Superheroes of Golarion

Game Master Scaffold-Kane

The tale of how Golarion's mightiest heroes united under a common cause.

Recruitment will close at 12:00 AM Sunday night EST (that's 4:00 AM Monday morning UTC). All submissions must be in by that time.

Oh So Many Houserules!:

-The game will utilize Gestalt and Mythic rules.
-Elephant in the Room Feat Tax fixes are in play.
-Max HP per level.
-I am removing Base Attack Bonuses and adding a 7th stat: Fighting. You add Fighting to both AC and all attacks as well as CMB and CMD. If you are denied your Dex bonus to AC, you also lose your Fighting bonus. It functions in all other ways like a normal Ability Score.
-I am removing the need to manage gold and equipment and adding an 8th stat: Wealth. It functions similarly to d20 modern but it can't be used to buy magic items (unless, of course, you're flavoring it as part of your powers like an Iron Man type character with a magic suit of armor). Flavor is flavor. It functions in all ways like an Ability Score.
-I will be using the Armor as Damage Reduction rules but with some changes.
--The type of armor you're wearing is strictly cosmetic; what the armor is made out of is what provides the DR bonus. (Steel is 3/-, Mithral is 4/-, just ask).
--You have an amount of DR equal to your Constitution modifier or your armor bonus, whichever is higher.
--Weapons can ignore an equivalent amount of DR based on its material or you can ignore DR up to your Strength modifier, whichever is higher.
-Everyone receives Unarmed Combatant as a bonus feat and their unarmed damage increases as a monk of 4 levels lower. Monks deal unarmed damage as if they were 4 levels higher.

Added since thread creation:

-All restrictions to combat maneuvers based on size category are gone. If you have the superpowers needed to grapple something huge, you can do it.
-Assume your BaB is equal to your character level for the purposes of BaB requirements.

On the topic of ability scores:

-There are now 8 stats, and the game is 35 point-buy.
-Ability Score Modifiers are now calculated differently; every point above or below 10 is a +/- 1. (That is, if you have a 14 in Strength, your Strength Modifier will be +4 instead of +2).
-Anything above 14 is considered superhuman. All this means is, at least for physical stats, have a fluff reason that you're superhuman in that ability.
-For every +1 you have in Dexterity or Strength, you can add 5 to you base land movement speed. For every 2, you can add 5 to your other speeds.
-For every 2 Strength modifier you have, your jump distance is doubled (but you can still only move your movement speed in a given round).
-At 10 strength, you have the carrying/lifting capacity shown here. Every point in Strength above 10 doubles this (200 max at 11, 400 at 12, etc).

On the topic of Wealth:

-A wealth roll is required when buying something in-game. Your result represents your ability to financially support the purchase. When rolling wealth to purchase something, you add double your wealth modifier.
5 Wealth is a typical peasant while 10 represents someone in the merchant class. 15+ represent the extremely wealthy noble types, and 20 is usually reserved for the heir of a king's fortune.

Sample DCs:
DC 5: a few silver pieces
DC 10: A standard weapon (a few gold)
DC 15: high quality weapons and armor, maybe some masterwork gear (100 gold)
DC 20: A very nice masterwork weapon (500 gold)
DC 25: Buying a merchant-class house outright (5,000 gold)
DC 30: A large plot of land and a small keep (50,000 gold).

You can take a 10 on a wealth roll. Failure means that you/your estate can't easily spare the funds. You can raise the result of any wealth roll you've failed by taking Wealth damage an equivalent amount to the amount you raised the result to a maximum of four. This damage heals over time normally but can't be healed through any other means. Wealth also can't be the target of ability score damage directly (though you may lose wealth if you somehow lose part of your estate or you are robbed).

This game will be set in a world in which magic is typically totally off limits to normal people so magic items are not available for purchase (they're artifacts you can find and will have powerful and usually unique effects).

Character Creation:

-Level 1
-35 Point-Buy
-All races can choose two stats to receive a +2. All secondary racial abilities remain the same. Otherwise, all Paizo. If you wish to play a character who is an alien, I am open to custom races but I would like a full write up of their culture, home planet, and the race must remain less than 15 RP (you can flavor them being super powerful by saying that your superpowers are common among the race).
-Two Traits, a third with a drawback. One can be a Super trait [outlined below] but you are not required to select one of them.
-Starting equipment doesn't matter as long as it's mundane. Discuss it with me if you aren't sure. Make sure to have a fluff reason for starting with anything more expensive than your character could otherwise normally afford.
-You don't begin with a mythic tier but I'd like to know what path you plan to take.
-Background skills of course.
-Variant Multiclassing is cool.
-Fractional advancement in effect.
-Any official Paizo content. I have enough managing to do without having to learn a bunch of 3pp stuff as well.
-Fluff: go crazy here. Who are you? Why/how are you superpowered? I eat up superhero origin stories so go crazy.
--I also want a separate bit letting me know what sort of theme you're going for. When the final party is assembled, I will likely hand out theme-inspired minor powers to really get you into that superhero niche you're looking for.

Added since thread creation:
-Unchained classes must use unchained versions (unless you have a good reason not to).

New Trait Category: Super:

These are like campaign traits for the game except they are in a new Trait category altogether; Super. Note: Some of these fit into a particular archetype but feel free to go crazy with it. Someone with the “Magician” trait doesn’t necessarily have to be a caster, for example. They just have to have something magical be the source of their power.

When you were born, it was always clear that there was something different about you and people were never going to let you forget that you’re different. Even before your powers began manifesting themselves, you grew wary of the intentions of others. You receive a +2 trait bonus to all Sense Motive and Intimidate rolls and one is always considered a class skill for you.

Your power is the result of an experiment carried out by an evil organization, a well-meaning guild hoping to find the cure to some magical disease, or perhaps a nation looking for a way to make super soldiers. Whatever the case, you have been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. You receive a +1 trait bonus on all Fortitude saves as well as Will saves against Fear effects. If you ever become immune to Fear, you instead gain a +2 trait bonus on Intimidate checks.

Some way or another, whether through great study or circumstantial happenings, your power stems from the great mysteries that surround the supernatural. Because of this, you understand some things about the universe that would shake the very foundation of a normal person’s psyche. You receive a +1 trait bonus to Will saves as well as a +2 to any one Knowledge skill, Spellcraft, or Use Magic Device. The skill you selected is always a class skill for you.

Divine Power
Whether a demi-god or blessed with the favor of a god, you attained your power from a divine source. Whether you know it or not, there is a grander purpose for you. As a result, you’ve always seemed to have an almost 6th sense for danger. You receive a +2 luck bonus to initiative as well as a +2 luck bonus on all Perception checks specifically to notice danger.

Prerequisite: An alien race.
You may or may not look like one of the races common to the world but one thing is for certain; you’re from somewhere else. Whether you realize it or not, this has fundamentally changed how you see the universe. You receive a +2 trait bonus on all rolls involving alien technology and may make any such rolls untrained. You also gain a +2 trait on all Craft checks and Spellcraft checks used to create a magic item when taking a 10.

Your powers are the result of some sort of accident or circumstance that you were exposed to that had unexpected results. Even though it worked out for you that time, you have since been more aware of the unexpected. You receive a +1 trait bonus on all Reflex saves as well as a +2 trait bonus to all Perception checks.

Whether you were born into money or are a self-made person (or perhaps you were wealthy before and have since lost some of what you once had), you know how to handle money and use it to get what you want in ways others wouldn’t understand. You may use your Wealth modifier in place of normal modifiers when making Bluff and Diplomacy checks by flaunting your affluence. You also gain a +2 trait bonus on any check made to identify or determine the value of items and on Gather Information rolls to determine the whereabouts of an item.

Wrapping it Up:

Just bear in mind that the main things I am looking for in a superhero (or antihero) are the following things (so it may be a good idea to present them in separate explicit categories):
-Origin Story (clear explanation of how you got your power)
--Including fleshed out backstory
-Appearance (do you wear a costume, and how do you separate your personas (if not a Vigilante)
-The Mythic path you plan to take with the character
-Anything else you’d like me to know (goals, ambitions, etc)

My expectations are going to be pretty typical. One post per weekday, weekends are flexible. The game will be (unsurprisingly) fairly combat heavy but we'll probably use a lot of head theater for most of it.

If you have any questions, I'll be monitoring the boards but I can be reached pretty quickly on Discord (Scaffold-Kane#3000)