Rise of the New Runelords

Game Master Harakani

Kingdom Map (now with Loy's family notes AND the Runelord's Route)
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Ruler (Cha): Hargan =+0
High Priest (Wis, Cha): Anglon =+5 stability
Magister (Cha, Int): Master in Grey =+7 economy
General (Cha, Str): Valerianna =+3 stability
Grand Diplomat (Cha, Int): Ronald =+6 stability
Marshal (Dex, Wis): Simon =+2 economy
Treasurer (Int, Wis): Denat =+7 economy
Royal Enforcer (Dex, Str): Forsten =+6 loyalty
Councilor (Cha, Wis): Molly =+2 loyalty
Warden (Con, Str): Ambassador Garess = +3 loyalty
Spymaster (Dex, Int): Ambassador Pikmik =+3 one of any

The Charitable Runelord in Grey, bearer of Rune of Necromancy
The Generous Runelord Denat, bearer of the Rune of Conjuration
the Loving Runelord Anglon, bearer of the Rune of Enchantment
The Kind Runelord Simon, bearer of the Rune of Evocation
The Humble Runelord Ronald, bearer of the Rune of Illusion
The Zealous Runelord Valerianna, bearer of the Rune of Transmutation
The Temperate Runelord Forsten, bearer of the Rune of Abjuration

Strike at your enemy before it strikes you
Do not judge on appearance
Better to fight early than be surprised

First Council of the Inner Circle decide to pursue and attack the bandits.
Start of Kingdom of Hargran
Hargran is gravely injured
The Runelords are teleported to a keep and take it from bandits, rescuing Kesten Garess.
The Runelords are attacked by Barbazu in Cheliax and driven out.
The Runelords teleport to the Stolen Lands. They free a Trading Post that has been taken over by bandits after a group of adventurers went evil.
The Runelords discover the adventurers went evil at a Bandit Cap a few days away. Some form of divine power was involved.
The Runelords find a group of Kobolds who have had their statue stolen and promise to help
The Runelords attack a Mite Tree, kill a giant spider, crack open a statue and release Hasathorex, then kill him.
Hargran summons Kurshu, who destroys him and bestows Ioun Stones that grant mythic power upon the Runelords.