Lords of Light (Inactive)

Game Master Zizazat

What dangers await the Champions of Gul'Farom within the Vixis Valley?

Who will become the Lightbringer and win the hand of Princess Nirra?

Combat Map

Current Characters

Ilora Nuski
"Little" Josi

Defense Stats:
HP 5(+2 temp)/14; AC 16, T 14, FF 12; F +4 , R +4 , W -1; Init +4; Perc +3
Special Abilities:
rage 4/6 day
Human (Kellid) Barbarian 1 (Scarred Rager Archtype)

played by Saint Abel (69 posts)
Tweiford Shenk

AC 15/12/13 HP 9/9 F +1 R+4 W +0 Human Rogue 1

played by joerice (42 posts)
Alviana Shadowsworn
Garra Greenheart

Female Human Druid

played by Daniel Stewart (42 posts)

Previous Characters

Dr Davaulus
Liberty's Edge Daniel Stewart

Male Historian/Curator
(3,481 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Digger Chandler

M Human (multi-ethnic) Rogue Charlatan 6

played by joerice (826 posts)
Kreighton Shaine
Grand Lodge Mark Garringer

played by Zizazat (1,617 posts)

F Human Witch

played by Eldmar (8 posts)