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Mark Garringer


Grand Lodge of Indianapolis

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I started playing Pathfinder in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play format after a very long hiatus from Ad&d 2nd Edition. I have done some MUD (multi-user dungeon) work over the years around the 3.x rule set.

I am honored to be the retired Venture-Captain of the Grand Lodge of Indianapolis.

I am pleased that a short adventure I created for PAX-Prime was converted into the Beginner Box Demos under the title Relics. I hope you enjoy it.

I had a Beginner Box adventure published in Wayfinder #9, The Gateway to Nar-Voth. I am very proud to have it featured in the community publication of Pathfinder!

I have written 5 new Beginner Box adventures which will debuted at Gen Con 2013 under the names: Ice, Isles, Masks, Waves and Woods. It's really awesome to see events in the Gen Con schedule for adventures that I wrote! They are run on the Kid's Advanced Track, which means I'm helping to shape a generation of new gamers. Amazing!

I had a second Beginner Box adventure published in Wayfinder #10, Profit of the Prophet. The community support and dedication in this publication is AMAZING!

Wayfinder #11 published a third Beginner Box adventure that I wrote, Little Devils set in Cheliax.

After talking with Adam Daigle at Gen Con 2013 I was able to get 2 monsters into the Iron Gods Adventure Path. The Tsaalgrend in #85 and the Irradiated Dead in #87!

In September 2014 I submitted my turnover for my very first Pathfinder Society Scenario, Slave Ships of Absalom!

Recently I was interviewed on the Game Master's Journey podcast, which was split up into 3 parts: Episodes 50, 51 and 52.

If you have questions, problems, comments, or flames please direct them directly to me: