Aether Elemental School, Possessed Hand.


I'm going to start playing in a new pathfinder urban campaign. I have not played a wizard since 3.0. Please offer any advice on feats, race, and spells. I'm leaning towards Aether Elemental School and human because possessed hand has such a high feat tax. My RP day job will be that I'm a medium.

Focused Mind

Possessed Hand
Combat Casting
Hand’s Autonomy
Hand’s Detachment

Hand’s Sight
Hand’s Knowledge


Looks decent tho' you may want to retrain combat casting later - casting defensively DCs can get pretty easy once you have an item boosting your Int and maybe spellguard bracers.

You may want a trait to make sleight of hand a class skill given you get bonuses to using it. It also seems appropriate for a (fake) medium.

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