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Male Half-orc Fighter 1 (Mobile Fighter), Monk 0 (Monk of the Sacred Mountain)
HP: 13, Initiative: +2, Perception:+2 , Sense motive: +1, AC: 20 (T: 13, FF: 18), CMD: 18, Fort: 5, Refl: 3, Will: 2
Sarcon wrote:
begins to tie him up.


Male Human Necromancer 3 | HP 10/43 | AC 20/14/16 | F 4 R +5 W +7 | Init +12 | 30 ft.

Victor uses the new-fond pause in their hectic combat to rip open the vampire's ledger. He skims through the pages, noting their content.

What the hell is it?

Male Human
Oracle (Life) 5 HP 55/55, AC 18 (T 10, FF 18), Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +6, Init 0, Perception +3

"Here in the hallway will do."

Unsure if Garroth will continue his suicidal, Melaphi waits for Sarcon to finish tying him up, "Well let's see what that betrayal in there was about. That was uncharacteristic of him." Melaphi then applies a healing spell to wake him.

CLW: 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

AC 19 T 11 FF 18 | Current HP 51/51 | F +3 R +2 W +2 (+8 vscharms/compulsions) | Init +1 (roll twice, take better) | Perc -2
Spells Per Day Remaining:
2nd-4/4 1st-7/7

Fate will go peek over Victor's shoulder at the book he has found, curious as to what her associate makes of it.

Victor and Fate:
The book appears to have arcane writings, though the actual text is not easily read. However, some of the pictures indicate necromancy.

Female Common Elf / Sacred Fist Warpriest 2 + MOMS Monk 1 / AC +16[*20] Touch +16 Flat Footed +13[*17] / HP: +30/30 / F +5 R +6 W +7 / Init +3/ Per +10 / Sense Motive +8
Spells:3/3Blessings: 3/3 Stunning Fist: 1/1 PoP Ready Skyseer Ready Cloak

Fethryth notices the pair looking over the spellbook. She walks over and tries to take a peek.

Male Human Necromancer 3 | HP 10/43 | AC 20/14/16 | F 4 R +5 W +7 | Init +12 | 30 ft.

Victor willingly shows the pictures to Fethryth, and even attempts to explain some of the most mundane meanings behind the symbols. However, he keeps an iron grip on the book itself.

Check the spoiler above, luv.

The party mills about a bit, examining the room, questioning Garroth, and otherwise acting as though a vampire had not just threatened them with final destruction. Eventually, however, the collective intelligence of the party comes to the realization that they will need to open the door or become comfortable living together ("living" "together") in this dungeon.

As the door swings open under Marcello's iron hand, the vampire is found impaled on a stake just outside. Various gold and silver baubles hang from the vampire's clothes, imprinted with strange symbols that might be familiar to some in the party (the villains, if they were paying any kind of attention). However, as the party gathers around to investigate the dead vampire, the iron gate opposite them swings open on loud, rusty hinges. A horde of zombies pours through, assaulting the adventurers with mindless ferocity. Marcello stands first against them as Garroth climbs the treacherous stonework up towards ground level. He lowers a rope down and helps the others climb up, but Marcello doesn't follow. Other abominations begin to climb the inside of the tower towards the party as the sound of Marcello slaying zombies continues. The door is shut upon the iron-clad fighter and the pit of monsters, and the remaining adventurers make haste back to town.

Patry is found part way through the journey, bringing strange tales of her own adventures above ground that she may share at her leisure (or not). Payet, however, is simply not seen again. To what fate he may have fallen, the others can only guess.

Both parties return to their respective meeting points in failure, left to mourn their lost companions. However, some yet produce token items liberated from the vampire and his lair. Though the day is dark, a new week brings new dawns and new hopes for the future of The City.

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