How does a sapping whip stack with whip mastery for my PFS character.

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I need help interrupting the rules for a sapping whip and what kind of damage I can deal and when. My PFS character also has whip mastery which lets me deal legal damage with a whip...

Here's a link to the sapping enchantment. lities/sapping/ but I'm gonna break it down...

"This special ability can be placed on only weapons that deal nonlethal damage."
- A whip deals non lethal damage as it's made so a sapping whip is totally doable... simple enough I believe, should be no problem with that.

"A sapping weapon deals an additional 2d6 points of nonlethal damage."
- Ok... an 'additional' 2d6, ok makes sense.

"When the wielder confirms a critical hit with the weapon, the target becomes fatigued for 5 rounds."
- This part is pretty straight forward... but there is a weird situation I'll address below.

Here's the thing, nothing in the description gives me the ability to turn this off. Usually other magic qualities say "on command" the weapon deals an "extra" X amount of damage.

Next part of my issue, my character has whip mastery.

"... You can deal lethal damage with a whip, although you can still deal nonlethal damage when you want. ..."

So here's my issue, how do these work together if i need to deal legal damage with my whip cause of undead or what not... Here are the options I'm debating... open to others if I'm totally wrong.

1) All damage can be made into lethal damage: the text states the weapon deals an 'additional' 2d6, not 'extra' damage like the flaming or shocking entries but an additional amount of damage so therefore is considered part of the weapon itself.

2) I can use the weapon to deal lethal damage but the additional damage is still non lethal: This seems the most likely... I want to deal lethal damage to the undead zombie... I deal the whip damage die in lethal and 2d6 of non lethal (which they ignore).

3) I can turn off the non lethal part and deal my normal damage die of lethal: Similar to number 2, but im order to deal lethal damage I'd have to turn the sapping part off. But the text doesn't state "upon command" so this is unlikely.

4) I can *not* use the whip to deal lethal damage at all: I'd have to have a second whip dedicated specifically for dealing lethal damage...

Now in regards to the 5 rounds of fatigued on a critical hit... if I use the whip to deal lethal damage and crit... would this effect also work?

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to lay out all arguments.

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I think 2). The weapon deals nonlethal so it qualifies for sapping. Sapping does a specific thing. Being able to use the weapon to do lethal because of special character abilities doesn't change the weapon or the enhancement.

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I would say #3; if you're using the weapon to deal lethal damage the sapping property would not apply, it would "go to sleep" until you go back to doing nonlethal damage.

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Sorry to be the bearer if bad news, but sapping is not legal for PFS:

Additional Resources wrote:
all items on pages 24-27 are legal for play except the dazzling radiance and sapping weapon properties.

But for what it's worth, I would agree with Lau on how it would normally work. Only add the additional damage when you you choose to deal nonleathal.


I would lean towards 3, with 1 or 2 every monk on golarian would have a sapping amulet of mighty fist.

Sorry to be the bearer if bad news, but sapping is not legal for PFS wrote:

Thank you Tim. I never thought to check the additional resources because herolab said it was legal..... WOOOOOMP.

Thanks everyone for the responses!

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