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Game Master Zizazat

What dangers await the Champions of Gul'Farom within the Vixis Valley?

Who will become the Lightbringer and win the hand of Princess Nirra?

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The tribes of the Vixis Valley face a succession problem as none of the current Elders have sons. Elder Kori'Meka (of Irorg) has sired a daughter, much to his disappointment. Elder Kybor's (of Tekar) son was killed while hunting a grizzly bear at the age of 14. Each tribe has named their champion of the Elder, and at the last Ritual of Stardust these 4 warriors (as well as other candidates) faced a series of challenges to determine who will be anointed the Lightbringer and the right to the hand of the barbarian princess Nirra.

The Trial of the Lightbringer was complicated, however, by another woman - Josi of Gul'Farom. It was Josi who hunted and killed the bear which took Elder Kybor's son, and Josi demanded the right to compete. Besting all the men in the Trial, including Robern of Irorg who turned out to be a werebear, Josi succeed in proving her might. With still no clear line of succession, the encampment of tribes was attacked by strange, hairless, electrical shock delivering hounds with the champion of Gul'Farom being kidnapped by a half-giant during the chaotic melee!

The PCs have tracked the half-giant to a nearby cave in the foothills of a mountain range...

Combat Map

Map of the Vixis Valley