Into the Void

Game Master JD Ashelman

An ancient dwarven secret is uncovered, and a band of heros is enlisted in order to investigate.

The setting is the small, ancient village of Bilmyre. There's very little one would consider interesting about the rustic settlement, save for one thing: the architecture is distinctly dwarven, though dwarves have never been known to live in this corner of the continent, usually staying in the mountains of the north. The cultural discrepency has stumped scholars for ages.

Recently, however, a local dwarven researcher has taken up residence in Bilmyre. She claims to have a lead on the mystery, though lacks the assistance to pursue it. So adventurers who pass through the village find themselves being chatted up by a peculiar old dwarven woman, offering fame, fortune, and an oppertunity to assist in what she claims to be the most important discovery of the century.

Players will be those who, for reasons known only to them, offered up their services.