Rd Sun's Reign of Winter

Game Master JankInTheTank

Reign of Winter AP, starting at level 1
Loot Sheet

Maps and Info

Loot Sheet

Maps and Info

Character Creation Guidelines

Race - any core or standard races. advanced races will be allowed but will need to be edited to bring them back down to 10 RP.

Class - any paizo published class. classes with unchained options much be unchained unless the concept is reliant on an archetype that is only available to the core version (e.g. Zen Archer)

archetypes - any paizo published archetypes are allowed, including the winter witch found in the player's guide

Traits - 2 traits, one from the RoW campaign traits. May take a 3rd with a drawback, but the drawback must be approved by the GM.

Starting wealth - player's choice between a roll in the recruitment thread or take the average.

crafting - unchained crafting rules. you may add 25% to your starting gold if taking a crafting feat, and 15% to your starting gold for taking a rank in a crafting skill. these are cumulative

stats - 20 point buy, no stat can be below 8 after applying racial modifiers.

Alignment - any, but must be willing to work with the party.

optional rules - we will not be using background skills or hero points.