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Full Name

Dalton Thorpe, "the Thirsty"


Human Monk 3


HP: 30 || AC: 16 ||Initiative: +6||Perception +7||Fort: 5||Ref: 5||Will: 4







Special Abilities

Flurry of Blows, Maneuver Training, Fast Movement











Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

About Dalton the Thirsty

Fluff, Appearance, Backstory:
Dalton was given to the monastery at Manaket when he was a baby, and never knew his parents. The monks there raised him and taught him the Way of Mankind's teachings of self-perfection, learning to be entirely self-reliant and proficient with the favored weapon of the monastery, the curved temple sword. Dalton threw everything he had into his training, and learning to become skilled with the blade was his entire life growing up. As a result, Dalton is uncomfortable in many social situations, and though he possesses an internal temperament that drives him to make friends, he just isn't very good at it.
As was custom with the monastery when an acolyte was judged ready, Dalton was sent away, to explore the world outside and meditate on achieving harmony with the self. He knew all his life that he would be forced to learn to survive entirely on his own, outside the monastery's walls, but it pained him to do so even still. He wandered the deserts of Rahadoum for a year, directionless, feeling as if he was accomplishing little even as he grew in strength and assurance in his monk forms. He was in Manaket once more, for the first time in a year, still dissatisfied with his travels within the desert nation. It was too empty, too homogeneous. He stopped for lunch at a gyro food stall, and sat down to eat, despondent.
From behind, coming from a table containing a large chess set where two old men were seated, Dalton heard tales of adventure and danger in the city of Magnimar. Choosing to take it as a sign, Dalton set off for Magnimar immediately.

Along the way, Dalton had many adventures with his fellows on the caravan. They survived deadly threats, overcame vicious foes, and experienced loss. When they arrived in Magnimar, however, their association ended, and Dalton was left alone once again. In search of companionship on his journey toward self-perfection, Dalton joined in an adventuring group that said they were going to Ravenmoor.

Appearance-wise, Dalton often goes about in a large, loose-fitting robe to block the heat of the sun from his skin, and also to keep heat insulated when he travels to colder climates. He has three paint markings on his chin coming vertically down from his lower lips, signifying his allegiance to his home monastery in Manaket. His face can only be seen in calm, social situations - in the field, Dalton usually keeps a section of his robe pulled across his face, obscuring everything below his eyes. If his robe is open, small shurikens can be seen neatly tucked into straps on his belt, as well as a temple sword hanging in a plain and unassuming scabbard.

Monk 3
BAB: 3 || HP: 30 || AC: 16 ||Initiative: +6
Fort: 5 Ref: 5 Will: 4 (+2 vs enchantments or charms)


286.9 gp
1 silver for a ferry fee
4 Cure Light Wounds potions 200gp
1 Potion of Shield 50gp
1 Potion of Invisibility 100gp
+1 Temple Sword: 2030gp
60 cold iron shurikens: 24gp
1 Masterwork Sai 301gp
Monk's Kit 8gp (This kit includes a backpack, a belt pouch, a blanket, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.)
-One potion of cure moderate wounds (looted from Markham)
-One potion of barkskin (+2) (looted from Markham)
One Cloak of Elvenkind (looted from Markham)
One pair of boots of Elvenkind (looted from Markham)

(The bandit's stash)
4x potions of cure light wounds
6x doses of black adder venom
4x doses of drow poison
60x crossbow bolts, in bundles of ten
1x net
1x set of masterwork thieves' tools
1x disguise kit
1x healer's kit
2x bags of flayleaf
3x bottles of wine
1x portable alchemist's lab
4x sunrods
1x wood and iron lockbox (locked) with "NB" inscribed upon its surface


Improved Unarmed Strike (class)
Perfect Strike (class)
Weapon Focus: Temple Sword (class)
Still Mind: +2 enchantment saving throws
Combat Reflexes (Monk bonus feat 1)
Power Attack (feat 1)
Toughness (human feat 1)
Dodge (Monk bonus feat 2)
Improved Initiative (feat 2)

(4-1 per level, +1 per level from human) 12 points
Acrobatics 12 (+5 from boots of elvenkind)
Perception 7
Stealth 13 (+5 from cloak of elvenkind)
Sense Motive 6
Survival 6

Fencer: You trained with blades for long hours as a youth, either taking lessons in the genteel art of fencing from tutors paid for by your parents or being taken under the wing of a disenfranchised fencer who may have turned to a life of crime. You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack of opportunity attack rolls made with daggers, swords, and similar bladed weapons. (This represents my training from a young age at the monastery in Manaket.)
Martial Manuscript: You either carry or have memorized a sacred text from your school, temple, or monastery, and its wisdom gives you insight that makes your attacks more devastating. You gain a +2 trait bonus on rolls to confirm critical hits when you're using an unarmed strike or monk weapon. (This ties in with my backstory).


Temple Sword: +8/+7 1d8+4/6 Normal/Power attack
Flurry of Blows (temple sword 19-20 x2crit): (2x)+6/+5 1d8+4/6 Normal/Power Attack
Flurry of Blows (Unarmed Strike): (2x)+6/+5 1d6+3/5 Normal/Power Attack
Flurry of Blows (shuriken, range 10): (2x)+3/+2 1d2 Normal/Deadly Aim