The Cult of Shadows

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Fifty years ago in the town of Vauntil, Ustalav, the weak-willed cleric, Deusten de Mon, succumbed to the treacherous promise of power issued by Orcus, the god of undeath. Deusten's devout followers proved to be useful allies, coming together under the auspice of necromancy to form the Cult of Shadows. Using their necrotic powers, they fouled the waters of the Raiteso River which drains into Lake Encarthan - Vauntil's main source of fresh water. The town quickly fell ill from imbibing the tainted water. While they were crippled, the Cult of Shadows struck. Led by Deusten's powerful magic, they summoned an army from Vauntil's cemetery and effortlessly rampaged through the town. In short time, the size of their army doubled. It wasn't long before Caliphas received word of the shambling army ravaging the country side and dispatched troops to eliminate them. Over the course of a year, the Caliphas army fought the Cult of Shadows, hunting down necromantic uprisings when they arose until all signs of the cult were vanquished. Forty-nine years passed without evidence that the cult was still in existence, but that has changed with the recent events in Vauntil...

NPC's Thus Far:
Lucious Irkrile - Governor of Vauntil
Chauncey Slugworth - Agent of Lucious Irkrile (alias), Acolyte of Orcus

Art Corner
Vauntil Illustrations (not my own):
Governor's and Town Hall
Vauntil City Center
Vauntil Entrance
The Lands:
Vauntil's Countryside
Raiteso River
Cadaverwood's Hidden Entrance
The Heart of Cadaverwood
Crypt Entrance