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Monks in the Ruins of Azlant

Ruins of Azlant

I'm about to start the AP with a group of friends. I have decided on a basic monk. In order to for into the "Best and brightest" category I went with the Craft Clothing route. I figure the new colony would need someone who can keep people clothed. I'm assuming the application process was along the lines of "Make us 20 pairs of pants that would hold up in high humidity."

Do you guys think this works? I plan on take Master Craftsman, but without the easy access to materials, is that feasible? Just looking for advice and insight here. Thanks guys.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think you are over thinking this. Whatever works for your GM and yourself about your background will be fine.

On the issue of a Monk you may want to look into methods of your unarmed strike doing piercing damage.

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