Superheroes of Golarion

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The tale of how Golarion's mightiest heroes united under a common cause.

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Kazador The Clanless wrote:

Made a slight change to Kazador. As he is resurrected, he now has:

Barrow Scholar: Dwarves with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks to identify undead and can attempt them untrained. This racial trait replaces stonecunning


Barrow Warden: Dwarves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to their AC against undead. This racial trait replaces defensive training and hatred.


Shadowhunter (2 RP): Characters with this trait deal 50% weapon damage to incorporeal creatures when using non-magical weapons (including natural and unarmed attacks), as if using magic weapons. They also gain a +2 bonus on saving throws to remove negative levels, and recover physical ability damage from attacks by undead creatures at a rate of 2 points per ability score per day (rather than the normal 1 point per ability score per day). Dwarves can take this trait in place of weapon familiarity

So...Kazador can now punch ghosts, and gets +1 damage/+1 AC vs undead.

Thought it was fun, so had to share. :)

That is pretty dang cool. I got one for ya that I thought was pretty cool.

In the event we get to level 18,Lucca truly becomes the fastest thing in pathfinder.

70ft base speed
60ft monk speed
30ft ki point
30ft haste

That's 190ft/move action. Let's assume at some point i get boots of striding and springing (or similar) and add another 30ft. Let's assume i take Fleet once. 225ft/ move action. Full run is x4, so 1100ft in a round.

Speaking of rounds, There's 6 seconds in a round. Most rounds are a move and standard. You can move twice in a round, so it's safe to assume move actions take less time than standard actions. This is supported by rubbing and full attacks, as a low level character can quadruple their move, but only double their attack. Let's say a move action is 2 seconds. A standard is four. Keeping that in mind...

I'm a monk ofthe four winds. I take aspect of the Tiger. I can now, rarely, charge at 10x my movement and full attack, like a pounce. That's 2250ft/charge. But I can get max movement and max attacks. Assuming each still fits in the 6 seconds, that means my attack is at 4 seconds,so my movement is 2 seconds. 1125ft/s. Aka the speed of sound :D

Sure, there's some leaps in logic there. May not all stack right. Might not be right about move actions being 2 seconds. But still. Speed of sound

That's pretty good =) (as you guessed, there are some stacking issues, but overall pretty amazingly fast).

I have to admit, I have another character concept rattling around in my head that I'm thinking about submitting instead of Henry, based around Strength. Maybe I'll put it together this weekend and see if I like it more.

Yeah looking closer, the boots don't work with the monk speed and the Tiger boost only increases my "normal" speed (whatever that is on this character lol).

I think if I took fleet 7 times instead of once, only the haste doesn't get x10 lol. Pew!

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I hate to be that guy, and GMs can say that they don't care, but monk speed and haste are both enhancement bonuses.

That's weird,I never noticed they threw that in at the end of the spell,as well as specifically mentioning it "counts as an n enhancement bonus" instead of just calling it one. Good to know

Even without haste, you’ll be moving at a godly speed!

The best way to keep movement speed increasing is by increasing Str and Dex. +5ft for each point? It adds up.

I guess the question is- should we call you Lucca, or the Flash?

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There is that divine spell that gives haste-like benefits, but is options. I never remember the name. It's speed boost is untyped.

I'm still working on the crunch, but I have the classes, mythic path, and most importantly the backstory. I'd like to submit my monk-sorcerer, Jusker Ragnos.

Current roster. Feel free to let me know if I've forgotten to write anyone's name down or if something here is incorrect. Still have about 36 hours to submit or make any edits!

-Caleb Zephorn Caliean, son of Cauden Caliean (Mighty Godling/Eldritch Godling) 
-Colt Warwick (Brawler/Sorcerer) 
-Klwyn the White (Wizard/Arcanist) 
-Braeden Padgett (Bloodrager/Druid) 
-Kazador the Clanless (Cleric/Monk) 
-The Pug (Warpriest/Adept Godling) 
-Lucca Leander (Monk/Kineticist) 
-Tomas Darke (Paladin/Ninja) 
-The Unnamed Siren (Summoner/Bard) 
-Henry Lassings (Occultist/Rogue)
-Deathless (Fighter/Inquisitor)
-Jusker Ragnos (Monk/Sorcerer)

Only question I have at the moment is for Deathless and Jusker Ragnos; how did your characters come into possession of the mysterious paper?

Edit: Also, I know you implied pretty heavily but I want to make sure I understand totally; are Deathless' powers the result of experimentation?

Was so torn on a proper hero name! Flash is of course my favorite, though Live Lightning has a nice ring to it

Kazador The Clanless wrote:

Even without haste, you’ll be moving at a godly speed!

The best way to keep movement speed increasing is by increasing Str and Dex. +5ft for each point? It adds up.

Strength and Dex? I thought it was one or the other

Edit:: oh, I see now. 90ft starting speed then. Sweet.


Kazador has Str18 and Dex14. So 12x5=60+20=80.

And as a monk he’ll get further speed increases. Though he isn’t running, he’s moving through the earth. I was very tempted to make him a monk/Kineticist...

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Yes, Deathless's power definitely comes from experimentation. I also took the trait 'experimentation'.

The paper:
Deathless received ‘the paper’ next to his bed. So he awoke to it. Figuring it was some really weird dude (Yeah, he’s worked for some really weird people in the past), he thought it another quest/mission/job, so off he goes..

Right! Forgot about that part. I'll add it to my profile.

Just stopping in to remind everyone that recruitment closes in 10 hours. Any additional information you'd like me to know about the character for consideration should be in by that time.

Or, if you haven't submitted your character, there is still time!

Added some flavor to his Con-DR being like the Flash's fast healing. Minor change, but it's there. Can't wait to see the final roster =]

Reading back over the fluff I posted (cringing at the errors the auto correct didn't quite catch) and I noticed I was a little vague about where she got her copy of the paper. Unless you have something in mind already, I could see her master having sent it to her without telling her he was doing so. If you have something else in mind, I'll happily roll with it.

@GM:tomas minor change:
I was thinking about the map and I thought it would be better (instead of just waking up and finding it stuck to his chest) of having him wandering around, perhaps in Molthune (one of the closest big cities to his monastery is Canorate, the capital). Thinking about where he should go to find his future, a wind picks up, rather abruptly, carrying with it a piece of paper. The paper smacks into his chest. Just as abruptly, the wind is gone, the air quiet once more. He looks down at the paper, realizes it's a map, and seems to be indicating dots moving toward Absalom. That seems as good a place as any to start.

Crunch isn't quite finished, and I won't have time before close of recruitment, but I wrote out how Jusker got the paper. Hope you like it!

Alright, guys. Recruitment is closed.

I have a lot of reading and some very difficult choices ahead of me. I should have a roster put together within 24 hours. Thanks so much for your hard work, the fun part comes next!

Caleb has his mighty fingers crossed.

Lucca's so nervous his high-speed pacing wears a groove in the floor

Good luck everyone!

I'll keep my tails crossed for everyone. :p

Yes, good luck to everybody! One might even say... godspeed! :D

Ahhh! Good one, Lucca! I understood that reference!

Alright, the time is here for me to announce my decision (right under the promised 24 hour wire no less).

This was rough. I see people say that when making recruitment selections and now I can truly understand why. I was originally only going to choose 4 since I knew there would be a lot to keep track of as the game progressed but I've decided on 5 (and the last slot was one I mulled over for the last few hours alone). I read everyone's story, looked not only at their character now but how they'd grow, and I even daydreamed about how some would interact. I'm sad to see that some of those won't happen but a selection ultimately needed to be made.

Without further ado, would the following players please join me in the Discussion and Gameplay threads:

Caleb Zephorn Caliean, son of Cauden Caliean
Colt Warwick
Kiwyn the White
Lucca Leander
The Unnamed Siren

Congratulations guys! Have fun

have fun folks!

Thank you for choosing me. And I hope those who didn't get chosen get to find another adventure to join. I wish every the best here and elsewhere.
*bows politely*

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