Shades of Twilight - Fall of the Third Imperium (Inactive)

Game Master GM Darkblade

This is a Mongoose Traveller game set in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches, Third Imperium circa 1116

Current Stellar Position=Roup

TAS Advisory and Alert Information:

As a service to spacefarers, the Travellers' Aid Society publishes travel zone classifications which indicate the degree of danger a world or system presents to visitors. Advisories are for what are considered short term issues, Alerts are for longer durations or active situations.

A Green Alert represents "no danger" when travelling to or from the listed designation. Unless otherwise indicated a system should be considered Green.

An Amber Advisory represents "Existing conditions are favorable for the development of a potential threat, caution is advised."

An Amber Alert represents "A potential threat currently exists, appropriate caution should be exercised."

A Red Advisory represents "Conditions are favorable for the development of a serious danger to travel. Unnecessary travel should be avoided, extreme caution should be exercised."

A Red Alert represents "A dangerous threat currently exists. The location is either quarantined, interdicted by a higher authority, or currently at war. Travel is restricted under local legal authority."


Ship: Deneb Rising
Class: Navarro Class Far Trader, military version
Type: MSJX
Architect: Franco Charro 1% Bulk -20%
Tech Level: 13 Max
USP: 0215NVRO FT4233583-00000-40003-0
Cost New: 212.535 MCr
Architects Fee: 2.12535 MCr
Cost in Quantity: 170.028 MCr

HULL CODE 4 (TL 12) 20 dTons / 20.0 MCr
400 dtons standard 5,600 cubic meters
Needle/Wedge Configuration
Armored Hull Factor 8/4
Internal Structure 8
5% Crystaliron Plating, Self-Sealing

ENGINEERING (TL 13) 41 dTons / 114 MCr
Jump Drive D One Jump-2 (TL 13)
Maneuver Drive D 2G (TL 10)
Power Plant D (TL 11)

AVIONICS (TL 13) 25 dTons / 30.42 MCr
Hardened Bridge
Very Advanced/Survey Sensor Suite (TL 12)
Radar, Lidar, Densitometer, Jammers, Neural Activity Sensor
Computer Model 5 (bis) Rating 25/+5 (TL 13)
Program Rating
Auto Repair/1 10
Evade/1 10
Fire Control/1 5
Intellect 2* 10
Jump Control/1 5
Jump Control/2 10
Library Database 0
Maneuver/0 0
Navigation 2 0
Security 2 0
Translator 1 0
Full Intelligent Interface Capabilities

4 HARDPOINTS 4 dTons / 22.29 MCr
Port Triple Turret: Accurate High Yield Beam Lasers (TL 12) +1 DM to attack rolls
Starboard Triple Turret: Accurate High Yield Beam Lasers (TL 12) +1 DM to attack rolls
Forward Chin Triple Launcher: Accurate High Yield Smart Missiles (TL 11) +1 DM to attack rolls
Dorsal Triple Turret: Sandcasters (TL 10)
1 dTon Sand Barrels Magazine (20 barrel capacity)
1 dTon Missile Magazine (12 missile capacity)

SMALL CRAFT 54 dTons / 18.125 MCr
Ship's Boat/Gig "Deneb's Ecplise" w/ Double Accurate High Yield Beam Lasers - Top Hull w/Docking Clamp
ATV w/ Grenade Launcher - Vehicle Bay
Air/Raft, enclosed - Cargo Rack
Grav Bike, open - Cargo Rack
Vargr Racer, open - Cargo Rack
Repair Drones (20) - Various Storage Docks
Probe Drones (5) - Forward Bay

CARGO SPACE: 110 dTons

FUEL STORAGE 100 dTons / 1.2 MCr
96 Tons (One 2 parsec jump and 28 days endurance)
Fuel Scoops
4 Fuel Purification Plants

MISCELLANEOUS 46 dTons / 6.5 MCr
1 Single Stateroom (Captain's Quarters/Ward Room)
4 Double Staterooms
3 Single "Guest" Staterooms
1 Sickbay with Autodoc
2 Luxury Lounge Spaces (Steward-2)
4 Low Berths
1 Emergency Low Berth
1 Machine Shop (TL 13)
1 Locked Ship's Locker (Assorted Weaponry/Gear)
4 Airlocks (Forward Airlock Well, Starboard Ramp, Lower Deck Cargo Elevator, Upper Deck Gig Dock)

Monthly Costs:

Life Support Monthly Costs: 20,500 credits
Maintenance Monthly Costs: 17,715 credits
Mortgage Monthly Payments: 77,930 credits
Fuel Costs if Purchased: refined 48,000 credits unrefined 9,600 credits
Salaries, up to full crew: Varies

Crew Postions:

CREW: 4 Minimum 9 Optimal 7 Filled
Pilot/Small Craft Pilot (9,000cr): Varkha Gzegdoug (Responsible for flying the ship and small craft operations)
Navigator (5,000cr): Relsanth Lodic Kelser (Responsible for navigation and computer operations)
Engineer (4,000cr): Allrianne Voss (Responsible for engine and drive maintenance)
Medic/Steward (6,000cr): Doctor Devon McBride (Responsible for crew and passenger upkeep)
Chief Gunner (3,000cr): Lysander Montague (Responsible for gunnery command and brokerage agent)
Gunner's Mate (3,000cr): Kenneth deLacie (Responsible for gunnery & computers)
Gunner(2,000cr): Unfilled (Responsible for gunnery)
Gunner(2,000cr): Unfilled (Responsible for gunnery)

Ship's Locker:

10 Vacc Suits (TL 12) w/ 8hr oxygen tanks
10 Radio Transceivers (TL 12)
5 Cold Light Lanterns (TL 8)
1 pair of IR/LI Goggles (TL9)
1 Radio Transceiver (TL 13)
4 Shotguns (TL 8) with 10 loaded magazines each
2 Rifles (TL 8) with 10 loaded magazines each
2 ACR (TL 9) with 10 loaded magazines each
5 Revolvers (TL 8) with 10 clips of ammunition each
3 Autopistols (TL 8) with 10 loaded magazines each
8 Daggers with belt scabbards
4 Cutlasses with belt scabbards
10 sets of Cloth Armor (TL 10)
1 Medikit (TL 12)
1 Mechanical Tool Kit (TL 12)
1 Electronic Tool Kit (TL 12)
1 Surveying Tool Kit (TL 12)

Per Imperial safety regulations each stateroom contains an individual Emergency Survival Kit, containing a filter/respirator combination, 8 half-liter cans of distilled water, 30 day supply of dietary/food concentrates, 30 cold-light sticks, an emergency transponder beacon, 4 flares, a reflective tarpaulin, 2mm diameter x 300m length spool of survival cord, 1cm diameter x 50m length coil of rope, a collapsible grappling hook, 24 lightweight metal climbing spikes, a utility hammer, a basic first aid kit, a machete, binoculars, a shelter-suit with micro heat pump, a small water distillation apparatus, an inflatable raft, a compass, an all weather lighter, a waterproof survival manual/reader, all packed in a nylon backpack carrying case.

Potential Passengers List: Roup:

Space for up to 4 High or Middle Passengers and 4 Low Berths

High Passages

30,000 cr
shared cabin for a legally immigrated Zhodani married couple and 2 tons of personal possessions travelling to Enope (2 jumps required)
Gaillard and Hinna Igsnakiir

58,800 cr
Human male businessman with 40 tons of Ferrocarbide Mining Drills cargo travelling to Feri
Vernon Luthor

12,000 cr
Human male diplomat travelling to Hefry for a conference
Legate Sir Gary Briggs

Middle Passage

15,000 cr shared cabin
Human newlywed couple travelling to Enope (2 jumps required)
Davis and Roberta Redstone

30,000 cr
Human male salesrep with 2 military grade AFV's cargo travelling to Feri
Winston Taylor

6,000 cr
Human female junior military officer travelling to Hefry but asks for a working passage or military discount
Lt. Fiona Oshanasee

6,000 cr
Solomani female singer travelling to Hefry
Innie Neisvekellier

6,000 cr
Human male electrician travelling to Hefry but offers to take a working passage
Franklin Anders

Low Passage

1,600 cr or "gamble" for double or nothing
Human male gambler travelling to Boughene (2 jumps required)
Londor Sinclair

1,200 cr
Human female teenager travelling to Feri
Becca Myers

1,200 cr
Human male docks worker travelling to Feri
Chan Wong Lee

1,600 cr
Human female domestic servant travelling to Boughene (2 jumps required)
Tyra Johnson

6,000 cr
Human male shopkeeper with 4 tons of Greenpoint Tobacco Cigars travelling to Feri
Malcolm Grissom

1,200 cr
Vargr male vagabond travelling to Feri
Graa'h Egron

1,200 cr
Aslan female freelance TAS writer travelling to Hefry
Ihkili Wahtoi Hlyueawi

Special Considerations
25,000 cr Mail available on Roup for delivery to Hefry and Feri 5 dTons

Speculative Cargo on Roup:

30 tons Advanced Machine Parts (75,000 cr/ton)
60 tons Regina floor rugs (3,000 cr/ton)
30 tons Nickel/Iron Ore (1,000 cr/ton)
01 tons Cybernetics (250,000cr/ton)
30 tons Regina Blue cloth bolts (3,000 cr/ton)
20 tons Garbage Recyclers (10,000 cr/ton)
10 tons Fizzerale (2,000 cr/ton)
40 tons KoolHeat Cook Stoves (10,000 cr/ton)
06 tons Illegal Cybernetics (250,000 cr/ton)
30 tons Regina Palewood Flooring (1,000 cr/ton)
20 tons Ferrocarbine Ball Bearings (10,000 cr/ton)
30 tons Soynam Immunovaccine (50,000 cr/ton)
04 tons Anagathics (100,000 cr/ton)
50 tons Redfire Maple Lumber (1,000 cr/ton)
05 tons Cybernetics (250,000 cr/ton)
60 tons Nanobead Petropolymers (5,000 cr/ton)

1116 In Review:

018-1116 Heya: INS Patrol Cruiser Aramis Quaker encountered a "Ghost Ship" which reportedly attacked an Oberlindes Lines freighter in the Lablon system, Aramis Subsector a week previous. The Bastien class liner Wolf's Den was rescued by the arrival of the nearby IISS Scout Ship Dooley's Dongle.

030-1116 Kinorb: Anjou class freighter Destiny's Folly reported spotting a "clam-headed ghost ship" matching the reports coming out of the Aramis Subsector. The Folly released a grainy long range scan of the vessel. Amber Advisory issued for worlds near the Kinorb & Heya systems (Pandrin to Beck's World to Corfu).

1115 In Review:

131-1115 Gunnery Sgt. Farouk Chi of the 3277th Line Marine regiment is court-martialed and executed for murdering 70 Zhodani prisoners of war. The condemned continued to profess his innocence to the last, repeating like a mantra "it was in my head, it was in my mind, it made me do it..."

142-1115 Marsons Mobile Rifles fails to conquer Tionale (Spinward Marches 1511).

163-1115 Vargr defeats from the Fifth Frontier War spur growth of the Church of the Chosen Ones in Gvurrdon sector.

282-1115 A popular uprising on Zenopit (Spinward Marches 1010) briefly threatened the Federation of Arden's control, but ultimately only damaged the starport and surroundings.

296-1115 The Junidy (Spinward Marches 3202) Liberation Army, a Llellewyloly terrorist movement, begins working closely with the Kforuzeng Vargr corsairs.

341-1115 The gas giant Plistii, around which Quiru (Spinward Marches 2321) orbits, suddenly undergoes a violent shudder, thought to be either a massive storm front or a gasquake in its core.

350-1115 Tukera Lines encourages the Vargr corsairs to break away from the Kforuzeng, and transfer their dealings for protection to them.

359-1115 Blackhawk Enterprises served an Imperial indictment imposing a huge fine for alleged violations of naval interdictions.

1114 In Review:

050-1114 The Aegzaeng Vargr raiders break away from the Kforuzeng, and become involved in more legitimate mercenary work.

052-1114 Emperor Strephon transfers authority in Lishun sector to House Hollenau after investigations into widespread corruption, and moves the sector capital to Tephany (Lishun 2719).

122-1114 Arabella von Ericsson's starmerc unit is hired by Oberlindes Lines to clear their Aramis and Regina subsector routes of remaining Vargr stragglers.

183-1114 Emperor Strephon names Duke Norris of Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) first Archduke of the Domain of Deneb.

199-1114 Efate (Spinward Marches 1705) re-equips the 102nd Lift Infantry Battalion and allows Colonel Muncy to lead it on mercenary tickets.

365-1114 The seat of the Imperial Domain government is formally moved to Mora (Spinward Marches 3124) at the end of the year, symbolizing a return to greatness for the "original port of the Marches".

1113 In Review:

022-1113 Arabella von Ericsson retires from active duty as a Fleet Admiral, and then begins forming a starmerc unit known as "Roc's Talons".

031-1113 Grand Census published; some 426 identified minor races, of which 40 are minor human races.

049-1113 Astron Gilmor and Barton Temerer release the 6th edition of their "Imperial Succession, Case Law and Comments" from the Imperial Sylean University Law School on Capital (Core 2118).

105-1113 Duke Norris pardons Carstein's Outlaws for their stalwart and loyal service during the Fifth Frontier War.

157-1113 The Federation of Arden (Spinward Marches 1011) lands troops on Zenopit (Spinward Marches 1010) and overwhelms its defenders in a rapid invasion.

1112 In Review:

063-1112 Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201) - Several alleged members of a group of renegade Vargr were captured late last year when they tried to hijack a merchant ship near here. Informed sources leaked information indicating that the group of renegade Vargr has probably fled the Spinward Marches for parts unknown.

092-1112 Quar (Spinward Marches 0808) - The Imperial government has formally declared all worlds in the Regina, Jewell and Lanth subsectors to have reverted to their pre-war travel classifications.

095-1112 IISS releases updated Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) star system survey details.

179-1112 Enli Iddukagan publishes his sensationalistic work, "Lost Treasure Ships of the Abyss Rift", on Lanth (Spinward Marches 1719).

216-1112 During rioting on Bevy (Spinward Marches 3216), the mercenary Trimbell's Defenders cause a number of civilian casualties when a mob attacks the official they were escorting.

242-1112 Arabella von Ericsson granted the Barony of Delcambre on Vincennes (Deneb 1122) after fleet actions at Heya (Spinward Marches 2402) and other operations during the Fifth Frontier War.

267-1112 Baron von Kreden, a follower of assassinated King Arthur of Gungir, attempts to avenge his death by leading a ramshackle fleet on an attack on Frenzie (Spinward Marches 1116).

1111 In Review:

004-1111 Lanth (Spinward Marches 1719) - Several raids damaged major naval installations on the worlds of Gram (Spinward Marches 1223) and Sacnoth (Spinward Marches 1325) before the Sword Worlds signed a separate peace.

031-1111 Lt. Col. Steven Bond keeps his Rangers in the Imperium, setting up a nominal base at Jesedipere (Spinward Marches 3001).

032-1111 Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201) - The last members of a group of Vargr renegades remain at large after the destruction of a hidden base in the Heya (Spinward Marches 2402) system.

092-1111 Quar (Spinward Marches 0808) - Imperium and Zhodani Consulate emissaries formally closed their peace conference today; Regina, Jewell and Lanth subsectors remain amber travel zones.

104-1111 Admiral von Smit forms a new government on Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004), treating well the remaining Zhodani minority.

121-1111 Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) - The first known victim to survive direct exposure to jumpspace arrived at Terra today, from traveling aboard the "Tyrol", a luxury liner that suffered mysterious damage while in jumpspace.

130-1111 Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) - Demosthenes Naval Hospital confirmed the gradual recovery of Commander Ansel Churner from the almost total loss of equilibrium he suffered because of exposure to jumpspace.

142-1111 Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) - The three engineering crew who were killed in the mysterious mishap on board the "Tyrol" were identified today.

180-1111 Colonel Muncy proposes to the Efate military planners to keep the 102nd LIB in being, and let it gain experience offworld to bring back to Efate (Spinward Marches 1705).

199-1111 The 102nd Lift Infantry Battalion is withdrawn from active service on Efate (Spinward Marches 1705).

242-1111 Reports from Scangen (Gvurrdon 2937) indicate a lost treasure of immeasurable value was recovered by a corsair band loyal to Oekhsos.

263-1111 Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201) - A group of renegade Vargr freebooters in the Spinward Marches continues to elude capture. Insurance rates for vessels operating in the Spinward Marches remain at war levels.

321-1111 TAS reports an one year Amber warning for the planet regarding a "Plague of Perruques", Uakye (Spinward Marches 1805). No further information is provided.

328-1111 The government of Uakye (Spinward Marches 1805) declares a state of emergency because of a fast-acting plague.

365-1111 Imperial military government of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) was scheduled to end. At the direction of Emperor Strephon the scheduled changing of hands ceremony is postponed for a period of seven years. During this time the Terran military will work alongside Imperial forces to affect a smooth transition and stronger bonds between the two sides.

1110 In Review:

001-1110 IISS releases updated Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) and Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) star system survey details.

004-1110 Arden (Spinward Marches 1011) - A short and bloodless coup on Arden has replaced the local pro-Zhodani government with a pro-Imperial coalition representing commercial interests both on and offworld.

010-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - Admiral Santanocheev, former commander of Imperial forces, has requested a formal board of inquiry into the reason for his recent relief.

023-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - The Admiralty has revealed that a major operation to relieve Jewell (Spinward Marches 1106) has been undertaken.

027-1110 Emperor Strephon restores Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) to home rule under a civil service bureaucracy.

036-1110 The Imperial Scout Service shifts its reserves rimward following numerous reports of sublight vessels moving towards Imperial space from the Great Rift.

039-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - Navy officials refuse to discuss rumors of Zhodani atrocities against citizens of Ruby (Spinward Marches 1005) and Emerald (Spinward Marches 1006) during their occupation.

049-1110 Imperial and TAS sources warn spacers about intermittent G band interference at Komesh, the large gas giant of the Boughene system, Boughene (Spinward Marches 1904).

060-1110 Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004), the site of much fighting throughout the Fifth Frontier War, is reconquered by the Imperium and the Zhodani expelled (although a substantial Zhodani citizenry remains).

099-1110 The Gougestra Liberation Force begins fighting to take Gougeste (Spinward Marches 0909) back from its Sword World conquerors.

116-1110 Representatives of the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate met at Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004) to discuss a cease-fire.

143-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - Despite a few minor incidents, the armistice between Zhodani and Imperial forces is holding, and negotiations are proceeding.

146-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - Admiral Santanocheev announces that regardless of the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct of the war, he intends to retire at the end of the year.

160-1110 Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) - Rumors persist of Zhodani atrocities against the citizens of Ruby (Spinward Marches 1005) and Emerald (Spinward Marches 1006) during the recent occupation of these worlds.

166-1110 Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201) - Vargr raiders today struck an outpost in this system, killing three and wounding seven. The purpose of the raid seemed to be to acquire supplies and spare parts for starships.

190-1110 The Tureded (Spinward Marches 2414) starport is being upgraded to class B, with the Scout Service negotiating to establish an Xboat link from Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) to Regina (Spinward Marches 1910).

200-1110 Musical presentations for Knouksarrgh Ong's "utovogh" begin arriving throughout the Vargr Extents. The most popular proponent, Oekhsos, gains wide recognition and develops a populace following amongst many clans.

355-1110 Popular anti-Imperial tirades by Oekhsos result in attacks by Vargr on the Imperium, with Oekhsos seen as an overall leader by the Vargr involved.

360-1110 Quar (Spinward Marches 0808) - The Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate announced the cessation of hostilities between all belligerents, to begin on 001-1111.

362-1110 Dentus (Spinward Marches 2201) - A spokesman for Vice-Admiral Elphinstone stated today that a number of Vargr renegades are still at large in the Spinward Marches.