Hell's Rebels, Rise of the Silver Ravens

Game Master Red Velvet Tiger

Events that happened in our home game that have influenced the world in a way that is, at some point, relevant to this campaign.

Events of Rise of the Runelords:
A group of adventurers, following the trail of the Cult of the Sihedron, slew the Runelord of Greed, Karzoug, and threw his dying form through a mystic lens into a horrible antediluvian realm in order to close it. The group established a mysterious order known as the Order of the Radiant Star, an order dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of ancient Thassilon, living by the original uncorrupted Seven Virtues of Rule, and sending forth agents clothed in white hooded robes and golden masks from their base in Xin-Shalast to accomplish mysterious ends. The Order's hints helped the Pathfinder Society find the first shard of the Sihedron Star.

Events of Curse of the Crimson Throne:
A ragtag band of misfits, drawn together by a common foe, fought against Queen Ileosa Arabasti of Korvosa. The band, discovering that the spirit of Kazavon in the Crown of Fangs was what drove Ileosa into the depths of depravity and evil, shattered the crown in their confrontation with her and, in so doing, freed her from the darkness which had driven her. Her mind pushed to the brink by what she has wrought, she joined a wandering group of Sarenite pilgrims, devoting herself to a life of penance to atone for her sins. The band saved Korvosa and, after helping restore it to glory, went their separate ways. The Varisian paladin of Sarenrae, Salvatore Karlonnis, who arose as a ghost after his sacrifice during the events of the Blood Plague, wanders Golarion still, doing good deeds. He is now a legend in Varisia known as the Knight of Mists, partly due the spectral mists that presage his arrival and partly due to his misty spectral steed. The church of Pharasma yet hunts him, trying to give him a peaceful end, but the paladin evades them, determined to make the world a better place until someone forcibly sends him into the Great Beyond.

Events of Council of Thieves:
The Children of Westcrown, a long-beleaguered rebel group within the Chelaxian city of Westcrown, recently came into good fortune when a group of friends joined the cause after a mutual acquaintance of theirs was killed by the Shadow Beasts. Unable to stand by and watch their city continue to decay under the rule of callous nobles, they struck back and, in doing so, uncovered the shadowy Council of Thieves. After helping dismantle the nobility, eliminating the Council of Thieves and its sinister Tiefling leader, and helping Westcrown cede from Cheliax, the Children of Westcrown turned their gaze to the rest of Cheliax, eager to liberate more of the formerly-great nation from the tyrannical House Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus. Their leader, a shadowy figure known as the Nightraven, has been doing investigations in the city of Vyre, plumbing the city for secrets which could be used to further the organization's goals of freeing Cheliax.

Events of Kingmaker:
A group of mercenaries working for the Restov founded the nation of Weissenwald, so named after the trees were bleached of color after the Fey Queen Nyrissa's death. The nation is ruled with an iron fist by the only surviving member of the mercenaries, a man by the name of Seigfried Schwarzenritter, who absorbed the Fey Queen's power and turned into an immortal Fey of immense power. Seigfried, now known as the Horned King, is a master of necromancy and swordplay and often joins his nation's mercenary army in their campaigns in other nations simply to enjoy the chaos of the battlefield.