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Periapt of Devotion

Rules Questions

So, I am running a game, and want to sow some distrust in the group and I want to use a Periapt of Devotion. It reads as such:

"This simple-looking amulet bears the symbol of a group or cult and resembles the jewelry its members normally wear. When the bearer presents the necklace to a current or prospective group member (humanoids only), the recipient is compelled to accept and don the periapt unless he succeeds at a DC 11 Will save. Thereafter, the wearer is deeply devoted to the person who gave him the periapt, as though affected by a charm person spell (with no additional saving throw against the effect). He always views the giver’s words and actions favorably and speaks highly of her whenever the occasion arises."

So, if the recipient succeeds at the will save, he does not have to accept the item, and is not charmed. What if he takes the item anyway, willingly? (The group is notoriously greedy at times) Would a new Will save be in order, maybe every 24 hours it is worn? How would you handle this? Or would you say that once they make the initial save, it is totally useless?

I would think that taking it anyway is the common case, and therefore would be explicitly addressed if anything happened. So IMO once they make the initial save they are immune to that periapt.

I agree that a successful save probably just makes you completely immune to the effect.

Claxon wrote:
I agree that a successful save probably just makes you completely immune to the effect.

Thanks guys. That is how I will run it then. It's just usually Paizo includes something like "A successful save makes you immune to the effect" and didn't here.

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