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Game Master Feral

Maddok's loot spreadsheet

Player Characters: (level 10; 20 fame points)
Appario Lind
Derek Keegan
Maddok / The Beast of War

Aroden's Gardeners:
Arael - male, Leader; Cleric 5 of Iomedae
Janiven - female, Second-in-command; Ranger 5
Morosino - male, Arael's child assistant

Amaya - female, glassblower, Derek's girlfriend; Bard 7
Ermolos - male, blacksmith; Fighter 5
Fiosa - female, house servant; Cleric 5
Gorvio - male, horse trader; Sorcerer 5
Larko - male, dock worker; Ranger 5
Mathalen - female, former porter; Monk 5
Rizzardo - male, odds-and-ends worker, Maddok's apprentice; Barbarian 7
Sclavo - male, court scribe; Inquisitor 5
Tarvi - female, jewelry trader; Wizard 7
Vitti - male, woodcarver; Druid 5
Yakopulio - female, bartender; Rogue 5

Other party-connected NPCs:
Vahnwynne Malkistra - female, redeemed Vampire; Ranger 6
Livia - female; Imp Rogue 3/Sorcerer 4
Khazrae Kuelata - female, regenerating severed Erinyes head

Antuin Prous - male, mounted knight, trainer for the Gardeners; Cavalier 5
Millech - male, stage technician; Wizard 4

Party boons:
10% off on all purchases, 10% extra on all sales

Map of Westcrown:
>>>Map of Westcrown<<< (Note: There are two Walcourt's on the map; disregard the one marked as #29)

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