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Just for our info who do you still have out of the original selectees, so we are not considering bases that are already covered...

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We have MINOTAR (a robotic brick), Ghost (invisible phasing teleporter), Isikos (living shadow), and Straightjacket (elastic hero).

My original pitch for this game was an Awakened Cockroach familiar who rode around in his former master's zombified body. In practice, he'd be a tiny wizard/mage with a brick-type minion. I still love the bizarreness of the concept, and think it would be a lot of fun to play. That being said, it is off the wall enough that I'm not offended if it doesn't appeal, so I could also brainstorm another concept if you'd rather. Let me know.

I'm new to M&M. Is there time(a couple days) to put something together?

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Oh, let's say we give it until next Wednesday (October 10). That should be sufficient time for most of you to get characters in. If anyone needs an extra day or so, I'm inclined to be lenient so long as you present a concept.

Rigor, that is truly a bizarre concept. But if you are willing to play it and accept the fact that most people are going to be put off by him, then I don't have an issue with it.

Ya, off the wall and strange ideas are kind of my stock in trade. Atypical characters are how I get my mental kicks. If you're good with it, I'll take another look back at the character I've built so far. I'll have to try and remember exactly how I intended the mechanics of this idea to work. If i can work it out, I'm game to try him, though this probably is about the strangest idea I've come up with yet.

If it doesnt work, in mechanics or in story, I have a few other ideas, some still a little wacky (though not as extreme), and others a bit more traditional.

I would love to play some a Superhero, looking at what is in the group I am thinking speedster or energy absorber / projector I'll play this around in my head.

I'm looking for a hero game.

Downloading 3e MM for ideas.

Here's Jubal's character.

First MM character

I'm not a big DC fan, but I've been doing some research to make a more DC character.

What about an Earth-3 Captain Cold? He just escaped to Earth-1 when Earth-3 was destroyed.

I would build him like Iceman

However, the rules of Array are not in my 3e Core Rulebook.

Can anyone help?


Array is just a bunch of Alternate Effect modifiers. You spend 1 point per alternate slot, or 2 points for a dynamic slot where you can assign partial points to each effect.


Side note: I believe all the versions of Captain Cold use a Freeze Gun, meaning he has no powers. There are a few villains who are more like iceman though; Killer Frost for instance.

Arrays are very simple. For one PP you can create a related alternate effect for a power. As the affect is an alternative, you can typically only use one of those effects in any given round. For example:

A power like Cold Blast (Damage 8, Ranged) would usually cost 16 pp. For an extra 1 PP you could create an Encase in Ice power (Affliction, Ranged, etc) also worth 16 pp. You could therefore do either, and have two powers worth 16 pp, for the cost of 17pp (the value of the alternate effects does not get included). You could also add a third alternate effect, or a forth, each for 1 more pp.

Generally, the powers should all be related somehow, though creative thinking can often help link even very different seeming powers.

Dynamic Arrays get a little bit more complicated. They cost 2 pp, but allow you to share a point value between two powers. So I could add Ice Skin (Protection 8, Impenitrable, Dynamic) to the previous array. When I am concentrating on defence, I can use the power to maintain my Toughness bonus at +8. But I could also shunt some power to offence and keep some in defence. So if I dropped my Protection to 4, I could use my Damge power at rank 4 in the same round.

In late 2008 Mirror master broke into a checkmate facility, one of the agents that fell victim to the assault was Pawn #443 'Aston Miles' when the flash defeated Mirror Master everyone was freed. but something strange occurred and even after #443 was released the image remained in the glass.

Years later that mirror was in a storage unit in the back of a STAR labs facility and a fight between Flash and Grodd spilled into the building. When the mirror hit the floor Figment was standing there. The first this Aston did was to head home, as he was approaching he saw himself taking out the trash.

Figment has the ability to animate his reflections to have them fight along side him.

Would anyone mind if Earth-3's Leonard Snart had mutant cold powers instead of a cold gun?

Here's Jubal's second more DC submission.

That's a pretty cool reflavoring, I think.

It does set up a bit of initial drama between us, however - Ghost fought Captain Cold back in Central City. It's actually how he came to the attention of the League, and got recruited for this gig. It might take him a little while to fully trust an alternate Earth-3 version.

So, I changed him from a mutant to being tortured by the Crime Syndicate. He was shot with an ice-creating gun during his childhood to develop his powers.


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Posting for interest as well, hoping work will give me enough time to put something together in the deadline cause I just saw this thread haha.

Right now thinking of a magician type character something between Harry Dresden and John Constantine, relies on magic and knowledge of the occult along with some snark to get the job done in the end

I tinkered with Coldwar after I found the Power Level limit rules.

I've also updated his background to get him to the Rocky Mountain Justice League.

Ready to go.

Think I'm going to switch gears; we've had another proposal for a magic type, and I'm afraid my concept may come across just too bizarre get taken seriously.

What I'm thinking of now is a entity that was created when a few hostages were electrocuted by a supervillain. What resulted was something of a disembodied electric-energy man made up of the amalgamated energy of those killed. While he can interact directly in his energy form, I'm picturing him more often fuctioning through a mechanical body he can built for himself out of available scrap.

He'll have the usual electric themed powers like tasers and lightning, but he'll also function a lot like Deadman, but instead of possessing people, possessing machines and computers.

This concept was inspired by some fan art I saw. Appeared to be Assassin's Creed related, but as far as I can tell, not actually associated with the games. Image 1; Image 2

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I think that I'm going to give it a few extra days for stragglers. I have a con this weekend, so the absolute deadline is Monday, 15 October, at 11:59 PM CDT.

Here is the submission for Rigor Roctus, Arcfire: Electrical entity.

Short Background:
A team of three teams built themselves a Neural Interface system they Called the Arcfire System. During a regional Science Fair where they intended to get themselves some attention and mainstream backing. Of course, they were going to be breaking quite a few rules to do it, but winning the Science Fair wasn’t the point.

Toy Maker attacked the Science Fair, probably with his eye on one project or another, but during the attack, the Arcfire was damaged. Their power supply overloaded and exploded. All three boys were incinerated, and many others were injured. Toy Maker’s bot was damaged and he had to run, but empty handed.

Over a few months, a new entity gained awareness on the internet. He was an amalgamation of the three Arcfire team members, and seemed to exist as energy only. Only when an emergency appeared, did he discover he could manifest in the real world. An office building where someone he used to know worked. He stepped into the real world, built himself a body out of office computers and scrap, and helped get the people to safety. When the JLA showed up, he was brought in for screening. A few months later, he is being trialed to a new team.


Early November, Sophomore year. A few old friends and rivals were working together on a big project the regional Science Fair. They had developed the software and hardware to allow a remote operated vehicle to function in an urban environment, not unlike a drone, but much less militaristic. Their key achievement was what they were calling the Arcfire Interface; a neural feedback machine that allowed you to control a system at the speed of thought.

Their system allowed anyone, even a member of the public, to operate a vehicle in real time, even working at high rates of speed. To prove the concept, they were probably going to be breaking a few rules, but they were counting on it being worth it. They'd be disqualified, but winning the science fair was not the real motivation here, getting noticed was, and sometimes getting called for more dramatic actions.

Garrett Tiber had written the code, Alfonzo Mendez had built the hardware, and Inuou Ishikawa, as a competative racer, gearhead, and general video game nut, was their operator.

If they could attract the right kind of notice with their demonstration, further developing their VR immersive remote control system into something massive. Taxis could be remote piloted, allowing for more passengers, medevac vehicles could go places too dangerous to send personnel, and most important to Inuou, race vehicles could go faster, and develop in ways that would not be safe for human operators.

The demonstration was going great. Inuou was competing via remote link in a real race occurring at the same time, his bike rigged to operate via his control. They'd gathered quite a crowd when things went sideways. The Toy Maker crashed the fair in one of his giant robots. Afterwards, nobody is sure exactly what he was after, though it is possible it was their remote piloting system he'd come looking for.

Part of their system involved using a significant power source to maintain the high intensity real-time connection with the controlled vehicle. Toy Maker's robot smashed into their rig as he burst into the community centre, sending the power system into a surge, and causing an explosion. A few dozen people were injured. Toy Maker's robot was damaged enough that he had to make an impromptu retreat, and probably only escaped because everything had happened so quickly there was never a chance for Super Heroes to show up.

While most of the injuries were minor, a few bystanders had been hurt badly enough to need surgery or hospital time. Of the three boys however, little to nothing remained. The power surge had been intense enough to almost completely incinerate all three. Identifications were confirmed with dental fragments.

The entity that would later be known as Arcfire became aware of himself sometime later. He existed within the expanse of the world wide web. For a while, he merely watched, as he could not remember how he had come to be, and did not know his purpose. Gradually, he found himself drawn to particular parts of the web that seemed familiar. Social media sites with faces he recognized, school website with pictures and videos of familiar places. Social clubs that seemed familiar.

Over several months, he pieced his memory back together, and figured out what had happened. The power surge had overpowered their neural interface, and when their bodies were destroyed, their minds transferred along the link, into the web. For whatever reason, the three minds had merged; maybe because in all the internet, the three neural patterns were the only thing similar to each other; or perhaps it was just chance.

At first they assumed they were trapped in the web, unable to touch the real world. They established some new online aliases, not wanting to hurt their grieving families showing up online claiming to be a lost loved one, but unable to prove it. It wasn't until a great enough motivator was present that they discovered they could leave the web.

While keeping an eye on loved ones, they observed a bombing in an office building Garrett's sister worked in. Near structural collapse, a lot of people were going to be hurt or die. At that moment, Arcfire stepped out of the machine, and appeared in the office. He was a glowing cloud of electric energy, vaguely humanoid, but pure electrons and cohesive energy. He found almost immediately that in this form, his ability to interact with the world was very limited. Knowing what he did about controlling machines however… his power ripped apart several computer terminals, office chairs, kitchen appliances, and odds and ends, assembling into a rapidly constructed avatar.

Moving around the building, he rescued the injured, shored up collapsing walls and floors, and repaired fire suppression systems. By the time Superman arrived, most of the people were safe.

Superman took the unknown hero to the Justice League for a thorough debriefing. Now, a few months later, after counselling and thorough vetting, he has been put forward as a candidate for hero training. Still a bit confused, and adapting to his/their new existance, Arcfire is also enjoying some of the new challenges in his life. Still, he is troubled by the loved ones he left behind, and feels highly conflicted about contacting them, but feels duty bound to watch after them.

Fluff is done, but I'm doing some fine tuning on the crunch. Few more points to spend, etc.

Looks like there are three submissions that came together by the deadline.

The Fragment

Let us know if/when you'd like us to join the discussion forum.

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Deadline is 11:59 tonight, so I'll give it another few hours, but if it's just the three of you, I'll let everyone in.

Ah, AM/PM, my old nemesis! Curse you! But seriously, I've worked in a hospital so long I think my brain is just stuck on the 24 clock, and I seriously thought the deadline was noon.

Submission for Vehement1
I know I'm cutting it close and i'm still finishing up one or two things but here it is.


Alexander Ramirez - PL 8 (120 pp)

Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 0, Intellect 5, Awareness 5, Presence 3

Diehard, Fearless, Imp. Initiative, Languages 2, Ranged Attack 5, Ritualist, Trance

Skills (Ranks)
Expertise: Magic 8 (+13), Expertise: Occult 8 (+13), Expertise: Theology 8 (+13), Insight 6 (+11), Investigation 4 (+9), Perception 4 (+9), Athletics 2 (+2)

Magic Blast 8 Ranks (16 Points)

-AE: Binding: Affliction 8 (Reversible, Cumulative, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) Hindered+Vulnerable>Immobile+Defenseless (1 Point)

-AE: Scry: Remote Sensing 7 (Vision+Hearing, Subtle 2, Concentration) (1 Point)

-AE: Counterspell: Nullify 8 (Magic, Simultaneous) (1 Point)

-AE: Shield: Create 6 (Continuous) (1 Point)

Barrier: Protection 8 (Sustained) (8 Points)

Senses: Magic Awareness (Acute, Accurate) (4 Points)


Dodge: 4
Parry: 0
Fortitude: 4
Will: 10
Toughness: 2/10

Gender: Male
Power Point Totals: Advantages 12 + Abilities 40 + Skills 20 + Defenses 10 + Powers 28 = 110 Points

Quick Backstory:

Alex was a decent kid growing up, but he always had a deep seated fascination with magic and the occult, which was doubly complicated in a religiously strict household. By the time he was finishing college he had read just about every book he could get his hands on the subject not that it made much of a difference as he had zero abilities at all, at least until he took a trip to visit some of his extended family in Mexico.

The trip was uneventful, they lived in a small town a couple of hours south of the border where not much happens but a cartel had some other ideas, wanting the town for themselves as a staging area close to the border they came into town and started to 'evacuate' the villagers. Alex knew he had to do something but he was always a scrawny kid and wasn't much of a fighter he did have one thing. The last thing Alex remembers was drawing the sigil in the church where he and several of the villagers were hiding, everything after that is black until he woke to a man with a strong british accent calling him stupid among several other less than pleasant things.

The man introduced himself as John Constantine and explained that whatever Alex had done had attracted the attention of a evil, the memories started to come back at this point, he had seen the sigils and words needed to call upon aid, but he was sure it was an angel that he was trying to summon, Alex remembers something answering the call though, something that promised him power to save the villagers in exchange for something, a body in the mortal realm, one they could share so that this spirit might achieve its own goals.

Constantine explained further that in his haste Alex had summoned an Angel alright, though it was one that had fallen from grace and required a vessel to operate among the rest of the world and Alex had willingly allowed this spirit to possess him. By the time he had arrived it was all Constantine could do to bind the Fallen Angel inside of Alex but it wasnt perfect and wouldnt last forever. Alex looked at his body and saw the seal branded into his chest and felt a power he had never known before

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Oh, what the heck? If I can handle seven, I can handle eight. Okay, you're all in.

The four of you have been assigned to join the Rocky Mountain Justice League at Los Angeles, at a public appearance. They have been notified to expect you. This will be a pretty standard PR appearance.

Sweet. Looking forward to it.

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We are recruiting some new players to our Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition campaign.

Characters are PL 8. I'm not going to be terribly strict with points. Try to stay around 120, but if you need a few extra, feel free to take them. Just be sure that it fits your concept and that you observe the campaign PL level.

This is set in the DC Universe, using the "classic" DC heroes, as described in the Heros & Villains books. Consider this one of those "alternate Earths" that you hear so much about, such that it is unaffected by the mainstream comics universe (since I stopped collecting years ago).

You are an up-and-coming hero team, sponsored by the Justice League. If you wish to be "inspired" by one of them, that's fine, but don't feel obligated to create junior Justice League members. The League will allow you to handle situations as you see fit, intervening only if it becomes apparent that lives are in danger. You should NOT expect them to bail you out, however. If you screw up, the consequences are on you.

The team is based out of Grand Junction, Colorado and are calling themselves the Rocky Mountains Justice League. If interested, please post here!

I would like to join and I am familiar with the rules and own the DC 3rd edition hard cover. It is really a matter of what your team needs.

We have a cold energy Producer: Coldwar
Brick/Robot-Android: MINOTAR
Stretchy/Brawler: Straightjacket
Multiplying-man: ...I think we still have the Fragment right? Haven't heard from him in a while.

I am glad I asked so I can leave my meta morph on the shelf.

My top two picks that I think that would fit well are two characters that I played long-term in a 5th edition Hero campaign so I would just need to convert the numbers over to M&M but the personalities, background and power sets are all worked out.

1) Fairy Tale - An immortal Fey Sorcerer. A Mystic who can shrink down and fly with her little fairy wings. Her power set is mostly transmutation, enchantment or illusion. She does not throw balls of energy or teleport great distances but she can get big, turn invisible, quickly grow grass to form a barrier or trick someone with an illusion. The feel of the character is completely good witch and soft but slightly alien in a good way. Think more tooth fairy and less fey elf.

2) Nimbus - A Speedster that supplements his abilities with technological inventions. Generally his inventions will vary from adventure to adventure depending on what he is working on at the time.
He is perhaps a little too competitive but an idealist committed to pushing the boundaries of science and helping humanity advance.

Can I start stating out a build for Fairy Tale? Is the concept an acceptable fit for the team?

Go for it

Works for me. We lost both our 'sneaky/teleport' characters. One that can shrink would be almost as useful!

You guys looking for one dose of new blood?

Was mulling a pitch regards a female ninja type with connections to Katana - working codename: Void Lotus.

Like the lotus she symbolises she's climbed above her criminal roots and now forges a "shadow" war against her former clan. Could have been drawn to Colorado by the recent actions of the ninjas working with the Dragon's Claw?

Power-wise would be tapping into the Japanese 5th Element of Kū or sora, (translated as "Void") associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.

In martial arts, particularly in tales where the fighting discipline is blended with magic or the occult, its reputed that a warrior properly attuned to the Void can sense their surroundings and act without using the mind, and without using their "physical senses"...

Plenty of pseudo-supernatural stuff for me to mix in with the ninja skills.

Let me know if it's worth putting something together - fully appreciate if you have a full house with Fairy Tale joining.

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Yes, please. It seems like there are only 3 of us before Fairy Tale

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Absolutely, you are welcome Black Dow.

Much appreciated - I'll get my crunch cap on and work something up for you all to review.

Might be closer to the weekend as I need to dig into DC history, Ninja lore and read more of the game thread.

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Shouldn't be too hard to do: We just finished fighting a bunch of Ninjas/Japanese-themed bad guys! Could be a good link to help you start there.

Does Regeneration heal all conditions over time? If not how can you model a recovery power that will gradually shake off any type of enchantment/transmutation effects?


No Immunity prevents you from being effected in the first place. A better question is what can Regeneration not heal?

Maybe you might need to do a conditional Defense then? One that ramps up as you are exposed to it? Point wise I'm unsure of what the cost will be, but...

Are you still looking for recruits?

spacefurry wrote:
Are you still looking for recruits?

Seems like we're only 3 active players with 2 in recruitment. The GM has run with 7, so pitch an idea and/or draft a build.

Creative wheels are turning in earnest - in addition to being a full-fledged ninja, my pitch will possess the ability to "shift" into the space between dimensions (been reading alot into the concept of negative space (seeing this as MOVEMENT: DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL/PERMEATE) and, using her Muramasa forged katana, is also able to "cut" portals allowing others temporary passage into those dimensional channels (TELEPORT: PORTAL)

Depending on points allocation she'll also have some cool chi fighting abilities to use/manifest.

Still linking with Katana, but might interweave some Lady Shiva into the mix also depending on the final build...

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Okay, so I've been contemplating entering a submission and I went back and forth on the character that I wanted to play if I did end up submitting a character.

Since you still have room, I decided to give it a shot and sat down this evening to flesh out a character. After alot of back and forth, here is the character I'm submitting (hidden in spoilers for ease of reading):

Tabula Rosa:

PL 8
CP 120 (36 abilities 36 skills 23 advantages 25 powers)

Str 0
Sta 0
Agl 0
Dex 0
Fgt 0
Int 0
Awe 0
Pre 10

Dodge 0
Fortitude +8 (8 pts)
Parry 0
Toughness +16
Will +8 (8 pts)

Healing 18
Expertise (Guitar) 18
Expertise (Piano) 18
Expertise (Singing) 18

Attractive r2
Benefits (Wealth r5)
Eidetic Memory
Languages 14

Healing (8 pts/rank) r1
- Area (Burst: 30' radius within 120'; +3 pt/rank)
- Energizing (+1 pt/rank)
- Restorative (+1 pt/rank)
- Resurrection (+1 pt/rank)
- Selective (+1 pt/rank)
- Limited (Others) (-1 pt/rank)

Immortality (1 pt/Rank) r1
- Flaw (Quirk: Loses memories of previous life every time he comes back; -1 pt/rank)

Protection (1 pt/Rank) r16

Motivation - Acceptance
Obsession - Finding out what happened to him in his past life
Secret - Doesn't remember who he is

For his backstory, he has just awoken with no memory of who he his (his immortality causes him to lose all of his functional memory, but not his procedural memory; so he still has his skills and abilities, but he doesn't remember himself or anything about his life).

So he's a walking healing factory?Does that work on Androids/Robots?

It does not. I envision it that when he initially gained his power, there were no robots so he wouldn't have the ability to heal them.

I have a couple ideas.
A Ironman/Batman type, but secretly uses someone else’s money.
A Constantine/Dresden type magic wielder.
A energy wielder from another dimension.
I need to settle on one.

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