. He had had enough.

Dominate Person dc 22 Belsarious

ini: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (13) + 12 = 25

PERCEPTION : 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (16) + 13 = 29

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian drinks the tea graciously. Tea isn't his favored drink; he is a soldier, after all, not a politician. "Thank you, Professor," he says as he sips at the tea. He drinks it quickly - probably more quickly than is considered polite or proper. For tea, it is surprisingly, shockingly good.

He listens as the Professor and Aylaeth bat theories and suppositions back and forth at one another, hoping that she understands it well enough to relay all of it back to the rest of the Skyknights. When a moment of silence offers him the opportunity, he speaks up. "To answer your earlier question, Professor, I would greatly appreciate if you could scry on Kyras Erodal; if it is possible, I would also greatly appreciate learning the current location of Bethany Erodal. Any assistance that you can give us will save countless lives, undoubtedly."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

"Belsarious what are you doing!?"

Min gripped his bow and found the police advance on him the moment he went to put arrow to bow. "Idiots Its a sleep arrow..."

He pauses as the snakes hand snaps up and points in his direction...

ini: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Yells loudly.....
I am tryin deseratly tah have a chat wit tha people here!"

Shadow Lodge

Belsarious barely gets half his words out before a single glance from Chu causes his jaw to slam shut silencing him completely despite bitter protest from the way he jaw struggled to move but his body refused to obey.



Chu With the loud humanoid silenced finally, he turns to regard Captain Citanu coldly. All the patience he had was gone, he was done completely and they would learn obedience in the Emperor's city. His voice reflected that displeasure, there was no bluffing in how he felt. They had earned his ire and the gap's in his memory was infuriating him more than this entire proceeding. "Captain Citanu, you will return to your General and express my displeasure for the commotion caused here today. This is not a request and further ignoring my word will cost you my favor."

He hadn't stopped pointing his clawed hand at Min and when his glare fell on the half-elf and it's two companions it was clear his word was beyond contestation. "For continuing to defy Imperial edict you are under arrest until this matter is resolved..." Lin growled and earned the Serpentfolk's ire as well. "... resistance will be met with extreme prejudice and warrant further judgement on your companion, be grateful you are not arrested as well Madam Dragon." That was enough to cow her and hesitently she backed down, placing her hands on Min's shoulders and eyeing the advancing Police warily.

He took in a deep breath then trying to remain in control as he focused his mind in ending this stupidity. He looked to Azami and Kyras then favoring them with the same look.

Bluff: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19

Bluff DC 19:

His eyes don't regard Azami as coldly, more like he regarded her with favor and appears a fraction more relaxed. Until he looks at Kyras then he appears confused and very angry despite how tightly he was reigning it in...

"No more threats. No more weapons drawn even a fraction by anyone. We have disrupted the lives of the citizens enough. Claim your item Kyras, we will resolve this at the palace. This is my will and there will be no more of this foolishness. What happened to Na-Calanon is..." He couldn't remember, something important happened here, but it was all so strange now. His memory didn't make sense. "... Regrettable as I have never met him. Now, whatever this one has to say can be heard somewhere where it won't be so easily overheard. Now please let us return to the Palace for resolution in this matter and if anyone faces judgement over the happenings of today then it shall be me. Now lets go."

He twirls his claw and Belsarious moves like a doll on strings as Chu indicates. Heading quickly back the way they had come from the Palace. As Belsarious marches away Chu stands there, his cold gaze on everyone else that remained save for Wei.


:I don't have much strength left old friend, let us hope they listen or else the violence may be too much for me too stop... I am at my limit, old friend...: He hated admitting weakness, but it was the truth.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

"You two, get back to Damian and the others, keep Belsarious safe until I return..."

Min put away the arrow, his shoulders sagging momentarily in defeat as the Serpentfolk took control of Belsarious suddenly. At its words he gave a grunt and handed his weapons to Lin before the police advanced and took him, however he kept his bow. "This bow is bound to me and useless without arrows, please leave it or suffer the consequences..."

Surprisingly Chu nodded allowing him to keep his strange bow as the Police bound his hands behind him.

Sophitia and Lin both looked pained, eventually they nodded and retreated after the marching figure of Belsarious. AS he continued his jerky walk towards the Palace.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

Bah, just eat em Lin leave no witnesses. If there are no witnesses there was no crime...besides if the bonded dies I'm sure it breaks the bond. I jest...mostly I jest.

AC: 28 (T:28/FF:24) - Hp: 58/114 - Ki: 4/9 - F:11/R:11/W:12

Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7 Apparently unnecessary

::I haven't much left myself. Fighting will not be our best option for sure.::

"Well then everyone, are we done acting like a poor actor's troop? Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere more peaceably. I would suggest my gardens, if they were closer."

Female Human Samurai 11, HP: 84/128, 3/4 Resolve, 1/4 challenges

Azami is taken by surprise by Chu's intervention and demands. Assuming Kyras is able to take the magnifying glass without issue, she nods. "We must see to some business of the Palace before we return there."

Male Half-elf Dragon Disciple 11

Kyras watches as Chu's magic ends the tense standoff (with the promise of another one soon). "Well, moment of truth," he says to Azami as he reaches down and wraps the cloth around the magnifying glass.

Shadow Lodge


The moment you reach the palace you find your limbs able to move again of their own free will. However you feel an aversion to returning the way you came indicating the domination effect is still there.

Liberty's Edge

No problem guys, though don't expect Bel to be willing to talk after that route not working.....unless you offer munchies.......because Bel gets the munchies......

DC16 Perception, everyone around the abomination:
Just before Belsarious' spell ends, you all note that the magic of the void, while it lashed out and over the Abomination, did not obscure or touch it, as if the thing was protected, or protecting itself. You could also swear that it was slowly sliding along the ground towards Kyras.

@Wei only:
Suddenly, you hear a familiar voice speaking. It is Swift. He is not communicating directly in your mind, as the Imperial Advisor is able to do, but...singing? Maybe? It is difficult to pin down. Nonetheless, what he says is; " friend, brother have done me a great kindness...your heart is far too large for these petty proceedings...but if you journey now to the is to my shame that I ask one more favor...could you carry me there?...I am very light..." And with that, a swift lands upon your sleeve and regards you. It warbles prettily.

As the group of you make your way to the palace, you hear a swift singing prettily nearby. It is almost bizarre, after such a tense and frustrating stand-off, to have the whole thing capped by soft, pleasing birdsong. As if in accompaniment, a gentle wind picks up and the rains, you note, have stopped. The wind is very pleasant and coming from the southeast, it blows sweet and brings a smell not unlike sea spray and water lilies. As you pass the various parks, you note the last of the leaves have fallen from the plum trees, and the conifers now sag under the weight of this morning's early-autumn rains. Only the bamboo bends elegantly and seems strong in this weather.

Captain Citanu stalks off on her own in stymied frustration, and as the rest of you approach the Outer Gate to the palace, you see that the State Dinner is already under way; the guards are formally caparisoned and there is music and laughter coming from the East Garden, which is connected to the receiving room where things will have gotten started.

One of the guards intercepts you well before you get close to the long line of guests awaiting entrance. He bows formally to the Loyal Shadow, and speaks. "Great Advisor Chujitsuna, honored guests. I must inquire as to what is happening here so I may properly direct you to the correct entrance. If you are attending the dinner, then I must ask to see your invitations, or learn your names so I may consult the roster. If you are not here for the dinner, then I must ask you to state your business." The guard is firm but polite. This is the third-strangest thing he has seen today.

@Kyras only:
As you fold the cloth over the abomination, you hear whispers echoing all around you; "the dragon god will die, will feed him to us, yes...he will die, yes...kalaroth will die, yes...go to the island, yes...the isla des la mil voces, yes...where they scream for eternity, yes...there we will consume him, yes..."

Out of the corner of your eye, standing upside down beneath the eaves of a storefront, you spot a Hound watching you. None of the others seem to see it. As you make your way to the palace, the Abomination safely tucked away in its strange cloth, you spot in the fleeting dark of every alley a pair of glowing, lantern-yellow eyes. The Hounds are shadowing you.

@Damian and @Aylaeth:Professor Yeo smiles indulgently at Damian's somewhat stiff acceptance of the tea and utter disregard for ceremony. He is far from the first gaijin soldier to whom she has played hostess. She blinks slowly. "It is, indeed, entirely possible that either Starspurn or Kreb may have more information on the Book, or may even have it. I would recommend you begin your questioning with Starspurn, who lives these days in his tower on the north edge of the great Dweomersink, itself north of Katapesh. Kreb is quite mad, you see, and will be much more difficult to get straight answers from."

She lowers her mug magically to the tea tray and lifts a biscuit to her mouth, pulling into her massive jaw with one sinuous movement of her forked tongue. "Our dear friend San-Pen has vanished from the city, I am afraid. No one knows where he is or why he left, but he is greatly missed. Now, to the scrying." Professor Yeo flips over her tea cup and speaks arcane words over it. After a couple seconds she lifts the cup and peers at the few scattered leaf fragments on the saucer. She looks at the two of you. "He is on his way to the East Entrance of the palace. If you hurry, you can intercept him there. He is being led by one of the Emperor's other advisers, Chujitsuna, the Loyal Shadow, and there are many others around him."

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