GM Kiora's Wrath of the Righteous

Game Master Kiora Atua

Chosen heroes have arrived in Kenabres at the dawn of the Fifth Crusade. Will they be the ones to end a century long war?


Date: 12 Calistril 4718
Time: Early Afternoon

Drezen City Statblock:

LG small city
Corruption -2 Crime -4 Economy +1 Law +3 Lore +1 Society +0
Qualities broad minded, holy site, strategic location, tenacious
Danger +5

Government overlord
Population 10,200 (8,400 humans, 800 dwarves, 400 tieflings, 150 half-elves, 100 elves, 100 halflings, 100 aasimars, 50 gnomes, 50 half-orcs, 50 other)

Notable NPCs
Chevalier Ary Bishop, Lord-Commander of Drezen (LG female half-elf Ranger 7/Warden 2/VMC Figher)
Chevalier Irabeth Tirablade, Seneschal of Drezen (LG female half-orc paladin 7 (oath of the Mendevian Crusade))
Spymaster Chevalier Isilme (CG female elf aasimar Bard 8/Cleric 1/VMC Magus)
Court Wizard Aravashnial (CG male elf Wizard (conjurer) 5/Riftwarden 2)
Chief of Staff Ser Markus (LG male dhampir White Necromancer 7)
Treasurer Horgus Gwerm (LN male human Aristocrat 7)
High Priest Triumvirate composed of Father Briathos Cassiel (LG male tiefling cleric of Iomedae 5), Sosiel Vaenic (NG male human cleric of Shelyn 7) and Archdruid Ehren Ferron (NG male human Druid 9)
Warden Ser Jorsal of Lauterbury (LG male human fighter 7)
Chief Engineer Aron Kir (CN male human rogue 5/low templar 2)
High Inquisitor Chevalier Urumwi Glabrant (LG female human Inquisitor of Iomedae 8)
City Council

- Magister of Urban Development, Salmir Leufkens (CN male tiefling expert 2/rogue 3)
- Magisters of Beautification and Restoration, Ayavah Deckland (CN female tiefling sorcerer 7) and Chevalier Annabelle Kir (LG female vampire cavalier (ghost rider) 5)
- Magister of Civil Liberties Chaleb Sazomal (CG male human cavalier 5/low templar 1)
- Magister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Crocris (NG male elf druid 4)
- Magisters of the Kellids Ailig (CN male human barbarian 4) and Isbeyl of Clan Unbroken (CG female human barbarian 4)


Base Value 4,000 gp Purchase Limit 25,000 gp Spellcasting 4th Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items 1d4;


Tenacious Despite its devastation, Drezen is now a bastion of law and goodness. Reduce Corruption by 2, Crime by 2.

HP Totals

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Campaign Outline:

Book 1: The Worldwound Incursion
Prologue: The Festival of Armasse: Six chosen heroes converge on the festival of Armasse, and witness Khorramzadeh, the Storm King, initiate the opening battle…or massacre of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade.
Part 1- The Fall of Kenabres: The heroes fall through a rift in the ground, saved by the intervention of the silver dragon Terendelev, and find themselves in a forgotten network of caverns from which they must find an escape.
Part 2 – Lair of the Vile and Vicious: Though the heroes are near the surface, they must first navigate their way through the lair of traitor mongrelmen who have allied themselves with a cult of Baphomet.
Part 3 – Amid the Ruins: The heroes emerge to find Kenabres utterly destroyed. They work to save any survivors they encounter, escort their new friends to their homes, investigate the dark lairs of the cult of Baphomet, and seek out any remaining crusaders… if any even still survive.
Part 4 - The Wardstone Legacy: The heroes assault the Grey Garrison, and must find and destroy a wardstone fragment before Areelu Vorlesh uses the crusaders' greatest defense against them.
Mythic Ascension: The heroes destroy the wardstone, and are bathed in primal magic from within Golarion itself. This triggers something in each of them, and they ascend to become something more...
Epilogue - Dreams of the Devoted: The heroes rest after their recent ordeals and are each visited by either Iomedae or Desna. Each goddess expresses their gratitude towards the newborn mythic heroes, and offers assurance and support in their own ways.

Interlude 1 - Calm before the Storm
Part 1 - The Wardstone Patrol: The heroes travel to Fort Portolmaeus to assess damage to the nearby wardstone, and find that the Fort was attacked by a platoon of demons lead by an enormous brimorak named Savash. The demon escaped with a dozen captured soldiers. Now the heroes must travel into the Worldwound and rescue the lost crusaders before it is too late.
Part 2 - True Blood - Cavalier Annabelle Kir, teenage vampire crusader, is accused of murdering two civilians in the town of Dawnton - biting them in the neck and draining them of their blood. The evidence against her is overwhelming. Can the heroes clear her name before its too late? Or... was she the murderer all along?
Part 3 - The Sarkorian Prophecy Nurah Dendiwhar has uncovered a lead on what may be one of the few true prophecies that survived the death of Aroden. The problem is, it's in the fallen city of Storasta within the Worldwound.
Part 4 - Ghalcor's Tower As history goes, war can beget great innovation, and so it was that Ghalcor, a cleric-scholar of Iomedae, created a revolutionary new weapon to fight the demons of the First Crusade. Now, decades later, the wards that kept his weapon secret are dropping, and the heroes must secure the device for the crusaders before the demons arrive first.
Part 5 - Siege of the Diamond City Nerosyan comes under attack, forcing every crusader within its walls to take up arms to defend against the Abyssal hordes. Do the heroes have what it takes to hold back the demonic onslaught, or will their souls be among the first to be consumed when the Diamond of the North falls?
Part 6 - The Vivisectionist's Lair The heroes discover something evil is afoot in the Pathfinder Lodge in Nerosyan, uncovering a horrific dungeon filled with stitched monstrosities. But the real question is - where is Ser Jorsal - and what plans have the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth set in motion?
Part 7 - Thralls of the Old Gods - The heroes rescued the Pathfinder Valais from Ser Jorsal's depravity, but she remains permanently scarred by his research. Now she feels supernaturally called to an ancient Sarkorian ruin, and requests the assistance of the heroes to reach it.

Book 2 - Sword of Valor
Part 1 - Road to War The heroes are commanded by Crusader Queen Galfrey herself to lead an army north into the Worldwound, retake the lost city of Drezen, and reclaim the magical Sword of Valor.
Part 2 - The Northern Assault While marching north towards Drezen the heroes discover that the demons are making an offensive push into northern Mendev, hoping to claim the lost crusader fortress of Icerift and threatening both crusader and Kellid alike as they threaten to expand the Worldwound across the now defunct wardstone border.
Part 3 - The Battle of Icerift The heroes have cleared out the majority of demonic opposition from northern Mendev, yet one threat remains - the traitor Ser Jorsal and his abyssal armies still march on Icerift. Yet new intelligence reveals that Icerift is already occupied by an unknown faction... will this complication serve as an unlikely ally against the demonic forces, or will the heroes perish on the unforgiving mountain cliffs of Rimethirst?
Part 4 - Traitor's Fall The heroes have overthrown the barbaric wikkawak druid of Icerift and taken control of her cannibalistic cult of arctic bugbears. All that remains is Jorsal and his forces at the base of the mountain. Can the heroes put an end to the threat he poses the Crusades once and for all?
Part 5 - Crusader's March The heroes have defeated the demonic vivisectionist Arastrax and saved Ser Jorsal from his possession. Now only one thing remains - the march to Drezen. But with demonic hordes in their way, a hidden traitor undermining their every move and ever-dwindling resources, will the crusader army even survive the march?
Part 6 - The Siege of Drezen After arriving in Drezen, the heroes lead their army against the demons and cultists arrayed in the city, and ultimately lay siege to Citadel Drezen itself.
Mythic Trial 1 - Soltengrebbe, the Beast of the North" The heroes bait out Soltengrebbe, the mythic legendary chimera who has haunted the northern reaches of Sarkoris for centuries. Now corrupted by the Abyss and tamed by the demonic warlord, Aponavicius, the heroes must slay the Beast of the North once and for all, before he can cut a swath through their army.
Part 7 - Into the Citadel The heroes decide on a daring heist... infiltrate the citadel with a small strike force. Climbing up the walls into the eastern parapets, they invade Citadel Drezen and its demon-forged dungeons to defeat its commander, Staunton Vhane, and reclaim one of the Crusade's most powerful artifacts.
Mythic Trial 2 - Traitor of Drezen, Staunton Vhane: The heroes, accompanied by Chevalier Irabeth Tirablade, confront the man single-handedly responsible for the fall of Drezen itself, Staunton Vhane... while below them his clerics work to open a rift into the Abyss, surely spelling doom for themselves and their army.
Mythic Trial 3 - Reclaim the Sword of Valor: The heroes explore the dungeons beneath Citadel Drezen and find the Sword of Valor... but it is being protected by the mythic Shadow Demon, the Black Bishop and taker of children, Eustoyriax, still in the child Sana's body! Can they reclaim the Sword of Valor and still save the child?
Epilogue - Menhir Malevolence The heroes hunker down and work to clean out Drezen of any remaining filth left behind after the demon's were driven away by the Sword of Valor. But then Ehren and Hinagiku sense that something is amiss at the standing stones outside of Drezen...

Book 3 - Demon's Heresy
Part 1 - Rebuilding Drezen The heroes begin the task of rebuilding Drezen and transforming it into a bulwark against the demonic forces.
Mythic Trial 4.1 (Ehren) - Mother Heartwood Restored Mother Heartwood was once worshipped as a fertility goddess amongst the ancient Sarkorians, but she was kidnapped by the foul Laktharis, who used her to build up a cult around his own name. Decades spent trapped in the Worldwound have left her corrupted and a shell of her former self, but the new Archdruid of Sarkoris has a solution for her at last...
Mythic Trial 4.2 (Ary Bishop) - Saving the Soul of Ser Alrys Bishop Ser Alrys Bishop fell during the Second Crusade, sacrificing the lives of himself and his mean to save his son, and Ary's grandfather, from certain death. But upon death his soul was trapped by the vile machinations of the nabasu, Skulgrym, and twisted into a ghastly Fallen. Can Ary and her friends release Alrys from his torment and allow him to join Iomedae's legion at last?
Part 2 - The Demon Within For years, the Empyreal Guardians of Mendev have helped the Crusades hold back the evil within inside the Worldwound, a vast, demon-tainted landscape. Every few decades, they anoint a new protector to the sacred Order of the Holy Sentinels, a sacred Guardian charged with pitting their will against the teeming hordes bent on devouring the very souls of the living. This year, the hero Hrut Ingvarson has been chosen for this honor. But on the day of his inauguration something has gone horribly wrong, and now a bloodthirsty demonic army has overrun the hallowed Clydwell fortress, and threatens to pour into the surrounding crusader city of Nerosyan.
Part 3 - Heaven's Shore After saving Nerosyan once again, this time from the threat of the trapped balor, Goriath, the heroes are owed a favor by the Crusader Queen. This leads them on a journey into Heaven itself to seek knowledge about celestial ley lines. As they arrive, however, they run into two familiar faces: the Pathfinder, Valais Durant, and her raelis guardian Kitarlo. The pair have managed to run afoul of Heaven's strict sense of law and regulation, and now turn to the heroes for help...
Part 4 - Captives of Toil - Many of the heroes owe the Underfolk their lives, and so when Lann, Underfolk-turned-Crusader, implores them for help, it is not surprise that they rise to the occasion to pay them back. The chief of Underfolk's son, Javyn, had left their tribe long ago due to philosophical differences. But now Javyn has broken their estrangement to call out to his father for help. He has been captured by duergar slavers and is bound for the cruel capitol of Hagegraf. Only the heroes of Drezen are equipped and able to launch a daring rescue into the lightless depths, intercept the slaver convoy, and save him from a grisly fate.
Mythic Trial 4.3 (Hinagiku) - Cleanse the Temple of the Menhir - Hinagiku was born from magic and stone, rather than of flesh and blood, in a hidden temple lost far underground. Now, that very same temple has become infested with a sect of Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, the secretive cult of Baphomet...
Mythic Trial 5 - The Woundwyrm - After meeting the long-lost Two-Hearted Warrior of the Demetae, Unafe, the heroes head northwards to the long-lost lands of the mysterious and reclusive kellid tribe. After liberating what remains of the Demetae's descendants from the thumb of a belligerent tyrant, they discover an even worse threat keep the Sarkorians terrified and compliant: a horrific mutated dragon known as a Woundwyrm who calls herself Scorizscar.
Part 5 - Scourge of the Demetae - When the Worldwound opened, tearing apart Sarkoris with a flood of demons, thousands of Sarkorian refugees sought shelter in nearby lands. Those who found no solace with their neighbors traveled far to the east, into the wilds of Iobaria. Among these was the Demetae clan, which settled in the Norinor forests and faded into obscurity over the past century. Now that the Demetae seek to reclaim their ancestral lands, the heroes retrace their steps back to their abandoned village in Iobaria in hopes of saving them from an illness that has afflicted their people for over a decade.
Part 6 - Sakuramatsuri - Drezen has now reached a point of stability. No longer the ruin it once was, the Mendevian city is now a famed center of arts, learning, and religious worship. Amidst a crisis of faith, Hinagiku requests that her friends accompany her on a trip back to her homeland, Minkai, in time for the festival that celebrates the arrival of Irori to the far-away Tien land. The Iroran temple of Kurihara nestled inside an unremarkable fishing village in Sakakabe at the foot of the Sankyodai Mountains is famous both for its extensive history and its curious order of martial artists that train under the philosophies of its founder, Master Nagano Takehiko. The Irorans within are strict judges of perfection - how will the heroes stand against their rigid standards, and how will Hinagiku's faith in Irori change after her visit back to her hometown?
Mythic Trial 5.1 (Isilme)- Free Two Dozen Slaves from the Godless City - The heroes embark on a journey to the Godless Nation, Rahadoum, to save their ally, Aravashnial, when he is kidnapped by the Riftwarden's mortal enemies, the Blackfyre Adepts. Their mission is complicated when Isilme's patron, the goddess Desna, demands that they not only save the Riftwardens, but illegally free the two dozen slaves that their organization holds captive in a bunker close to the center of the Rahadoumi capital city...

Li’an and Isilme’s Journal

Ary's Little Book of Celestial Writing:

Fantasy Languages:

1. Abyssal (Spoken) = Tolkein Blackspeech. I generate black speech using this fantasy cypher generator using the seed language hidden under the following spoiler

Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
agh ash at bagronk búbhosh búrz dug durb ghâsh gimb glob gûl
hai ishi krimp lug Lug-búrz nazg Nazgûl oghor-hai olog pushduh ronk skai sha sharkû snaga thrak u ûk ul um uruk Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum.

2. Abyssal (Written) = Russian

3. Celestial = Arabic

4. Hallit = Welsh

5. Druidic = Gaelic

6. Osiriani = Persian

7. Infernal = Klingon

8. Minkaian = Japanese

9. Shadowtongue = Nepali

10. Orcish = Lingojam’s Black Speech translator

11. Skald = Danish

12. Elven = Tel’Quessir (A fan-made tolkeinese hybrid, I use the default seed language of this fantasy cypher to fill in any gaps in the dictionary.

13. Auran = Tamil

14. Thassilonian = Greek

15. Sylvan = Azerbaijani

16. Varisian = Romanian

17. Goblin = Goblin (Eberron)

18. Aklo = I use random words and phrases generated by this Cthuvian Ipsum generator

19. Dwarven (Spoken) = Scottish Gaelic

20. For Dwarven runes, I use this runic font with Scottish Gaelic inputs (English inputs look too intelligible)

21. Terran = Amharic

22. Necril = Marathi

23. Halfling = Old English

24. Kelish = Arabic

25. Draconic = Hebrew

26. Giant = Icelandic