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    Rapid response discussion will take place in Slack. Level, strategic, and long term discussion can be here.

    Male Human Consultant/19

    I am going to have so many dumb questions. But first, I must find a character sheet (XLS for Google Sheet upload) that I like. I really hope I won't be making one..

    Male Human Ranger 17, AC 30, HPs 202/202, Int +5, Fort +17, Ref +15, Will +9 (Bucho AC 31 HPs 175/175, Fort +18, Ref +13, Will +8 +4morale)

    Okay, Im trying to sort through all this stuff.

    MAP TEMPLATES | Giantslayer | Fall of Plaguestone | Skull & Shackles |

    Working House Rules:

    Because the nature of 2e combat is so different, and because it doesn't lend itself well to PbP, I'm going to skip the optional rules (as much as I LOVE the variable Init Mod), and go by the book. So, we'll do this:

  • DM announces combat has broken out.
  • Players announce their actions. These are vague, "I will attack." "I will reposition." "I will cast a spell."
  • If the entire party/enemy qualifies for an initiative reduction or penalty, it applies to the d10 roll. The GM then rolls for initiative.
  • If the enemies win, the DM posts their actions.
  • Everyone posts their mechanics.
  • Everything gets resolved and results are applied.
  • Next round starts.

    Experience Point Bonuses
    Different classes progress at different rates, and each class is awarded bonus experience points depending on their specific actions.
    This is in play. To do this, each of you will calculate your own XP. I obviously trust you all, so I'll give the core XP for a scene, and you guys apply the modifiers.

  • Male Half Elf Cleric 3 HPs 18 , AC 8, PPDM 10, RSW 14, P/P 13, BW 16, Sp 15

    Holy crap there is so much weird stuff in 2nd edition

    Liberty's Edge

    Took me a bit to find this. Searched the PHB for a while before reading that Individual Class XP Awards are detailed in the DMG.

    I added a tab to the Dark Sun spreadsheet with the table, if just for me to reference.

    Male Mostly Harmless Incorrigible Punster 5/ Militant Grammarist 3/ Contrarian 2
    Graff Windchaser wrote:
    Holy crap there is so much weird stuff in 2nd edition

    Yeah, there is. And I frankly remember when I had much of this stuff memorized. LOL

    Liberty's Edge

    DM... I need spells for me tablet and a random misc. magic item please.

    MAP TEMPLATES | Giantslayer | Fall of Plaguestone | Skull & Shackles |

    Tablet contains:

    Level 1: Insatiable Thirst (Tome of Magic)
    Level 2: Blur

    The magic item, about which you know nothing of use is a... spade formed from the tusk and jawbone of an unknown beast.

    Liberty's Edge

    Cast a spell (Invisibility) to overcome a problem: 50xSpell Level: 100

    Maintained spell casting secrecy: 50xSpell Level: 100

    Minor Test of Trust (Elven, see if Graff and Ipsum follow): 20 XP

    Total: 220 XP for Strangewayes

    Deetz: successful move silently roll: 100 xp

    Male Elf Thief HP 13/13 | AC 3 | THACO 19

    Successful Hide in Shadows: 200 xp

    MAP TEMPLATES | Giantslayer | Fall of Plaguestone | Skull & Shackles |

    I'm a bit ashamed to say that 2nd edition combat seems really really ridiculous. As we're hitting our first one, I'm struggling with how to represent, track, and resolve this stuff. Tactical movement was one of 3rd editions greatest gifts to me. We have a couple of options:

    1. House rule some stuff. There were some options rules for map based tactical movement. Essentially we shrink a round down and treat it like 3rd edition. This will take some fine tuning, but might be best.

    2. Theater of the mind. This.... I was about to type this out, but I need to be honest here, I balance too many games to do this justice.

    3. Wing it. We use this as an opportunity to leverage your gaming expertise (and there is a LOT here). We give it a go and people chime in with ideas on combat as we try.


    Male Human Consultant/19

    I dunno how much we need a map. There's a known element around how much movement we have. As long as we use maps with a scale on it, I think it we can wing it just fine

    Male Mostly Harmless Incorrigible Punster 5/ Militant Grammarist 3/ Contrarian 2

    I'm down for a hybrid of 1 and 3.

    FWIW, I hated the minute-long rounds back when I played this regularly too. I recall using a ten-second round thing and then smacking my head when I saw 3rd edition's six-second round as a "why didn't I think of that" epiphany.

    I'm likely to revert to 3rd/Pathfinder tactical rules regularly anyway so whatever. LOL

    Liberty's Edge

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    I don't think it's as bad as all that. I was first playing AD&D combat in the gold box PC game combats. Run it like you would 3e--give us a grid, And we'll divide movement in half to get our number of squares. Optionally, we reduce it further depending on armor type, but with Dark Sun maybe we don't need to bother.

    Yeah? Move of 12' means you move 6 squares. One action plus a move.

    MAP TEMPLATES | Giantslayer | Fall of Plaguestone | Skull & Shackles |

    I'm thinking that I'll also just steal sizes too... Should get to this today!

    MAP TEMPLATES | Giantslayer | Fall of Plaguestone | Skull & Shackles |

    Of COURSE the first fight starts with timed initiative.

    I'm really kinda keen on adding in speeds if possible. If we don't it'll always be a crap shoot instead of something reasonable. That being said, I'm not sure how we do this.....

    Actually I have an idea.

    Once we work this out, I think 2e stuff will be super easy; once we work this out.

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