A Stitch in Time Saves Everyone - a Dungeon World Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Dalton the Thirsty

Hireling descriptions:

Thief and burglar, adept with a knife
Drive: To explore the world

Reference Pic: Strange Future Boots

Reference pic: Skyskipper

Teal the Kookaburra

The ceremonial knife of the Demon's Maw tribe, now in Olivius' possession

The salamanders the Hand of Gaia defeated on the prehistoric island

Sinathel's Harpy Eagle morph

Sinathel's Parrot morph

Reference pictures for the ancient forest temple at which Sinathel studied: one two three

one of the beetles the bug-men transformed into

The island of Demon's Maw, pre-history

Crown taken from the Harpy Matriarch

Elemental Lodestone found on Mount Haujobb

Rock elemental snake, defeated on Mount Haujobb

Tags reference:
Flaming: Sets things on fire.
Freezing: Freezes things solid.
Voltaic: Shocks things, ignores metallic armour.
Corrosive: When a target suffers Corrosive damage, they lose 1 armour.
Toxic: Sickens and disorients its victims.
Explosive: Forceful, potions affect everyone within reach of impact.
Adhesive: Very sticky - incredibly hard to get off, makes it hard to do just about anything.
Invigorating: +1 Forward to next physical (STR, DEX, CON) roll due to superhuman capabilities.
Mutagenic: Provides 2 extra Warp when Imbibed, but it guarantees a side-effect.
Paralysing: Stunning.
Fortifying: Can provide 2 armour against damage from an appropriate source if Imbibed or render an object immune to damage from some source.
Smoking: A cloud of potion gas sticks around for a few moments, dealing damage to anyone who passes through it if it’s harmful.