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Intelligence Headbands and Robe of Runes Question

Rules Questions

I am under the understanding that a intelligence Headband
say +2 increases your Intelligence ...
But you do not gain extra Skill points?
You only get the skill points to the skill that it is designated to?

Also a Robe of Runes gives a +4 to intelligence.
It’s my understanding you do not get extra skill points,
But the points you get go towards 2 skills.

So with either case, if your level 13, each skill that the items above
mentioned gives has 13 skill points to the skill it’s designed to be?

So the increase in intelligence is nothing more then a way to boost your Intelligence to help with caster levels and spell slots?

Is this correct?

Also, can I get a reference to back this up?

Does this sum it up?

If I wear a headband of vast intelligence, do I get retroactive skill ranks for my Int increase in addition to the skill ranks associated with the item?
No. The skill associated with the magic item represents the “retroactive” skill ranks you’d get from the item increasing your Intelligence. You don’t get the item’s built-in skill ranks and another set to assign however you want.

The increase to intelligence affect things ruled by intelligence, such as spell DCs and bonus slots. Also ... FAQ:

Intelligence: If my Intelligence modifier increases, can I select another bonus language? wrote:

Yes. For example, if your Int is 13 and you reach level 4 and apply your ability score increase to Int, this increases your Int bonus from +1 to +2, which grants you another bonus language.

Technically, Int-enhancing items such as a headband of vast intelligence should grant a specific language (in the same way they do for skill ranks).

In general, an item that gives intelligence, gives you a skill and a language per +2 of bonus. That skill is given at one rank per character level. As you gain levels, the skills grow.


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