#4–08: The Cultist's Kiss [Tier 7-8] (Gameday 4) - GM Rutseg (Inactive)

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Subtier 7-8/6 adjustment


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Palin's cove

I am proposing you a new PFS scenario in Normal Campaign for the Gameday 4 (Gameday's are online events, you do not need to register anywhere, just answer the recruitment as usual).

The chosen adventure will be #4–08: The Cultist's Kiss. An active cell of the cult of Lissala—ancient goddess of runes and obedience—has been discovered in the Varisian town of Palin's Cove. Seeking a chance to learn about this long-lost faith not from millennia-old relics but from its current practice, a team of Pathfinders travels to the industrial seaside settlement to uncover the secret coven and infiltrate its services in the guise of prospective converts. Will the Pathfinders discover the knowledge they seek, or will the evil cult subvert them with its vile and seductive faith?

Written by Sam Zeitlin.

What I will be expecting?
Character builds: Whatever fitting PFS rules. You can propose up to two characters suited for a lower and a higher tier (for example a level 4 and a level 6).
Posting frequency: 2 times per day
Playing style: Fast pace with capacity to RP (I want fluid combats with characters that have paid a minimum observance to a background and make an effort for party interaction). I have preference for players that make an effort to perform their characters, rather than just stats beasts. That said, I like the strategy layer of combat, and will help you out if you have difficulties with the rules on that sense.
Timespan: The game will take around 3 and 6 weeks to complete, depending on players responsiveness.
Party size: 6 or 7 players
Pregens: I will accept pregens, but will give priority to other characters.
GMing style: I make passive rolls, as Perception, Initiative or Saves. GM bots and delays if only one player is missing to act will be frequent.
Mapping tools: You are expected to have access to view (and preferably edit) Google Slides maps.
Player responsiveness: I expect you to have initiative as a player, pushing the game to explore and interact, not just reacting to the GM initiative rolling and direct questions for what is next.

Just provide a couple ideas of possible characters you would like to play with (class, race and level are enough). I will check your previous gaming experience and take into account party balance when selecting who is going in.

People who has GMed me (past or present) will have priority. I will reserve at least 1 spot for someone with little or no previous PbP experience, so take this as a great opportunity to get experience in PbP roleplaying.

Although Gameday 4 kick-off is 19th of September I have another games starting by that time, thus, to avoid too much simultaneous games I intend to start this one at 1st November.

Do not be surprised if I let this thread sleep until end October. I will start answering by that time only, but I need a landing recruitment thread for the Gameday 4 list.

Good luck everybody!

Hey. I've been interested in a PbP,but have never actually done one.

What classes do you allow material wise? Anything from advanced player guide?

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DM, I am 99.99% sure that Alie will be free. Her current adventure is just about finished now. She will just hit level 10 after the current adventure.

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I would be interested in playing this one with a level 7 pregen and then applying it to one of my level 5 characters as soon as they hit level 7. I'd probably want to run it with one of the new Occult Adventures pregens.

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I would be keen to play with my level 9 Unchained summoner (this account). I relegated him to PBP a while ago, as he was more fun to interact with people that way. The unchained summoner really gave him a new lease on life with a fun new eidelon and more balanced game play overall.

I would be happy to play up or down, as level 9 puts me right in the middle there.

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I have this 9 Magus that i can bring. Or a 10 barbarian.

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Yay! DM, Alie is finished and I have leveled her. She is ready to go when the game starts!

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To be in this game it will be with my 10 Barbarian not my magus. Hes in another game now.

I would be interested in this with either a lvl 10 fighter or a lvl 8 ranger/hunter if there is a spot available.

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This game happening?

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I was wondering the same.

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i think he intends to start in November.

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i am interested if there is room

November is approaching and time to open this game has arrived.

Whom is still around and interesting?

Anyone else wants to apply? I do not use first to post first to go into the game approach.

Recruitment is now open (Tier 7-11)

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Alie is here and ready!

The Exchange

Kleetus is here, and he'll be ready soon ;)

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I'm in, not sure which pregen I'll want to use yet, but I'll get that figured out quickly.

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Yvell is here

Nice to see you on board Kleetus :)

I would like a party of 6, and will chose the lower or higher tier totally depending on APL.

Recruitment still open

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Got room for Unnvar the Solemn on this one? Soon to be Lvl 8 (Slayer 7/Hunter 1).

Scarab Sages

Archie would love a place, if one is open. :)

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If we have purchases we would like to make prior to the scenario starting, where would be the best place to list those purchases?

Welcome you too! :)

I will take my final decision by the end of the week once I feel prepared to go. It seems we are going for a Tier 7-8 game.

Although I am satisfied with the current applications, if you would like to play the scenario, please, do not hesitate to add yourself to the current candidates.

Recruitment still open

Grand Lodge

Do we have a final group yet?

Liberty's Edge

Velidor would like to if there is room qwerty1971

I would prefer not to play this with more than 6 players. I will hold you in the reserve Qwerty. If someone does not report in during the next couple of days, you can get in their position.

All the 6 of you can go into the Discussion thread to confirm you are playing.

Thanks everybody for the interest! :)

no worries. i understand

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