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Hey guys.

So we are two sessions into a new campaign. All 5 pcs were in a play which was a sham and the king was killed (Or so they think) and the group were framed for murder and put in prison.

A mysterious stranger with obvious will defying powers released them and told them where to find the person who framed them. They are being hunted by the countries guard and there are pictures of them up everywhere. Every thing seemed good to me.

Then after the last session the guy playing a reclusive ranger has asked me why his character wouldn't just disappear into the countryside rather than staying with the party (Which includes a well known minor noble). Any help?

If it helps my next plan had been to find the mysterious stranger actually got them into the mess as he wanted to test them. He now wants them to work for the king who is still pretending to be dead against his enemies.

The kicker is the king might actually still be dead and the mysterious stranger is properly lying . Haven't decided yet

When I create a campaign, my job as GM is to let the players know in advance the what kind of things the adventure is going to involve. It's then their job to make characters who would want to do those things.

Possible motivations for the ranger:

Friendship/love - wants to stick with the party.
Mutual protection - reveal that there are things hunting him that he can't hide from by normal means, so it's safer to stick with the team.
Desire for loot - the 'real culprit' has lots of treasure or the mysterious stranger is offering them a bounty for his head.
Protecting the kingdom from the evil guy who murdered the king.
Solving the mystery.

If the ranger doesn't care about any of those things? Time to make a new character who does.

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