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Hmm... if y'all are still recruiting, I'd love to drop in Kestrel!

She's a refugee from a sadly defunct non-DC M&M3 game here on the boards, but I'd certainly be interested in powering her up to 8 and re-flavoring some backstory to make her fit better!

Her basic hero shtick is that she's a hypermind with a specialty in perception. She can't actually see or hear or whatever any farther than baselines, but she's able to derive a ton of information from anything within those ranges. This also allows her to pull off some nonsense Bullseye/Deadshot trick shots and ricochets - her primary way of actually fighting when it comes to a superhero brawl.

One of her conceits is that she's in a bit of a Nightwing stage of her heroing career. She was a teenage sidekick for quite a while, but has struck out on her own under circumstances that weren't entirely amicable. Since she was originally created for a different universe her former mentor is also an OC, but I'd be happy to find an appropriate DC character instead :-)

Personality-wise, Kestrel is very cheeky, and enjoys playing up the world-weariness of a long-time sidekick (Interdimensional Gorilla Invasion? Must be Tuesday).

Her post history should hopefully be at least partially illuminating, and I've got a PL 6 version of her in this alias - let me know if there's anything else that would be helpful!

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Both of you are welcome to join. When you are ready to jump into the action, I'll move the story along.

Alas I'm not getting the time to realise the concept I want - will gracefully bow out and keep an eye from the sidelines should a future opportunity present.



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Black Dow wrote:

Alas I'm not getting the time to realise the concept I want - will gracefully bow out and keep an eye from the sidelines should a future opportunity present.




I was hoping to throw a ninja into combat at least once!

Variant Fastball Special lol...

I'll see what I can cook up o'er the weekend then.

*rubs metallic hands together evilly to make excruciating noise*

No pressure!

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If you would like help, let me know Black Dow. I have some familiarity with mutants and masterminds 3e

EDIT: Also, I'm working on an alias for Tabula Rosa right now.

Okay, got an alias created.

Awesome! I'll finish up Kestrel's PL upgrade tonight, and start the research for a new surrogate father-figure.

Any heroes who could use a tie-in? I'd almost make her a bat-brat, but I think she'd have fit in too well there...

Sorry...MINOTAR is only a few months old technically.

Oh, I wouldn't want it to be someone on the team anyways - supposed to be kind of the 'awkward-ex'* vibe anyways, and I don't want her feeling too directly like she's on the team because of her former mentor.

Sorry the upgrade's not done - ended up with a busier weekend than I was expecting.

Dotting in so I don't miss anything, but how are the new-crew entering? Looks like you guys are in post-mission bonding etc. at the moment, and I'm not sure if we'll be joining at the start of the next 'issue?'

*But umm... parental, and not Oedipal.

Alas I will have to step away on this one - work is ramping up over the run up to year end (I'm in O&G operations) and I'm going to likely struggle to cover the games I'm involved in, outwith the games I'm looking to join.

Appreciate the input and enthusiasm - will keep an eye on the game and if post festives there's still potential of a seat at the table will revisit.

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I'll post a move tomorrow introducing the new folks; Kestrel and Tabula Rosa! Welcome aboard, guys!


@WhtKnt - My build is mostly done as well. She will be completed by someday tomorrow but is ready for character introductions.

I know I probably won’t actually get in, but it’s just fun trying to stat-up the heroes popping into my head.
Looking at the crew already gathered an battlesuit would be a little redundant with MINOTAR. As would be a caster now that you have Fairy Tale.
That would leave the possible energy controller that can maybe open portals. Or maybe another type of controller, I always wanted to play a paper-master. :)
I’m just trying to figure out how the Variable works.

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You are welcome to join, Spacefurry. Pitch a character and we'll squeeze you in.

I was thinking of trying the paper master. I did have a couple questions on how to write up the powers.
I figure Elemental Control of paper as the base, with I guess maybe Variable linked to it. That would cover things like making barriers and shields, making weapons and tools, attacking to damage or bind with paper, creating and controlling paper golems.
Some kind of Sense to ‘feel’ paper and paper-like stuff, and Comprehend to ‘commune’ with papers and books. Maybe Transform to change paper qualities like making it as strong as metal but still flexible or maybe more resistant to fire and water.
I’m just not sure about some of the minor abilities. Like being able to make paper seem like clothes and being able to maintaining several of paper constructs at one time.

Character hook wise, I was thinking of a ‘reformed’ criminal turned reluctant hero. A thief on a work release parol. :p

Any tips or ideas?

I think an Origami-Power style hero would be pretty cool. "Give UP Villain! I never Fold!"


There's a ninja-thief in the updated (new)series on Netflix...'Where in the world is Carmen San Diego'...

She uses paper throwing stars and knives she folds herself if I remember correctly.

Are any of you familiar with paper masters? They’re from the manga/anime series R.o.D., Read or Die and it’s sequel Read or Dream.

Edit: I’ve been meaning to check that series out.

I am! Though it's been quite a few years since I've seen/read any of it

I've actually seen a Paper Master-style character in action... I'll see if I can track down her profile to give you a starting point.

**Cough** It's worth noting that they had some rather... extreme understandings of what this build allowed, so (like always) it's worth checking in with the GM.

Couple of questions if I may.
Would paper, books and paper-like materials’ be a -1 limited material flaw or would that be narrow enough to count as a -2 since its not a common element like water, energy, or even metal?
Making golems out of paper, would that be Summon?

Also, I was thinking of giving him a disability, kinda, he would have lost an arm but uses a bit of his power to sustain a ‘paper arm’. It’s more of a cosmetic thing but it could come in handy in an emergency, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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Just lurking here... (I had thought about applying to this but couldn't quite get my concept together)... and I am a MASSIVE, MASSIVE fan of R.O.D. and have attempted some paper master stats. For 3e, for a character to work truly the way paper masters work in that series, where basically they always have usable paper unless the plot needs them not to, it's better to give the necessity for paper as a power-loss type complication, rather than apply it to the power build itself. That way you're not constantly tracking if you have paper or not, and if the GM says you don't have it, you get the hero point for the trouble.

The paper master I have specifically tried to build most often is Maggie Mui from Read or Dream/ROD the TV, and yes, I'd agree Summon is the way to go for making paper golems. They'd have the Extras Controlled (they are mindless and have no will of their own), mental link (they are commanded mentally, not through verbal or physical commands), variable type (if you want to make a few different forms; if the golem has a single form then that's not necessary). The minions would be constructs that in addition to having no Stamina score would have no Intellect or Agility scores (all constructs are without three scores but are immune to any effect requiring a Fortitude save).

As a warning, the hard part I've always had statting this up is a) statting all the paper minions, and b) figuring out if a paper shield effect is Protection or a Deflection power.

I hadn’t considered using it as a power loss complication, it would work if the GM allows it. As for Protection vs Deflection, I’m not sure. It could be circumstantial depending how it’s used.
For the rest of the powers I wasn’t sure if it would be Elemental Control with Create and Summon linked to it or as a Dynamic Alternate Effects.
Would attacks be DAEs or just fall under the Damaging extra for Move Object?
And would Protection be a DAE or just linked to Create?

Separately, Maggie is cool as are the other sisters. But Yomiko is still my favorite. :D

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1) I would rule that paper is a -2 limitation.
2) Making golems of paper is definitely a Summon ability.
3) A paper shield could go either way. I'd rule that it is an Array that has both abilities.
4) I like the idea of the Power Loss limitation.
5) I rather like the idea of making the other powers ADEs.

Just my $.02.

I might be overthinking this. :p
The way I have it set up at this point I’ve got 7 dynamics. That adds 14 points to the paper control alone. I need to streamline it some.

Element Control (paper) as base.
DAEs: Protection, Deflect, Create, Summon, Damage Array, Affliction Array (snare/incapacitate), Healing (repair books/papers)

I’m also thinking Comprehend (books/papers) and Sense (detect books/paper)

ooh this looks fun

Move Object and Create don’t seem to change the qualities of what’s being moved or created. So if I wanted to have the paper under his control to be more resilient could I add the Impervious extra to it or would I have to use some kind of limited Transform linked to it?
And would I have to add the extra effect to each Alternate Effect, or would it apply to them already if it’s attached to the base power?

Also, after reading a little more I think Deflect would be more accurate for when he would create ‘walls and shields’ to defend from attacks. Protection adds to personal toughness and would only work if he used it to create some kind of armor or protective clothing. Does that sound right to you?

Edit: Sorry if I’m asking too many questions.

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Cuatroespada, you are welcome to join us. Newcomers, please know that my wife is mostly blind, and I am responsible for her care, as well as handling all her emails. On top of that, I have clinical depression. In addition, both of us do work for a local convention, so sometimes my posting gets a little slow, but rest assured that I will keep the game going as long as the players are interested. I try to update as often as possible, but weekends are generally bad for me (I run RL games on Saturdays and do con work on Sundays).

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spacefurry wrote:
Move Object and Create don’t seem to change the qualities of what’s being moved or created. So if I wanted to have the paper under his control to be more resilient could I add the Impervious extra to it or would I have to use some kind of limited Transform linked to it?

I would think that you can do that (add Impervious).

spacefurry wrote:
And would I have to add the extra effect to each Alternate Effect, or would it apply to them already if it’s attached to the base power?

I might be wrong, but I believe that applying an effect to the base power does not affect Alternate Effects.

spacefurry wrote:
Also, after reading a little more I think Deflect would be more accurate for when he would create ‘walls and shields’ to defend from attacks. Protection adds to personal toughness and would only work if he used it to create some kind of armor or protective clothing. Does that sound right to you?

Sounds logical to me.

More questions! Who’s surprised? :p
I know I’m going to sacrifice a couple points to have him maintain his paper arm. I’m guessing maybe a constant 1rank Create effect for it? What is the rank cap on powers?
Can a array be a Dynamic Alt Effect, like say having an attack array. He can defend and attack at the same time, and has a couple different attack options, but can only use one type of attack at a time. Does that make sense?
At least until he gets stronger. :D

Right now we are still at PL8.

Project M.I.N.O.T.A.R wrote:
Right now we are still at PL8.

So Rank 8 max for powers?

Here's what I was thinking so far power wise.

The GM did allow a power or ability to go up to PL10 if you gave a good reason for it and it wasn't insane. My Strength and Protection are at 10. But I didn't start with any ranged abilities. It kind of offset that.

I don't think I skimped anywhere.
But adding up everything else leaves me 44pts for his Paper Manipulation pool, as it were. But that would be 11 ranks as I have it. So I need to adjust it.
And like I said earlier, I was going to basically devote 1 rank of Create to keeping his paper arm since he wants to have it move and act like a normal arm. So if I can get it down to 10 ranks, that would give him only a few less points to work with.
I just need to finish fleshing out the alternate effects.

If I can raise the cost per rank to 5, I could cannibalize a point from elsewhere and get it at 9 ranks for 45 points.
Or I need to spend 4 points on something else and then get it at rank 10 for 40 points.

Also, I added ability scores, skills, advantages, and complications.
Any suggestions so far?

Okay, I think I have something. Just need to flesh out the background.

Short(ish) version::
Born in a small town, Leon was quiet and sociable as a youngster, tho he still preferred to spend a lot of time reading. Books just seemed to call to him his whole life, and then he discovered his powers as a teen. Fearing others wouldn’t understand he decided to leave home. Leon runaway to big city, having no income he started as small time burglar, using the earnings to support himself. A few larger jobs and he had the money to open a small book shop. He tried to stop his criminal activities but found he missed something about it.
Hearing of a rare and expensive book being auctioned Leon lapsed. Several book thefts later and Leon had caught the media’s attention and was dubbed ‘the Paper Thief’ since he was stealing rare books and documents, eventually shortened to just ‘the Paper’. Soon Leon found himself approached but other criminal types with offers to pay for his services.
Not big enough to catch the JL’s attention, he did find himself targeted by ARGUS. The agent charged with his capture was one Agent Sarah Rothman. The two developed a flirtatious banter over their various encounters, with Leon even getting caught and helping ARGUS a few times. One night Agent Rothman caught Leon mid-caper and during his attempt to escape an explosion rocked the building causing it to start collapsing, the non-powered agent was nearly crushed by falling debris. In a moment of self sacrifice tried to save her. He succeeded but lost most of his arm in the process.

What do you think? Questions? Critique?

Hmm, looking back over it a couple days later and I don’t think I like the way it reads. ><
It makes him sound older then I intended. I was imagining mid twenties.
I’m gonna have to rewrite the tl:dr, maybe reduce the criminal history some. Cause I still like the reformed thief on probation bit. :p
Would ‘Seize Initiative’ be useful?
Also I’m not sure about the shop owner thing, might drop that too. Perhaps have him just working at a bookstore.
I was also thinking I reduce his Paper Manipulation, but not much, maybe just one rank. That would give him a 31pt pool (36pt - 5pt to maintain his arm).
I’m rambling again. I just don’t want to look like I’m trying work the system or anything.

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I think that would be fine. I'm going to go ahead and move the story along, but feel free to fine-tune as we go. Seize Initiative is ALWAYS useful.

Okay, let's go for the

short short version...:

1) 5 important concepts
* Leon is a big book lover, borderline bibliophile
* He has personal moral code and does his best not to let people get seriously injured
* Was a foster child, with a foster brother and sister who he still keeps in contact with
* Lost left arm protecting Agent Rothman, uses his power to maintain a realistic arm from paper
* Leon has feelings for the ARGUS agent that was assigned to capture him, and is now his liaison/’parole officer’
2) 2 Goals
* To have an extensive book collection and have his own book store
* To get Agent Rothman to agree to a date
3) 2 Secrets
* His control over paper is a mental power, books and paper respond to his will
* His foster siblings have powers of their own, and are watched by ARGUS
4) 3 People
* Agent Sarah Rothman
* Richard Moss - foster brother
* Elizabeth Kain- foster sister
5) 3 Mannerisms
* Acts aloof and says heroes are idiots for risking themselves for no gain, but with act without hesitation to help others
* Values books and papers more than other ‘valuables’
* Not sure how he feels about digital books
* Can sometimes be distracted by with a new or rare information, especially if it’s a book or on paper

Also, decided to change the last name. :p
Got it to 120pts even.

okay, so the concept i have in mind is a magic user, so i figure a power array is appropriate. now i understand the concept behind dynamic arrays but don't really understand how they function in practice when the cost per rank of the various powers might vary.

The way I understood from reading it, the rank and cost per rank don't matter. As long as the total number of points for the alternate effect power is equal to or less then the base power cost, not including the flat point cost of adding a power to the array.

for simple arrays that's fine because you can't use any of the powers at the same time; you're paying a small flat cost for more mutually exclusive options. with a dynamic array you're paying a slightly higher flat cost for options that can be used simultaneously, but since they're theoretically sharing a power source, they can't be full power while you're using more than one.

for example, if i have a magic artifact that allows me to create multiple magical effects but it isn't limited to one at a time (e.g. it let's me summon something, while allowing me to fly and move objects remotely), i would use a dynamic array because i can use all those powers at once, but the same thing is powering them so its power has to be divided up.

Excately, that’s why when I was working up my powers I figured out the per/rank cost so I can more easily figure how many points I need to fuel each power and adjust as needed.

did you put an array within an array? cool, i had wondered if that was viable. btw, your array actually costs 51pp (not that the one point is a big deal just pointing it out). the initial power costs +1 flat for the dynamic array in addition to the +2 for each additional effect. or maybe that's only if you still want to be able to use the move object effect with your "leftover points."

regardless, i'm still unsure if you can have effects grouped in a dynamic array. i'm basically trying to do a personal biomanipulation array where i use magic to enhance my physical ability. just having four enhancement effects for the physical stats is a simple way to do it, but i'm wondering if i can tie exactly 1 rank in leaping to the strength enhancement effect or if it needs to be a separate alternate effect. it's important because i also wanted a speed enhancement and a healing enhancement that are separate from specific stats, and i want the speed enhancement to include only one rank of speed, quickness and evasion, but be able to pump the dodge and parry.

Shoot didn’t see that line. Thanks for pointing it out.

I think you should be able to tie the effect to the trait enhancement by using the Link extra on them. So, say when you activate the strength boost you get the leaping ability at the same time. You just add the two powers together to get its total cost. They can be different ranks.
To put it in an array I would think it’d be like:

X = total cost for AE
Y = cost of En Str cost per rank times # of ranks
Z = cost of Leap cost per rank times # of ranks

X = Y + Z

oh no the array within an array thing was just a curiosity. i know how they work.

i forgot "link" was a thing though and i'm pretty sure it's what i needed. thanks

I was gonna try an Ironman type armored hero, but I was having trouble getting the cost down. :p
I’m still trying to tweak it for fun.
I’m having trouble figuring out the armor’s A.I.
I was figuring it would be a Minion built as a construct.
I wasn’t sure how to ‘skill’ it though. It would just be a program linked to the armor.
How and where would you draw the line between what would be the computer’s skills and what would be enhancements to the armor’s pilot.

The easiest way is a simple Limitation cost savings for bonus skill points. This make the Skill Bonus not available without your 'removable' equipment. This also technically makes it a 'Power' rather than a skill(s) however.

I’ll keep working on it just for fun.
I’m just waiting to hear from the GM.
I wanted to make sure everything was okay before posted.
I actually had a funny idea for his introduction to the group.

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